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Events • Prinz Productions: is raffling off wine from the Miles Mossop winery at UPDATE-19-BERLIN ... and presents you several throwback motifs from the 2016 STIHL calendar, photographed by Esther Haase

11.11.2019 • Meet Sebastian and Bianca from PRINZ PRODUCTIONS for the first time at UPDATE. At their XXL booth, they will gladly answer all of your questions concerning topics all about production in South Africa, Africa or even Portugal, where they have meanwhile successfully set up their second production base.

But the fun doesn’t stop there: they are also raffling off delicious, and literally, award-winning wine from South African winery Miles Mossop right at their booth. GoSee:

The motifs presented here were photographed by Esther Haase for the STIHL 2016 Calendar. Production by PRINZ PRODUCTIONS.

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Events • HYMN TO THE EARTH – a record number of visitors at the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo 2019, and the fundraising dinner in the company of famous chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall rakes in € 31,500 of donations

10.11.2019 • More than 266,751 visitors came to the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo 2019, which was open from 1 June to 30 September. This marks an increase of 41% compared to 2018. HYMN TO THE EARTH took up no lesser topic than THE WORLD. Just like in 2018, a giant open-air gallery transformed the city of Baden near Vienna into a city of photos. And with the title LOTS OF NEWS IN THE EAST, the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo invites guests to visit once again from 1 June to 30 September in 2020.

With HYMN TO THE EARTH, contemporary photography described the state of the Earth, its exceptional beauty as well as the threats to the blue planet and humanity. The arc of photographic observations spanned from Thomas Pesquet’s impressions of the Earth which he photographed as an Astronaut orbiting the Earth for 196 days in the International Space Station ISS to Spike Walker’s million-times magnification of life as seen under the microscope. Between orbit and microcosm, photographers visualized our existence with an appeal for peace, tolerance and togetherness, born by a humanist attitude.


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Events • The GoSeeAWARDS 2019 finalists have been chosen – We’ll have the final votes of the international Art Producer Jury for you shortly on GoSee... Plus, take part in our PUBLIC VOTING until 10 November

06.11.2019 • GoSeeAWARDS 2019 has now entered the hottest phase. At this very moment, photography experts from the areas of art buying and art producing are judging which of the Top 20 finalists per category will be among the award winners. More than 150 industry experts from the areas of art buying, editing, creation, marketing, ... In 2019, works and spreads were once again submitted in eight categories. Want to see who – of the more than 1000 submissions – made it into the final round in 2019? It’s this easy: Just log into GoSee and copy the following link to your browser: .

But that’s not all – you too can cast a vote on the website until 10 November and support your favorite artists for the Public Choice Award: So participate in our PUBLIC VOTING! We are excited to see who you like best and appreciate your support. Who knows, perhaps there’s an art producer in you, too!

Winners will be announced at UPDATE-19-BERLIN – and, of course, on GoSee.

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Events • Keep Research Alive ! Charité Berlin made a big splash in Summer 2019 with the "Printed by Parkinson's" campaign by Innocean Worldwide - with artwork by Ender SUENNI (photos) and Frank GROLL (film), both artists c/o COSMOPOLA

05.11.2019 • Charité Berlin is raising awareness for Parkinson’s disease with the world’s first "diseased machine". With more than 10 million people suffering from Parkinson’s across the globe, Charité Berlin strived to raise awareness with an art-based campaign. It was created by a machine that mimics the individual symptoms of those suffering from Parkinson’s.

The fundraising campaign, which includes a doc-series, was created by Innocean Worldwide for Charité Berlin, Europe’s largest University Hospital. The machine was developed by MediaMonks and Cosmopola. The artwork gives unique insight into the lives of six Parkinson’s patients, increasing awareness and emphasizing the importance of finding a cure.

By adding kinetic and neurological data from Parkinson’s sufferers to a 3D printer, the charity was able to create the first "diseased machine", which they used to print altered versions of items that people with the disease are no longer able to use, such as a camera, a chainsaw and a pen.

The campaign aims to make the daily struggle of living with Parkinson’s tangible. The six...

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