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Monica Menez photographs and directs for the new music video 'Grille' by DIE ORSONS – a rhythmic-elegant pastel dance between pompadours and XL shrimp

Together with singer Maseckes from the band DIE ORSONS, MONICA MENEZ developed the concept for the new music video 'Grille'. Production of the video in cooperation with the band carries the unmistakable, wonderfully playful signature of Monica Menez. It is applied particularly in fashion films known to win awards at international film festivals. In front of the camera alongside the band and extras for this dream in pastel stood BRODY BOOKING models with wonderful hairdos.

Die Orsons – described on a fansite as 'Rammstein with a sugar rush' – are constantly on the road. On tour, the band has to drive to the next venue far to early in the morning. So that the members still get a chance to party, Die Orsons invented the microparty. Hit the club, dance 10 minutes, give it all you got and leave the club for the next city. The first microparty in the world took place in Münster, at the famous, mystical 'Grille' – record label Chimperator Productions on the title.

Much more photo and directing work by MONICA MENEZ is available via GoSee and on her website.

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Photographer Monica Menez stages the Aërias Chair on commission for the Ippolito Fleitz Group and the client ClassiCon

As traditional wickerwork interweaves with haute couture und high-tech wood processing, a unique piece of furniture with a highly individual character arises. We present: the Aërias chair and armchair for ClassiCon. The story told by Aërias is that of lightness, of airy design paired with strong character. It is presented as a semi-transparent layer in the surrounding space and enriches the scene with its individual structure and an extraordinary interplay of shadows.

"A supremely comfortable seat and backrest are woven over a meticulously milled, moulded wood frame in our personal interpretation of traditional Viennese wickerwork. The meshwork is enlarged and reinterpreted using leather strips, which brings an entirely new quality to an accustomed structure. High-quality craftsmanship characterizes the design and epitomizes the ClassiCon brand." CLASSICON on its beautiful chair which was portrayed with contemporary flair by a master of aesthetically sensual mise en scène in photo and film, MONICA MENEZ for the Ippolito Fleitz Group.

About – ClassiCon Our modern classics are collector’s items – not only the masterpieces of yesterday, but of tomorrow as well. We aim above all to produce individual pieces of great originality and formal perfection – pieces with the potential to become classics in their own right one day. Displaying the kind of value that lasts, these pieces are destined to become coveted investments for future generations.

About – Ippolito Fleitz Group is a multidisciplinary, internationally operating design studio based in Stuttgart. We are identity architects. We work in unison with our clients to develop architecture, products and communication that are part of a whole and yet distinctive in their own right. This is how we define identity.

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The jury of Graphic Club Stuttgart honors photographer MONICA MENEZ with the 'Award of Excellence' for the "Season 2018/19 Concert Calendar" at the GREGOR CALENDAR AWARDS 2018

The jury of the Graphic Club Stuttgart honored photographer MONICA MENEZ with the 'Award of Excellence' for the "Season 2018/19 Concert Calendar" at the renowned GREGOR CALENDAR AWARDS 2018. "Awards of Excellence are given for especially good performances." is the credo of the internationally oriented awards.

Themed upon "Berlin Hears Red", individual orchestral members and still lifes were lovingly and unforgettably staged for the project in cooperation with Preuss & Preuss, multiple award-winning BFF photographer Monica Menez and Principal Conductor Robin Ticciati. The calendar is part of a large-scale marketing campaign for Deutsche Symphonie Orchester Berlin and a prime example of an outstanding cultural concept. Deutsche Symphonie Orchester Berlin is one of the largest orchestras in the German capital and belongs to Rundfunk-Orchester und -Chöre GmbH, which was founded in 1994. Its venue is the Berlin Philharmonic. Robin Ticciati has been Principal Conductor and Artistic Director of the orchestra since the 2017/18 season, and the Englishman of Italian heritage signed a five-year contract at a press conference on 12 November, 2016.

About – GREGOR CALENDAR AWARD, the calendar trade exhibition – for 68 years. The Gregor International Calendar Award presents at Europe's largest calendar exhibition a representative cross-section of calendar creation in Germany and abroad. Important for the organizers is to convey the cultural-historical and economic significance of the calendar. They wish to familiarize the interested public and industry experts alike with the different dimensions of this medium and give the calendar creators a competitive advantage with the awards.

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