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Art • NAK presents with 'Hour of Excavation' the first institutional exhibition of Japanese image archeologist Hiroki Tsukuda – digitally constructed fantasies in ink and charcoal

12.10.2017 • Ben Kaufmann, Curator of NAK, presents with 'Hour of Excavation' the first institutional exhibition of Japanese artist Hiroki Tsukuda. The congenial artist is a star in the art world and has already designed a cool shoe for PUMA Japan. Performing at the opening of the exhibition in the Kaiser city Aachen were Japanese saxophonist Kunikazu Tanaka and A Certain Object.

Why 'Hour of Excavation'? "Referring to cinematic archetypes, the title of the exhibition specifies a concrete moment as well as a precise task and therein delivers a clue to the understanding of Japanese artist Hiroki Tsukuda’s works. Hence, Tsukuda can be seen as an archaeologist of images. Layer by layer, the artist frees his own imaginary pictorial world. These worlds only exist in Tsukuda’s fantasy at first but are assembled by digital technology and brought to paper in ink and charcoal.

In the complex and aesthetically highly appealing large-sized panoramic views, straight architectural structures meet organic forms and preposterous signs in multiple perspectives. The resulting, allegedly chaotic,...

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Art • GoSee loves... Irving Penn exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris - from the early still lifes, street photography and the VOGUE years or his time in Peru to the portraits and nudes

27.09.2017 • In parallel to the Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017, the Grand Palais is showing the first major retrospective of the oeuvre of American artist Irving Penn (* 16 June, 1917 in New Jersey; † 7. October 2009 in New York City) after his death. In the post-war period, he gained fame worldwide as a fashion and portrait photographer. An almost meditative atmosphere spreads through the elegantly designed rooms, thematically arranged according to STILL LIFE, in VOGUE (1947-1951), his time in CUZCO (1948), CLASSIC PORTRAITS (1948-1962) to TIME CAPSULES.

Several of his works are world famous, and he created icons of photography, including the portrait of Pablo Picasso with a hat and coat collar or the image of the hand of jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. His portraits, including that of Marcel Duchamp, Georgia O'Keeffe, Igor Stravinsky, and Spencer Tracy boxed in between two billboards, are among the most acclaimed.

Honoring the centenary of the birth of Irving Penn in 2017, an exhibition was organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the Paris Grand Palais, and the Irving Penn...

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Director & Choreograph • SHOTVIEW Artists Management represents London Movement Director & Choreographer Ryan CHAPPELL

04.09.2017 • Owing to the constantly growing number of new faces in the fashion industry people are, of course, needed who convey these qualities in photo and film. Ryan CHAPPELL's talents in dance, theater, fashion, and choreography are already internationally renowned. His commercial portfolio with choreographic collaborations with celebrity clients such as Janet Jackson and Rihanna as well as editorial, print and film projects with established fashion houses such as Dior Homme, Louis Vuitton and Stuart Weitzman, speaks for itself. As a choreographer, Ryan CHAPPELL is highly acclaimed for his work in music videos, fashion shows and TVCs.

His celebrity clients include Kylie Minouge, Lilly Allen, Leona Lewis, Black Eyed Peas, Goldfrapp, Fergie, Pet Shopboys, and Emeli Sande. Projects for brands such as Pepe Jeans, Fantastic Man and Sony as well as productions for television series the likes of XFactor, and Britain's Got Talent leave no stone unturned... So Go & See !

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Art • GoSee loves... Circle Culture is back in Berlin-Mitte and presents with Julian Schnabel's 'Childhood and Other Graphic Works' artwork by the American painter and filmmaker plus a live music gig with Frida Gold

02.09.2017 • Circle Culture presents with “Childhood and Other Graphic Works” their first solo exhibition with artwork by American painter and director Julian Schnabel. The opening is on 13 September, an acoustic live gig with singer Frida Gold takes place two days later at Hotel de Rome as part of the Berlin Art Week.

“This first exhibition of the gallery with Julian Schnabel also marks the return of Circle Culture to its place of origin in Berlin-Mitte. This place will be revitalized as a main location for exhibitions, round tables and cultural projects in a wide spectrum,” says the team from Circle Culture. The four-part graphic portfolio from 2016 titled “Childhood” was created for the 240th anniversary of American independence. Julian commented on the exhibition: “I may have become an artist so that I could make time stand still. Which is why I started painting already as a child. That enabled me to capture a moment and then go back to it again later is I felt like it.”

Born in Brooklyn in New York City in 1951, Julian Schnabel gained fame with his first exhibition at the...

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Art • 'Pony Kids' - an exhibition by Perry Ogden c/o EYE FORWARD in Fotografiska, Stockholm

23.08.2017 • A selection of Perry Ogden's Ponykids works can be seen until September at the Stockholm Photography Museum, Fotografiska, in the group show titled 'Like a Horse'.

