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Art • ‘Qualified Immunity’ – the artistic spread by Harald SCHAACK c/o TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT

11.07.2020 • Artist and photographer Harald Schaack, who is represented exclusively by Tobias Bosch, realized an artistic spread entitled ‘Qualified Immunity’ in light of recent events. We present you the multi-media work by the Düsseldorf-based artist, which not only deals with the social changes, upheavals and associated injustices of our tumultuous times but also illuminates the implicit authoritarianism. ‘Qualified Immunity’ is a work which analyzes current systems seemingly spinning out of control and painfully reveals their inner workings in imagery.

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Art • GoSee Tip : CHRISTIAN WERNER – Everything so democratic and cool, a retrospective on the photographic work of Christian Werner, 2007–2020

02.07.2020 • No start. No endFamiliar faces, anonymous portraits, abandoned landscapes, animals and urban spaces – ‘Everything so democratic and cool’ sketches an associative collage of our collective present.
The images selected for this retrospective are drawn from various series and contexts: shots from fashion shoots, commissions for magazines and private portraits as well as personal projects. They reveal the breadth of Werner’s work and the vision of a gaze that is at once intimate and reserved.

Christian Werner – Everything so democratic and cool . Full-color offset print with softcover . Texts in English and German . 200 pages / 32 x 24 cm . ISBN 978-3-9821807-0-0 . Published by Blake & Vargas . Designed by Studio Last . Printed by Europrint . 35.00 € (VAT included, plus Shipping) . GoBuy :

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Art • ‘Absolutely Augmented Reality’ – New York-based artist duo Kuzma Vostrikov & Ajuan Song present their augmented reality in surreal scenes and portraits (Scheidegger & Spiess)

24.06.2020 • Scheidegger & Spiess, one of Switzerland’s leading publishers for art, photography, and architecture, presents with ‘Absolutely Augmented Reality’ the unusual world of Ajuan Song, born in China, and Russian native Kuzma Vostrikov. The first monograph on the work of the artist duo features more than one hundred color illustrations and a selection of sketches from their art project, which were already on display in an exhibition.

‘Absolutely Augmented Reality’ is a parallel existence of portraits and multimedia works, which depict our relationships to one another and the world as an increasingly digital experience. With costumes, props and colorful sets, the two artists living in New York create an augmented reality full of hybrid creatures and surreal motifs, whose multi-dimensionality invites the viewer to reinterpret reality, according to the publisher.

The Heideggers of photography, as they refer to themselves, draw inspiration from the metaphysics of German philosopher, Martin Heidegger. “We’re photo-existentialists practicing anthropological symbolism…’ With a good portion of...

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Art • ‘Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned...’ In ‘Reconciliation’, S. Billie Mandle documents confessionals as metaphorical places which reference issues of faith and forgiveness (Kehrer Publishing)

16.06.2020 • Confessionals have been the subject of controversial scrutiny time and again but have also come under criticism due to the abuse of power by priests. While Catholic children once grew up in fear of sin and eternal damnation, confessionals are today used for purposes other than intended, such as broom closets, in some churches... For more than ten years, S. Billie Mandle photographed confessionals throughout the US. She visited Catholic churches in small towns and large cities, creating images which show visible – and invisible – traces of people, communities, histories, and dogmas. Photographing from the perspective of the penitent, she used a large-format camera and the available dim light.

As a homosexual Catholic woman, the photographer had a complex relationship to the church for a long time. In her photo series ‘Reconciliation’, she deals with confessionals as metaphorical places, as structures which reference how people struggle with issues of faith and forgiveness.

“For ten years, I photographed Catholic confessionals throughout the United States. I photographed in ornate...

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Art • #openbutsafe Karl Lagerfeld – the first retrospective of his photographic oeuvre from fashion photography to architecture photos or even an LED panel on Homer’s Odyssey at the State Art Museum Moritzburg

08.06.2020 • Lagerfeld exhibitions have taken place up until now – if they have at all in Germany – at Museum Folkwang, Hamburger Kunsthalle or at Haus der Kunst. The special exhibition ‘Karl Lagerfeld. Photography. The Retrospective’ at Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle (Saale) was developed in cooperation with the two curators Eric Pfrunder, Directeur de l’Image Chanel Fashion, and Publisher Gerhard Steidl. More than 300 photographs were selected together with Karl Lagerfeld while he was still among us and produced for the presentation at the State Art Museum in Saxony-Anhalt.

The exhibition is the worldwide first retrospective on the photographic oeuvre of Karl Lagerfeld and presents quite illustratively his liking for architecture, landscapes abstraction, portraiture, self portraits, and fashion photography. Several of his works are on display for the first time ever, and the Moritzburg with its Gothic vaulted ceilings and numerous historical rooms provides the perfect backdrop.

Highlights include an 18-meter-long backlit LED panel on Homer’s Odyssey as well as Lagerfeld’s extensive production...

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