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Beauty & fashion expert Nadine Brase, Head of Art at Select World Hamburg is supporting the GoSeeAWARDS jury and presents the latest campaign for Wella Professionals and Escada Fragrance on GoSee

We are delighted to welcome Nadine Brase, Head of Art at Select World Hamburg, on the jury of our GoSeeAWARDS and at UPDATE17 Berlin in October. After studying design, she has worked in various design agencies for clients such as Audi, Bogner, Tom Tailor, and Tush. Since 2010, she has been working as Art Director for clients including Wella Professionals at Select World, and as Head of Art since 2014. On GoSee, we present her new Wella Professionals F/W 2017 Hair Trends campaign titled "New Norm", for which she was responsible for art direction, the look and pre/post production.

Her repertoire includes art & creative direction & conception, brand building & repositioning. Her work is focused on the areas of beauty, fashion and luxury brands. Her work includes integrated campaigns, print and film productions, editorials, just to name a few. And she is always on the lookout for exciting photographers and directors. So submit your work free of charge on or meet the top creatives at UPDATE in Berlin. We introduce her in a Mini Quest up front.

What exactly is your job as Head of Art at Select World?
As Head of Art, I am responsible for creation, which is taken care of by me and my team. For the most part, we develop campaigns for the brand Wella Professionals. It starts with conception, followed by look development, then casting, and down to the realization of integrated international productions (content generation for all touch points). In addition to that, we work on projects, e.g., for Escada Fragrance or for new clients. At the moment, however, I am dedicated entirely to my biggest project ever - I am on parental leave.

Do you work with the same team or does it vary from client to client? One team is assigned to Wella Professionals. Smaller teams are put together which are responsible for the individual projects. This, however, is different for new business. The creatives work together according to interests and abilities. That way, we can ensure that every project is supported by a strong team, and it also keeps it exciting for the creatives.

What is most exciting about supporting the campaigns, looks and hair trends visually in print and film for a global player like WELLA PROFESSIONALS for so many years? It is interesting to watch how the brand has developed over the years. I find it particularly exciting to work so closely with the target group, colorists & stylists. Thanks to the creative exchange of ideas and many years of experience with the brand, we are able to get deeper into the brief, which benefits all sides.

Do you work closely with the art buying team or how can we imagine exactly how that works? We work hand in hand with art buying. Once the concept and the look have been agreed, we look for the right creative team (photographer, DOP, casting, stylists, etc.) together with art buying to deliver the best results.

Who finds the photographers and directors or the models for your campaigns? We find models with the help of a casting director (usually live casting). Then we view books and video material but also what is referred to as hair reports to get information about the hair quality and then decide together with the creative director on the client side. Photographers and directors are chosen by creation and art buying or the FFF department to go with the desired look.

Which other clients do you work for at Select World? We recently worked on a launch campaign for Escada Fragrance, which is still to be published. My main client is Wella Professionals, but we also frequently work with other clients.

Does your personal taste in photography and film change with the seasons or do you have favorite icons? I enjoy following new trends, and it is exciting to watch young talents show how they interpret the world. But there are, of course, big players in the industry whose work I can't get enough of and with whom I would like to work together.

Further works by the Art Director are available on her personal website

Select World, formerly known as SelectNY, has made a name for itself over the past 25 years with several large budget commissions in the areas of fragrance & beauty international. They are meanwhile focused on diversified growth with a fundamentally expanded client and category portfolio as well as a wider range of services of mainly digital and social media activities. The Select World office in Hamburg supports the Coty brands Wella Professionals, System Professionals, Sebastian, Nioxin, Clarol, Kadus, and Nioxin internationally.
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