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news | 'Upside Down' – Fashion spread in HOOLIGANS Mag October, with art direction by NATASSCHA GIRELLI

Copenhagen resident creative NATASSCHA GIRELLI, who we just got to meet as a GoSeeAWARDS juror at UPDATE18BERLIN, was in charge of art direction for the UPSIDE DOWN fashion project in the latest issue of HOOLIGANS MAGAZINE. "UPSIDE DOWN is built on curiosity, respect and trust among the team. In the name of Hooligans magazine, we wanted to execute this editorial in a brand new way. Marina, Eliza and I had this conversation about improving and experimenting within the business and the traditions, which is why we came up with this concept.

Eliza photographs UPSIDE DOWN in LA – all based on my moodboard/brief I gave her so she could proceed and execute the actual shoot without me present. A very odd feeling, but we had to try it out. At the same time Eliza was executing the editorial in LA, I was art directing another shoot in Cape Town. It was like giving a precious gift away. I felt good in a funny way. I was very excited to see how she would interpret my brief without me art...

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