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Art • 'Fading Beauty' by Dale Grant (Kerber Publishing) presents flower portraits in a character study on the constant changes of life

10.07.2019 • Kerber Publishing and Dale Grant present the illustrated book 'Fading Beauty'. The launch took place on Friday, 5 July, 2019, at STUDIO 183 (Brunnenstraße 183, 10119 Berlin), and the book is now available for purchase.

In his photo series entitled Fading Beauty, Dale Grant captures the distinctive features which flowers display during their life cycle. Flowers of all species begin life with a similar appearance. But it is only when they begin to wither and the vivid colors of their petals eventually become transparent and fade in color that they reveal their true individual beauty. Dale Grant considers his photographs of flowers character studies with which he explores the uniqueness and constant changes of life.

“I let my muse, the flower, guide me. Like in a portrait, I try to find the best angle to take a picture,” says Dale Grant. The Berlin resident with a home away from home in Amsterdam loves to photograph people and tries to take pictures of flowers with similar intensity. He stages floral textures and shapes just as he does the fine lines and individual...

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PAPER CRAFT • VENICE DESIGN 2019 exhibition with paper craft works 'Pillars of Fire & Cloud' by designer & artist LACY BARRY c/o COSMOPOLA

09.07.2019 • Artist LACY BARRY c/o Cosmopola participated in the exhibition VENICE DESIGN 2019 – on display from May thru November 2019 with two opening parties which took place on 9 and 10 May at Palazzo Michiel! Lacy_barry was there on both evenings and explained the origins of Pillars of Fire & Cloud; works handmade from discarded cardboard materials and embellished with finely selected papers.

"I make visual art installations, design sets and props, and make paper illustrations for public art spaces, live installations, window displays, interiors, events, music videos, commercials, stop-motion animations, web media, magazine editorials, venues, home goods, apparel etc. Many things inspire my work, but I am mostly excited to work with color and shapes in physical formats, often repurposing discarded materials inspired by nature. From textiles to cardboard and plastic, I tend to use and reuse recycled or off-cut materials, especially in my personal works to expose the fascinating and beautiful ways repurposed materials can be recalibrated into forms which enrich our lives...

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Art • 'INSIDE JAPAN' - book project by ROBERTO BADIN c/o MARLENE OHLSSON as an exhibition at CYRILLE PUTMAN GALLERY in Arles

18.06.2019 • 'INSIDE JAPAN' is the first book project by ROBERTO BADIN with publisher Benjamin Blanck. The visual trip to Japan is available at JEU DE PAUME, YVON LAMBERT, ARTZART, IBASHO, WALTHER KING, etc. After being released at Galerie 7 rue Saint Claude last November, the photos from Roberto's book were on display at Parisian hotel Jules & Jim. From 14 June thru the end of August, the exhibition can be seen at the CYRILLE PUTMAN GALLERY in Arles in southern France. More photos and information are available via #insidejapan_project.

“With 'Inside Japan', Roberto Badin shatters preconceived ideas about Japanese cities: crowded subways, overpopulated intersections, saturated with multicolored neon lights. Roberto Badin invites you to discover the heart of a country full of contrasting tradition and modernity. Each page is a work of art of the utmost precision. A clear vision. The masterful framing and natural light are meticulous narrators. Despite the chaos of the metropolis, Roberto Badin captures ordinary life: a quiet daily routine, true, serene, intimate and silent. Lonely at...

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Art • GoSee loves ... Liz Johnson Artur celebrates with 'Dusha' (Soul) her first museum exhibition in the Brooklyn Museum and presents photo & video highlights from her 'Black Balloon Archive' of the last 30 years #lizjohnsonartur

12.06.2019 • Through 18 August, 2019, the BROOKLYN MUSEUM is still opening up the enormous photo archive of Liz Johnson Artur and presents with 'Dusha' (Soul) her first museum exhibition. On display are photos, sketchbooks and videos by the Ghanaian-Russian photographer, who lives in London today. For thirty years, her work has documented the lives of people of color and society from their perspective.

Brooklyn is where it all started for Ghanaian-Russian artist Liz Johnson Artur (b. 1964). While visiting in 1986, she stayed with a Russian family in a neighborhood predominantly lived in by people of color and began experimenting with her first camera. Having grown up in Bulgaria, Germany, and Russia, she was inspired by her visit to use photography as a way to connect with other people of African descent. Since moving to London in 1991, she has employed photography not only to make a living – publishing work in magazines such as i-D and The Face – but also to document the multiplicity of everyday life in Africa, Europe, North America, and the Caribbean.

Dusha, the Russian word for...

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