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Celebrity • "I am not a fashion accessory" - GABO photographs actress and presenter Désirée Nosbusch for animal rights organization PETA

10.01.2019 • Together with animal rights organization PETA, actress and presenter Désirée Nosbusch and star photographer GABO appeal to all consumers not to buy exotic leather. The claim of the PETA motif: "I am not a fashion accessory!" In the making-of video from the shoot (click here to see it), the native of Luxembourg explains how brutal leather production is and how many animals are killed for a single crocodile leather handbag. Désirée Nosbusch's motif was staged by star photographer GABO, who has supported PETA for many years with heart and soul. "Just imagine, the skin of four crocodiles is used for one single handbag. The animals' necks are slashed without anesthetic, and then a metal bar is pushed into their spinal cord. So, is it even a question of wanting such a handbag? No, right? Please show compassion, and don't buy exotic leather."

As an actress and presenter, Désirée Nosbusch has been involved in several international and domestic productions. In the four-time award-winning ZDF mini-series "Bad Banks", she makes a brilliant appearance as an ice-cold bank executive. Years...

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Celebrity • The SNOOP DOGG drop-in concert for JÄGERMEISTER - filmed and photographed by Pascal KEROUCHE c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS

09.01.2019 • Pascal KEROUCHE c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS was commissioned by the agency LaRed to shoot two spots and the campaign motifs at the same time with grandmaster of rap SNOOP DOGG in LA for JÄGERMEISTER. On set to create the perfect lighting atmosphere was DoP Christoph Szulecki. At the drop-in concert, star rapper Snoop Dogg personally put on a live gig using the meanwhile widespread Alexa voice assistant. The film shoot for the trailer, and the concert itself, took place in Los Angeles at the private studios of Snoop Dogg.

"Alone on Pascal Kerouche's Instagram profile @mmpascal, the video of the concert chalked up more than 101.000 views. On YouTube, there were even 242.000." his Hamburg-based representation STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS tells us excitedly. GoSee! dropin.jaegermeister.de

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Celebrity • 'Wie ein Phantom' music video for Namika, NEONYT campaign and L'OFFICIEL Ukraine – that's the news from hair & make-up artist ANNA BRYLLA c/o LIGANORD

07.01.2019 • Now on air: the new music video Phantom by singer Namika with hair & make-up by Liganord Artist Anna BRYLLA. Directors: Sluga x Zlotin, Client/Label: Jive Music.

The future of fashion: Innovation and sustainability on the agenda of international fashion hub NEONYT. The campaign was photographed by Joachim Baldauf with hair, make-up & grooming by Anna Brylla.

And hair & make-up for the fashion/beauty editorial in L'OFFICIEL Ukraine also came from Anna Brylla. Photos by Annyck Benth.

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Celebrity • The big 'Desire' with actor Daniel Brühl for ZOO magazine #60 - grooming by Kerstin HOFFMANN c/o BASICS.BERLIN, photos: Sandor Lubbe

06.01.2019 • More than four years ago, actor Daniel Brühl and Ralf Krämer met up with Bryan Adams at Raval, Daniel Brühl's tapas bar in Kreuzberg, where they talked about art, making films and the new paths Daniel Brühl was taking. For the 15th anniversary of ZOO magazine, photographer Sandor Lubbe invited the charming Daniel Brühl once again to a shoot and staged him – not entirely new for Daniel – with cinematic flair from head to toe: From crime story to western, Kerstin HOFFMANN c/o BASICS.BERLIN had the honor of supporting the world-famous celebrity grooming-wise. We have the photos and interview for you on GoSee!

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Celebrity • So much time : MAX VON TREU shoots ARMIN ROHDE - a portrait of the popular actor for you on GoSee

04.12.2018 • This strikingly beautiful portrait of the popular German actor Armin Rohde – actually Armin Kurt Rohde-Baron von Schilling – was created during a film poster shoot at Raw Studios in Berlin. Coming from a working-class family, he has been married since 1995 to Angela Freifrau von Schilling from the Baltic aristocracy von Schilling. And since Armin Rohde is a Buddhist, his Buddhist name is Karma Geleg Palsang. Armin Rohde is now appearing in the new movie "So much time" about a band getting older. GoSee: sovielzeit-film.de

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Celebrity • 30 years of fashion & beauty photography in the new book 'Unfashionable' by London-based star photographer RANKIN, just appearing at Rizzoli

02.11.2018 • Now appearing at Rizzoli is RANKIN's latest book: Unfashionable. It is rich with fashion and beauty images and almost a kind of autobiographical look into the visual mind of the exceptional London-based photographer, who has also made a name for himself as a director and publisher. The book contains contributions by make-up artist Andrew Gallimore, stylist and Love Editor Katie Grand, by Co-Founder of Dazed & Confused and AnOther, Jefferson Hack, as well as supermodel and living legend Kate Moss.

A photographer who has defined the aesthetics and attitudes of the 1990s and 2000s, Rankin’s influence continues to be seen everywhere, from fashion editorials to cinematography, graphic design, and music videos for artists from Rita Ora to Miley Cyrus. Edited by the photographer himself, and drawing from thirty years of work, this is the first retrospective of Rankin’s full career in fashion photography. From early provocative portraiture in the late 1980s through his founding with Jefferson Hack of the fashion bibles of the 1990s and 2000s, Dazed & Confused and AnOther Magazine, to...

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