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Advertising • Felix WITTICH c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographs for DZ Hyp AG

16.01.2019 • Felix WITTICH c/o JULIA WALDMANN was commissioned by serviceplan Hamburg to photograph for DZ Hyp AG. Here on GoSee, we present you several side shots of the campaign for the real estate bank. DZ Hyp AG is the real estate bank of the cooperative banking group Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken and one of the leading mortgage bond banks in Germany with dual headquarters in Hamburg and Münster.

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Advertising • 'We're like: DingDong!' - Walter GLÖCKLE c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN shoots the campaign for DURSTEXPRESS

16.01.2019 • Reasonable prices like at the supermarket, a minimum order of only 15 euros, and they even take back your empties! Best of all: Delivery within 120 minutes. Unfortunately, DURSTEXPRESS is not available throughout Germany yet. To change that, Walter GLÖCKLE c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN shot the latest campaign for Jung von Matt, which was produced by GoSee member CCCP with styling by Britt DANNERT c/o BLOSSOM MGMT. Go & See:

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Advertising • 'We are travelers.' - Peter FUNCH c/o EMEIS DEUBEL photographs an emotional campaign for SAS

15.01.2019 • 'Going places takes us places.' Peter FUNCH c/o EMEIS DEUBEL flew for the client SAS back to his home country, Denmark, where he captured this emotional campaign with his camera for the agency &Co. EMEIS DEUBEL: "&Co's simple but heartwarming concept of observing customers waiting at the Arrivals gate was a perfect fit for Peter – a master of street photography and engaging reportage." SAS stands for Scandinavian Airlines and is precisely that with its headquarters in Stockholm and hubs in Copenhagen Kastrup, Oslo Gardermoen and Stockholm Arlanda. Find out more under, and the touching film for the wonderful 'The Arrivals' campaign here:

Advertising Agency: & Co./NOA, Copenhagen, Denmark
Art Director: Rune Petersen
Copywriter: Johan Køhler
Account Director: Morten Fabricius
Account Managers: Camilla Reinholdt, Mette Kruse
Social Media Planner: Rasmus Philip
Head of Brand Activation / Social: Morten Saxnæs
Strategic Director: Ørnulf Johnson
Graphic Designer: Anders Martin Jensen
Interactive Producer: Palle...

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Advertising • TUI CRUISES books designer Werner Aisslinger for bar and bistro - with photos by Christian KERBER c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN

15.01.2019 • TUI CRUISES is doing better than ever. The bar and bistro on Mein Schiff 2 are now being designed by Werner Aisslinger. Mein Schiff 2 is a cruise ship from the shipping company TUI Cruises. It was purchased on 2 November 1997, is 262.5 meters long and has a capacity of 1912 passengers. Werner Aisslinger (* 3 November 1964 in Nördlingen) is a German designer focused mainly on product design, design concepts and brand design. Christian KERBER c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN traveled to Finland for the photos, where the ship was docked for a beauty lift.

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Advertising • 'School's closed due to heat!' - the GEROLSTEINER spot with two faces from Brüderchen & Schwesterchen for you on GoSee

15.01.2019 • Several actors were needed for three new GEROLSTEINER spots, and casting in Berlin was elaborate and extensive accordingly. "But our girls were able to score points. Both leading and supporting roles went to LEONIE and FRANZISKA; LEONIE as the cool boss in a meeting and FRANZISKA as part of the team – what more could you ask for!" BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN tells us and explains: "We are glad to finally present you the spot with the two models. Big thanks to all our girls, who are always happy to accept any casting challenge with a smile and charm! Thanks also go to the casting agent and, of course, to the production company!"

About – Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG (Gerolsteiner) is a leading German mineral water firm headquartered in Gerolstein in the Eifel mountains. It is well-known for its Gerolsteiner Sprudel brand, a bottled, naturally carbonated mineral water. On 1 January, 1888, mine manager Wilhelm Castendyck founded the firm Gerolsteiner Sprudel in Gerolstein. In November 1888, the water became an official water of the city, popular thanks to its naturally high...

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Advertising • RAMAZZOTTI IL PREMIO ad motifs - fashion styling by Julia Atitié, props and set design by Cäthe Klein and hair & make-up by Anschi Urbas & Elena Köhler - all artists c/o LIGAWEST

15.01.2019 • Viva Italia! Aylin Reckermann photographed the food and beverages of the family Giglio at the restaurant Piccola in Cologne's hip Ehrenfeld district for Ramazzotti Il Premio. The motifs – created with an entire team from LIGAWEST – are used for ads in magazines and a movie spots. On set for fashion styling was Julia Atitié. Props and set design came from Cäthe Klein with hair & make-up by Anschi Urbas & Elena Köhler. With Ramazzotti Il Premio, Italian Amaro brand Ramazzotti is expanding its broad product range with yet another premium product. This time, with a blend of two first-class Italian spirit specialties: the Ramazzotti Il Premio is a combination of the Ramazzotti Amaro and the Grappa di Nebbiolo Riserva.

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Advertising • HAUCK TOYS FOR KIDS photographed by Sabine Duerichen c/o KRISTINA KORB

15.01.2019 • For the client HAUCK, Sabine Duerichen c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed happy children with their toys. In one series, cool boys from little to big with their cars, and in the other, the girls with their sweet baby carriages. Make-up was taken care of by Carina Kristandt with styling by Nico Pannars.

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Advertising • Senior model EVA c/o BRÜDERCHEN & SCHWESTERCHEN makes a short appearance in the ALDI SUISSE GENUSS spot for the agency Scholz & Friends Neumarkt

14.01.2019 • With a loaf of bread from the bakery at the train station in her pocket, EVA had a pretty good idea, because ALDI Switzerland was looking for a senior model to present the bread from the discounter in such a tasty way that makes everyone run off to the next baked goods vending machine. "With bread, I found it very easy to convey the idea," says EVA, who felt very comfortable in the studio with our photographer Maj. A little bit like being at home, even when it's part of the job. She took a relaxed approach to e-casting at first. "I try to do it like I would when I enter a room with new people and have to introduce myself," she explains. Name, agency, what makes it special, without too much preparation.

Head full of diets. She got the idea to use bread while on the train: "I still needed one for dinner anyway and thought that when I smell the bread, it would seem more realistic," says EVA. She also imagined what it is like eating the first fresh bread from the bakery next door after a long trip abroad. "In these situations, I try to put myself in the position. Or I think about...

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