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Editorial • Devil - a fashion movie by Yannick Fauth & Peter KAADEN c/o COSMOPOLA. Memories of an actual demon and the process to discover it

05.12.2018 • Memories of a demon and the process to discover it. Starring: Veronika Baron in a fashion film directed by PETER KAADEN & Yannick Fauth (DOP: Kevin Klein, Assistant: Marius Knieling, Editor: Philipp Müller, Make-up: Kristin Belger, Styling: Peninah Amanda, Devil: Veronika Baron, Music: Lea Procelain / Ruede Hagelstein & Amin Fallaha).

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Editorial • LEICA S magazine and 'Play with Me' in SPECTR magazine - two editorials photographed by EDISONGA c/o NERGER M&O

05.12.2018 • For LEICA S magazine, EDISONGA aka Jana Gumprecht c/o NERGER M&O captured the last rays of summer sun for you. The spread was styled by Alexandra HECKEL c/o LIGANORD. Posing for the camera were Daniel Krone, Cecillia Zeberg and the charming Vanessa Hänisch c/o VIVA MODELS. Make-up by Astrid Scheppan, also c/o Liganord, and the camera used was a Leica S (Type 007) with Summarit-S 1:2.5/70 Asph. (Cs).

For SPECTR magazine, it was plain and simple: 'Play with Me'. Go & See !

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