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Events • ‘One breath under the ice’ – apnea world record diver TOLGA TASKIN, accompanied by Director and Photographer Klaus HEINZLER c/o BANRAP; we have three minutes of breathtaking film for you on GoSee

17.09.2020 • In his heart-felt project “One breath under the ICE”, Klaus HEINZLER c/o BANRAP presents the purest form of diving – apnea. He had the once-in-a-lifetime-chance of accompanying Tolga Taskin when he set his world record in Austria. Taskin is the first person in the world to reach a depth of 75 meters beneath a solid sheet of ice.

Tolga Taskin tells us about his path : “I was really lucky to be able to grow up surrounded by apnea divers. As a child at my grand parent’s in Turkey, I spent more time in the water than on land. That’s how I playfully got to know freediving, the underwater world and breathlessness. I can still see right before my eyes how my grand parents would stand on the shore with wrinkled brows frantically looking for me on the surface of the water, constantly hoping I was alright.

When I got older, I discovered that It wasn’t only curiosity and fun that drew me under water. A feeling of deep relaxation slowly developed in me whenever I experienced the tranquility of closing my eyes and floating weightlessly or falling somewhere beneath the water surface in this...

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Events • Network safely – BERLIN COMMERCIAL 2020 TAKES OVER BERLIN, with events from 7 to 11 September 2020 throughout the city on the Spree

24.08.2020 • From Monday the 7th through Friday the 11th of September, 2020, the BERLIN COMMERCIAL Festival is celebrating the kick-off of its annual event for advertisers and creatives despite pandemic restrictions. Last year, founder and organizer of the festival, Philipp Ulita, already inspired Berlin’s creative masterminds at Haubentaucher where he brought together the creative society for a gathering.

This year’s Berlin Commercial Film Festival is taking place in cooperation with renowned production companies, agencies and gallery spaces all over Berlin that open their doors for workshops, talks, performances, exhibitions, networking and much much more. Besides these items on the agenda, of course, is the ceremony for the coveted BERLIN COMMERCIAL Award: The most creative masterminds will be chosen once again in categories such as Best Music Video, Best Fashion Film, Best Unscripted Film or the New Generation Award.

New this time around is the category “Cultural Implications” in support of films which raise public awareness for issues including equal opportunity, integration, diversity and...

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Events • Is it morally acceptable to sit back and do nothing? – Watch The Troublemaker, a two-year independent production about our collective response to the climate crisis by Director Sasha Snow, released in five languages via Video on Demand

22.08.2020 • Oscar Winning UK production company PASSION PICTURES and multi-award winning filmmaker, SASHA SNOW, alongside renowned sustainability pioneer Thomas Ermacora have released ‘The Troublemaker’, a two-year independent production about our collective response to the climate crisis.

As a society, and as individuals, we have always been defined by how we react in the face of a crisis. This is the archetypal story played out on a global scale, presenting the opportunity for self-discovery if we are prepared to face up to the existential threat. ‘The Troublemaker’ scratches the niggling itch that is lurking in many of our brains about the extinction of planetary systems that seems to be going on all around us, and the dawning realization that something has to be done. Ultimately, the film poses a simple question: with the consensus of informed opinion declaring a ‘climate emergency’, is it morally acceptable to sit back and do nothing?

“I don’t want my children to look back and think I led a frivolous life and then just abandoned them. I want them to know I did everything I possibly...

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Events • GOSEE ART : Photographer Sanna Kannisto presents her exhibition ‘Sense of Wonder’ through 13 September at the Finnish Museum of Photography and the book ‘Observing Eye’ now at

12.08.2020 • In summer 2020, the Finnish Museum of Photography is exhibiting the works of photographer Sanna Kannisto (b. 1974) – spanning a period of 20 years – which will be Kannisto’s largest exhibition to date. Sense of Wonder is a cross section of the artist’s career, including her long-term photographic work at research stations in the rainforests of South America and her more recent project at the Hanko Bird Observatory. The diverse nature of the rainforest and the migratory birds of the north are a mesmerizing part of the exhibited works.

Sanna Kannisto’s métier is nature photography. Like her role models, she sees herself both as a scientist and an artist. In fact, her analytical insight is equal in every way to her creativity and passion. She creates moments of extraordinary beauty while, at the same time, bringing to light what has been previously remained hidden. Sanna Kannisto has her very own method of photographing birds against a white backdrop bathed in light: Removed from their usual surroundings, each and every detail appears in unparalleled clarity, enabling their precise...

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Events • ‘2020 in your pictures’ – the open call by star photographer RANKIN and British TV broadcaster SKY ARTS on GoSee is looking for the best photos of the Year of COVID-19

05.08.2020 • So far, 2020 has been a wild ride. We’d be inclined to think it was all a bad dream, were it not for everyone out there documenting their brave new world. To celebrate the power of photography and its ability to provide a sense of stability in these strange and unprecedented times, Rankin has teamed up with SKY ARTS UK to capture the spirit of 2020 through images. So join our friend Rankin on his mission to capture the spirit of 2020.

From now until 23 August, Rankin is inviting amateurs and professionals alike to take a photograph, or submit something from their back catalogue, that represents their year in 2020, across the categories: Family, Fun, Self, Beauty, Empathy, and Nature. To take part, the photos should be posted on Instagram, tagging the handle @2020rankin and the hashtag #2020rankin in the description, along with the chosen category.

From September, Rankin will hand-select his favorite submissions with the help of special celebrity guests in the upcoming Sky Arts television series Rankin’s 2020. Alongside uplifting new talent, every episode will feature a technical...

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