“Over the past decade, an extraordinary equestrian culture has evolved in the housing estates surrounding Dublin. Teenagers from poor and often unemployed families have been keeping their ponies on patches of green in the city wastelands. Once a month, a horse fair is held at the city center. Perry Ogden has made formal portraits of these kids and their ponies in an open studio. The results document an endangered tribe.”

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Art • 'JUMP!' Big leaps in a portrait by photographer Philippe Halsman - legendary photo book from the year 1959 as a reprint with 200 celebrity jumps from Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn

22.08.2017 • A new facsimile edition brings a legendary photo book from the year 1959 back to book stores. 'JUMP!' is a collection of around 200 portraits of celebrities in the middle of a leap. These uniquely witty and energetic images of airborne movie stars, politicians, company executives, royalty, artists, and authors have become an important part of Halsman's (1906-1979) photographic legacy.

For a period of six years in the mid-1950s, Halsman ended his portrait sessions by asking his sitters to jump. Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Edward Steichen, Audrey Hepburn, Robert Oppenheimer, John Steinbeck, Weegee, Aldous Huxley, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dalí, Brigitte Bardot and Groucho Marx all took the leap of faith. It is a tribute to Halsman's powers of persuasion that even Richard Nixon, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and other figures not famed for their spontaneity were talked into "rising" to the challenge.

"When you ask a person to jump," Halsman wrote, "his attention is mostly directed toward the act of jumping, and the mask falls, so that the real person appears." Philippe Halsman...

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Art • Bridgeman Images licensed etchings for the Lucian Freud exhibition 'Closer' in Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin - analytical observations and studies of transience

16.08.2017 • Lucian Freud (1922-2011) is one of the most important painters of Great Britain. His figurative works are counted among the masterpieces of the 20th century. He became famous mainly with his portraits of people and animals, which he observes in the raw and almost scientifically and brings onto canvas or paper. Capturing every wrinkle, scar and irregularity of the skin and every trace life has left. For the first time, 51 of his etchings are on display in his place of birth Berlin. They are accompanied by one watercolor piece and two paintings, including the masterpiece Doppelporträt. They are on loan by the UBS Art Collection, one of the most internationally renowned company collections.

BRIDGEMAN IMAGES tells GoSee : "Earlier this year, Bridgeman Images licensed a range of artworks by British artist Lucian Freud to be used in the exhibition "Closer" at the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin, Germany. The Lucian Freud etchings are on loan from the UBS Art Collection. As Bridgeman Images has been appointed by the Lucian Freud Archive (LFA) to administer and license the copyright and...

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Art • GoSee loves : NEON – The Wind Cathedral, meditative environmental art in the French Sancy Massif

09.08.2017 • The Wind Cathedral by NEON is a site specific and poetic architectural structure that uses the wind, movement and color as a means of creating a connection between the exterior and interior. The project has been captured through the use of spectacular drone footage.

Architecture, art and design practice NEON has unveiled its latest project entitled The Wind Cathedral as part of this year’s Horizons exhibition in the Sancy Massif in France. The Wind Cathedral is a site specific, poetic and emotional architectural structure that both protects and shelters the inhabitant while also celebrating the forces of nature through a constantly changing interior space.

The Wind Cathedral is located in the village of Victor-Saint-la Riviere in the Sancy Massif in France and was constructed in June 2017 as part of the environmental art exhibition Horizons. The artwork is a site specific response to the Perdue cross (meaning the lost cross in English) which was placed in this location following the tragic death of a woman who became lost 200 years ago and ultimately perished in a terrible...

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Art • 'Birduals'... my dynamic still lifes play with reality, where the beauty of handcraft recovers its magic... Paloma Rincón c/o Common Era

01.08.2017 • COMMON ERA presents 'Birduals' on GoSee – a collaboration between Serial Cut and still life expert Paloma Rincón, presenting stuffed birds in a graphical surrounding. "The animals depict the duality of life and death. Their bright feathers and proud poses reveal an unreal sense of vitality and lightness, whereas the copper portion, a consequence of trespassing the golden ring, shows a static figure evoking a heavy copper statue. The three stuffed animals used in this project died of natural causes and were handled with love and care,"the photographer says about her latest project, which was published by DLTD-SCENES.

'I am a Madrid-based photographer working worldwide, from commercial assignments for big companies to more experimental and personal projects. My images showcase interesting worlds where different languages blend together inside fine and detailed graphic compositions. With an accurate use of technique, my dynamic still lifes play with reality, where the beauty of handcraft recovers its magic. '

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Art • Michelangelo di Battista and Tina Berning, the creative cooperation as an editorial in HANDELSBLATT - with casting by Gillian HENN c/o AK/KRUSE

28.07.2017 • Gillian HENN c/o AK/KRUSE was responsible for casting the creative cooperation between photographer Michelangelo di Battista and illustrator/artist Tina Berning for HANDELSBLATT. "As a casting director, Gillian found the unusual characters for their shoot." AK/KRUSE tells GoSee. Creative Director was Donald Schneider, styling: Claudia Hofmann.

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