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Agencies • 2Agenten : CZESC BRAT BREWERY, corporate motifs for the VARTA Annual Report, ANJOLA soda campaign, illustrations for DIE ZEIT, DOGS MAG, PIPER PUBLISHING, NZZ STIL, set design for SYOSS ... and an exhibitor at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

12.06.2019 • Mathis REKOWSKI c/o 2AGENTEN illustrated the annual report for VARTA and gave the campaign for pineapple soda ANJOLA a wonderfully fresh summer look (agency Oliver Voss). The campaign took home awards from ADC Festival in the area of illustration.

Joanna GNIADY c/o 2AGENTEN illustrated in her powerful style for CZESC BRAT BREWERY, was on a mission for NZZ STYLE and illustrated everyday scenes for WIR VON HIER – NEIGHBORHOOD PORTAL. Here on GoSee, we present you an overview of her works, including posters she had the honor of designing for IKEA. Several more exciting works are available directly via 2AGENTEN.

Pieper Publishing chose a cover illustration by Emiliano PONZI c/o 2AGENTEN for the publication 'Kühn is Hungry' by Jan Weiler. Jan Weiler, born 1967 in Dusseldorf, was Editor-in-Chief of SZ magazine for many years. His first book entitled 'Maria, he does not like it!' is one of the most successful books of the past decades. Many publishers rely on the expressive illustrations of Emiliano PONZI c/o 2AGENTEN; we have a few more examples here on GoSee.

The topic of...

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Agencies • Agent Molly & Co : Swedish mini-series 'Quicksand' on NETFLIX, DIOR COSMETICS, MAGIC CREAM by Charlotte Tilbury, Cervera, RUM Hemma, Åhlens mag, PIBE mag, ICA, Systrarna, ... and AGENT MOLLY & CO, Stockholm, exhibiting once again at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

12.06.2019 • 'Quicksand – You can't lie in your sleep' is a Swedish mini-series from 2019 based on the novel of the same name by Malin Persson Giolito, Swedish author, lawyer and daughter of novelist and criminologist Leif G. W. Persson who lives in Brussels. The six-part youth crime drama about a school shooting aired worldwide on Netflix on 5 April, 2019. Portraits were photographed by Sanna LINDBERG c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO.

About - Quicksand. A school shooting takes place at Djursholm senior high school. At the age of 18, Maja Norberg is arrested and suspected of murder. The protagonist admits the murder at an early stage but denies the crime – the trial is rather about why the murder was committed than whether it was committed. Like in the novel, the story is told from the main character's perspective, with events flashing back and forth between the present day and her memories of events that led up to the shooting. The six-episode series answers the main question concerning the extent of her complicity: As the only student left alive after the shooting, did she conspire with her...

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Agencies • Severin Wendeler : MAZDA 3 campaign, launch campaign of premium gin VILLA ASCENTI (DIAGEO) for Fold 7, plus the campaign for the color experts from HISTOR ... and once again an exhibitor at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

12.06.2019 • Diageo just announced the launch of its new Italian super-premium gin Villa Ascenti. The gin will initially be available in 14 European countries. The launch campaign was photographed by ALEX TELFER C/O SEVERIN WENDELER. Serving as the location was the La Villa Hotel in Italian Piedmonte.

'Feel Alive' – Patrick CURTET c/o SEVERIN WENDELER photographed the MAZDA 3 campaign.

1250 colors and all in stock – Jaap VLIEGENTHART C/O SEVERIN WENDELER photographed the latest campaign for Dutch color expert HISTOR and the agency Havas Lemz; we have three motifs for you on GoSee.

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prod • Marion Walter Production is delighted to announce its new SPAIN OFFICE in Ibiza via GoSee... and meet Marion Walter as an exhibitor at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

11.06.2019 • "We have fantastic news we would, of course, like to share with you: We have not only moved our office in Hamburg, we have also opened a brand new office in Ibiza, operated locally by our Producer Judith." MARION WALTER exclaims. The brand-new SPAIN OFFICE now enables Marion and her team to support clients locally on the Balearic Islands, the Spanish mainland and the Canary Islands – this means they can prepare, realize and post-produce upcoming productions even better and react even more spontaneously, if necessary.

Over the past few months, the Spain Office has already produced the Summer campaign for CALAMAR Fashion and HATTRIC in Majorca, for HILTL in Gran Canaria as well as for WILVORST in Majorca and Ibiza. It is now producing once again with its local team for KIRCHNER COMMUNICATION with BYRON MOLLINEDO in Valencia.

Marion has meanwhile produced with GERLACHHARTOG and the client BRUNO BANANI in Tulum. Photographic proof is coming soon.

We are delighted to welcome MARION WALTER and her team once again as an exhibitor at UPDATE-19-BERLIN. The Charity Bar was such a...

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Agencies • VISUALEYES ARTISTS : Brooke Shields in the love story on the cover of RESERVED mag, supermodel Gigi Hadid in VOGUE CS, VS mag and THE WEEKND for the 70th issue of NOTION mag – we have the Helena Christensen Special for you on GoSee

11.06.2019 • Helena Christensen and Brooke Shields, both superstars in their own rights, met up at Gama Aviation at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey for a cover editorial in RESERVED magazine – where Helena staged her friend Brooke Shields in front of aircraft, on the runway and as a cougar with taste. Famous for her eyebrows, but naturally not only, and decades-long, uber-successful Brooke Shields – in films including 'Blue Lagoon' from 1980 – made appearances recently in 'Jane the Virgin' as well as in American sitcom 'Murphy Brown' in 2018.

Concerted supermodel star power for the May 2019 issue of VOGUE Czechoslovakia. We bring you Gigi Hadid clad in high fashion on her family farm, photographed by supermodel/photographer Helena CHRISTENSEN c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS. The covers and spread were styled by Jan Kralicek.

Gigi's mom Yolanda Hadid bought a farm in Pennsylvania in 2017 so that she could be closer to her successful model children Bella and Gigi Hadid, who spend a lot of their time working in Manhattan. Yolanda Hadid is a Dutch-American TV celebrity and former model. She became...

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