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Advertising • Nike Korea campaign photographed and filmed by Jean-Yves Lemoigne c/o Making Pictures for Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo in Seoul

18.03.2019 • Jean-Yves Lemoigne c/o Making Pictures realized the campaign for NIKE KOREA in print and motion images. It is used for digital and retail. In front of the camera stood K-Pop celebrities Chung Ha and Amber plus Korean top athletes Sung Hyun Park, number 1 golf player in the world, and Jo So Yun, soccer player with Chelsea. Production took place in Seoul on commission for Wieden and Kennedy Tokyo.

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Advertising • 'All things beautiful come from nature' - the magical 1-min. spot for SHISEIDO WASO by Director Tobias HUTZLER C/O SEVERIN WENDELER for SHISEIDO COMPANY

18.03.2019 • The best from nature and technology: carrot, loquat, honey, tofu, and white jelly mushroom – that's the variety of WASO. Or like SHISEIDO sums it up: A sanctuary for your skin. With its skincare line WASO, the cosmetics pros from Shiseido have developed a natural, high-quality facial care product which does without additives, parabens or plastic particles of any kind, and by doing so, makes a significant contribution to more responsibility and sustainability. Shiseido researches and continuously develops highly specialized technologies, which are capable of having the greatest possible effect on skin thanks to specific plant active ingredients. The 1-min. spot was shot by Tobias HUTZLER C/O SEVERIN WENDELER for SHISEIDO COMPANY, Japan. The executive agency was Wieden + Kennedy with Creative Director Azsa West and Art Director Ayano Takase.

About - SHISEIDO. The name "Shiseido" comes from Chinese Yi Jing, the Book of Changes from the Four Books and Five Classics of Confucianism. While our products have their origins in cutting-edge western pharmaceuticals,...

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Advertising • Muscle Milk 'Strong Feels Good' campaign by Tom van Schelven c/o Making Pictures for Mekanism (production: Sister)

18.03.2019 • #strongfeelsgood! Tom van Schelven c/o Making Pictures photographed and filmed the latest campaign for MUSCLE MILK, one of the leading suppliers of protein products in the US (agency: Mekanism, production: Sister, Creative Director: Matt Stafford, Broadcast Production Supervisor: Katherine Bruens).

On set, Tom van Schelven likes to create a fun, high-energy atmosphere with lots of noise and movement. This vibrancy certainly transfers into his film and photography work which has an authentic, honest feel that differentiates it from the sort of cheesy lifestyle shoots you see elsewhere...

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Advertising • 'Roll out the future...' - Director Patrik JOHÄLL c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS presents you the international campaign for LG SIGNATURE OLED TV on GoSee

18.03.2019 • An organic light emitting diode (OLED) is a luminescent thin film device made of organic semi-conductive materials, which differs from inorganic light emitting diodes (LEDs) in that the electric current density and luminance are lower and single-crystalline materials are not required. The OLED technology is used for screens in smartphones, tablet computers as well as in larger televisions. And LG OLED TVs are the market leader worldwide in the premium segment. For the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV, Director Patrik JOHÄLL c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS shot the seductive spot for the PREMIUM devices have well-known fans. For example, Rob Legato, VFX Supervisor, The Jungle Book, Hugo, Titanic says, "When you see the perfect black of the LG OLED TVs, you know that what you're seeing is reality on the huge device, and it's just as good as if you were there." The film was produced for South Korean client LG by Markenfilm. GoSee:

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