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Editorial • 'The 4 Outfits You Should Pack Every Time You Travel' - the HUGO BOSS x ESQUIRE Story photographed by Ben LAMBERTY c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER

13.07.2019 • “For the hyper-mobile modern professional, traveling with pounds of luggage like a transatlantic 19th-century oil tycoon is not an ideal move. With a bit of strategy, it’s possible to pack light and maintain your sense of style without skimping on variety. With tips from world traveler, model, and self-professed “Van Man” Philippe Leblond (yes, he lives in a van), we've put together an easy guide on how to look good while on the go, using pieces from the BOSS Travel Collection. From casual to all the way spruced up, here are the four outfits you should pack for every trip.” we read on ESQUIRE. The HUGO BOSS looks were photographed by Ben LAMBERTY c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER with styling by Giorgio Ammirabile and grooming by Rika Shimada. GoSee : esquire.com////outfits-to-pack-for-travel

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Editorial • Model Maggie Maurer on a visit to Jurata for VOGUE POLAND, photographed by WUNSCHE & SAMSEL c/o SAMESAME AGENCY

10.07.2019 • Wunsche&Samsel c/o SAMESAME AGENCY photographed a spread with model Maggie Maurer for VOGUE POLAND in Jurata, a popular Polish seaside resort. Its old fishermen's houses once built in the typical Kashubian style have been preserved to this day. The architectural structure of the village has been placed under monument protection. The mansions and pensions from the 1930s were renovated over the past few years and are now home to modern, high-quality hotels, giving Jurata back a bit of its former splendor and noble appearance. This in turn attracts guests such as actors, politicians and business people. Styling was taken care of by Anna Poniewierska with hair by Michal Bielecki and make-up by Wilson Will.

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