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Editorial • SZ cover spread with soul singer Jorja Smith, photographed by Horst Diekgerdes c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT

10.12.2019 • In SZ MAGAZINE, British soul singer Jorja Smith talks about her unusual career and the art of staying true to oneself. Horst Diekgerdes c/o SHOTVIEW staged her for the spread, with styling by Shotview’s Alex Aikiu. Find out more about the singer, who is often compared to Adele and Alicia Keys online, on her website and about Horst Diekgerdes and Alex at SHOTVIEW.

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Editorial • DJ Richie Hawtin & Holly Herndon in DEUTSCH VOGUE, portrayed by Peter Rigaud c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT

10.12.2019 • In its VOGUE Dialogue series, DEUTSCH VOGUE presents musician Holly Herndon and DJ Richie Hawtin in a conversation about a space for art by the name of Berlin - and Peter RIGAUD portrayed the two musicians. Richie Hawtin is one of the most sought-after DJs, has released several albums and developed the app Closer, with which fans can watch his shows from different perspectives. Holly Herndon is also a fan of modern technology and works with an AI called Spawn for her album Proto. See the photos here on GoSee, and read the interview on VOGUE.

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Editorial • Brita SÖNNICHSEN c/o NERGER M&O photographs for SALON magazine in Marrakech

07.12.2019 •
Brita’s latest interior feature for SALON magazine was shot in Marrakech where she also photographed a cocktail party hosted by Salon and Riad Mena & Beyond on the occasion of pure conference. She also met Belgian designer Laurence Leenaert from Atelier LRNCE in her studio in Sidi Ghanem. NERGER M&O.

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Editorial • Elegant food creations for BRIGITTE, GUIDO and DIE ZEIT, plus the playful ‘Camouflage’ food & stills project by Marie-Therese CRAMER c/o Double T Photographers

06.12.2019 • Marie-Therese CRAMER c/o DOUBLE T – still life & food photographer with a love for color, stories and detail – staged finest dishes with stylish elegance for BRIGITTE, GUIDO and DIE ZEIT, demonstrating once again her knack for experimentation in the food spread ‘Camouflage’, which she realized together with Pinny Daniel (styling) and Katja Baum (food styling).

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Editorial • AVENUE ILLUSTRATED editorial with make-up by MAURO SACCOCCINI c/o CLOSEUP

03.12.2019 •

MAURO SACCOCCINI c/o CLOSEUP took care of hair & make-up for a spread in Spanish AVENUE ILLUSTRATED, which was photographed by Javier Lopez. Fashion Director on set was Jose Carlos dela Osa.

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