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Celebrity • NIGHTLIFE in German movie theaters - MAX VON TREU portrays actor FREDERICK LAU for WARNER BROS.

08.04.2020 • Sought-after German actor Frederick Lau can now be admired in the role of a barkeeper with ambitions in his latest box office hit Nightlife. In this German comedy, the romantic date of his friend, played by Elyas M’Barek, turns into a pretty wild chase through Berlin’s nightlife. It was filmed by Director Simon Verhoeven last year in the greater Berlin area. The film produced by Warner Bros. has been showing in cinemas all over Germany since 13 February. Max von Treu, represented by Kathrin Hohberg, photographed the actor in Berlin.

Warner Bros. Entertainment is an American film and television company and one of the seven corporate entities within the WarnerMedia conglomerate. The company is one of the Big Five major American film studios and is headquartered in Burbank, California. GoSee: warnerbros.de

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Celebrity • MAX VON TREU photographs artist OSKAR RINK in her hometown Leipzig for SALON magazine

07.04.2020 • MAX VON TREU photographed artist Oskar Rink at the Spinnerei Leipzig, where other famous artists such as Neo Rauch also have their studios. German painter and installation artist Oskar Rink was born in 1980 in Leipzig, her home and work base again after living abroad for several years. In the studio of her father, Arno Rink, one of the trailblazers of the New Leipzig School, she learned the basic elements of painting early on. GoSee: oskarrink.com

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Celebrity • Singer Elif presents her new music video ‘Friends’ on GoSee - hair & make-up by Saskia KRAUSE c/o BASICS.BERLIN, Director: Till van Loosen

31.03.2020 • I pretend that we are just friends
That I didn’t care how you look at me
I pretend that this – us – is over
And it’s killin’ me how you’re tryin’ to play me…

The visagist and singer Elif have known each other almost since the beginning of their careers and have grown closer particularly over the last years. Which is why the visagist was at her side again this time with her expertise. Elif’s new music video for the song “Friends” was recently released. GoSee!

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Celebrity • A flower by day ... - see CHRIS TRIBELHORN’s filmed homage to Swedish actress Beata Borelius-Larson

22.03.2020 • “Beata Borelius-Larson is a classically trained British actress, who has studied and acted in several feature films, short films, web series, music videos, and commercials.” Young actress Beata Borelius-Larson, who learned her trade, among other places, at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts as well as at the Stella Adler Acting Academy in Los Angeles, stood in front of the camera of CHRIS TRIBELHORN for the personal project presented on GoSee.

Besides Beata, we kindly ask you to direct your attention to these intricate floral animations. Chris tells GoSee: “We spent the most of our time on animating the flowers. It took me around 48 hours to shoot each flower, just to achieve the effect I had wanted.”

A native of Sweden, Beata grew up mainly in England and is represented by The Gersh Agency (US) as well as by hammarstromagency.com. GoSee: timetoriot.com//beata-borelius

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Celebrity • Singer Rika celebrates her broken heart in her new song ‘Doses’ – directed by Jordan Rossi c/o THE GRAFT

04.03.2020 • In a departure from her traditional pop anthems, RIKA welcomes 2020 with a new single that charts the lows and highs of a relationship. ‘Doses’ pulls no punches singing about the toxicity of love. It’s a theme all too relevant for clued up 21st Century audiences. For the video Rika worked with Director and Photographer Jordan ROSSI c/o THE GRAFT to bring this narrative and performance-led promo to life.

The video itself weaves several different vignettes of Rika and her ex-boyfriend played by Charlie Georgio. These scenes display the intense love and romance they share whilst also highlighting a darker side to the relationship. One that risks unraveling at any moment. Interwoven within these vignettes is a stunning lip sync performance of the track shot on location in East London. With the winter sun low, the images are striking and provide a perfect counterpoint to the heartbreaking lyrics.

Jordan Rossi, Director of the video, says: “I’ve been wanting to work with Rika for sometime now, and it feels like this video was a perfect storm. We were incredibly lucky with a stellar cast...

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