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Editorial • Devil - a fashion movie by Yannick Fauth & Peter KAADEN c/o COSMOPOLA. Memories of an actual demon and the process to discover it

05.12.2018 • Memories of a demon and the process to discover it. Starring: Veronika Baron in a fashion film directed by PETER KAADEN & Yannick Fauth (DOP: Kevin Klein, Assistant: Marius Knieling, Editor: Philipp Müller, Make-up: Kristin Belger, Styling: Peninah Amanda, Devil: Veronika Baron, Music: Lea Procelain / Ruede Hagelstein & Amin Fallaha).

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Editorial • LEICA S magazine and 'Play with Me' in SPECTR magazine - two editorials photographed by EDISONGA c/o NERGER M&O

05.12.2018 • For LEICA S magazine, EDISONGA aka Jana Gumprecht c/o NERGER M&O captured the last rays of summer sun for you. The spread was styled by Alexandra HECKEL c/o LIGANORD. Posing for the camera were Daniel Krone, Cecillia Zeberg and the charming Vanessa Hänisch c/o VIVA MODELS. Make-up by Astrid Scheppan, also c/o Liganord, and the camera used was a Leica S (Type 007) with Summarit-S 1:2.5/70 Asph. (Cs).

For SPECTR magazine, it was plain and simple: 'Play with Me'. Go & See !

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Editorial • Armani Special for GQ Style and looks for LANA GROSSA by SABRINA THEISSEN c/o AKKRUSE

04.12.2018 • SABRINA THEISSEN photographed an Armani Special for GQ Style (styled by Editor Manuela Hainz, casting by Stephan Dimu). She teamed up with stylist CHRISTIAN STEMMLER to work for knitwear label LANA GROSSA in Berlin under the art direction of Mani Creative.

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Editorial • 'Jeux d' Ombre' - the sensual lingerie editorial for WICKED GAME magazine by fashion photographer Astrid M. OBERT

04.12.2018 • Jeux d'ombre... a lush Bavarian forest unfolding all its splendor is where fashion photographer ASTRID M OBERT staged her shadow play for WICKED GAME magazine. In front of her camera stood photogenic German hurdler and Olympic athlete Paulina Maria H., who was styled by Fashion Editor Trang CAO c/o FAME AGENCY. Hair & make-up: Alex LEXA, also c/o GoSee member FAME.

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