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Events • UPDATE-19-BERLIN – Film, Photo, Illustration, Production ... a brief update on our annual GoSee event on 15 November in Berlin. We look forward to seeing you !

14.08.2019 • We know it’s summer ... and don’t want to interrupt things all too much. UPDATE-19-BERLIN is a success even before it has begun. With almost 50 confirmed exhibitors already and still quite a few requests open, we now look forward to a wonderful and well-attended event.

We are delighted to welcome CREATIVE visitors (ABs, CDs, ADs, APs, Editors, Direct Clients, ...) who can attend the Salon free of charge like every year. Simply register online in your GoSeeACCOUNT or send us an email.

Just decided you want to come as an EXHIBITOR? Then please send us a short email, and we will gladly send you further information on the oldest, most established and successful event of its kind. The spot presented here is by Sven Windszus, our 2018 Gold winner in the category CGI & Animation.

About – UPDATE is the longest running industry event of its kind, connecting creative agencies and their clients in the real world. As part of the GoSee family, we reach out to around 150,000 readers; certainly the most exquisite audience in the industry. Mother, Adam&Eve, Jung von Matt, Serviceplan,...

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Events • GoSeeAWARDS : We are working behind the scenes relentlessly on putting together our TOP JURY for 2019 – there’s only one thing you have to do to get your artwork viewed globally in a round of screening: Upload your PROJECT to GoSee !

13.08.2019 • The GoSee Awards are about one thing alone: being seen! Which admittedly does seem a bit outdated today, with more than enough Internet platforms for everyone to present their artwork. So why participate in an AWARDS ceremony at all if you already have thousands of followers to show for?

The GoSeeAWARDS, just like GoSee, stand for quality paired with efficiency.
Embracing our company ethos: “If you’re good, we’ll make you better!”. It’s not about collecting more or less random likes and clicks – we strive to build well-founded, long-term networks that make sense. And the same goes for our jury: art buyers, art producers, creatives, editors, agency owners, opinion makers, direct clients... from Shanghai to New York, Los Angeles, Prague, Stockholm, London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam... you name it. Not to mention, of course, the entire German-speaking region.

GoSee broadcasts across all channels for the AWARDS
and pulls every string in the industry to ensure above all: that your artwork is seen by the right people. People who not only appreciate it but also think on their...

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Events • U17 CHAMPS - Cologne's up-and-coming soccer stars have won yet another German Championship - Thomas FÄHNRICH c/o BANRAP accompanied the boys on their path to victory for 1.FC KÖLN

07.08.2019 • The young soccer players from 1. FC Köln dethroned defending champion Borussia Dortmund to become German U17 champions now for the third time. Thomas SCHORN c/o BANRAP captured the nerve-racking path to this deserved victory with his camera and preserved it for eternity. The team led by Coach Martin Heck won against BVB in a close call with 3:2 (2:1) at the sold-out Rote Erde stadium in Dortmund. For the team from Cologne, it's now the third title for this age group following 1990 and 2011. Before taking home the title, the young team sent home the Bavarians in the semifinal match.

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Events • CANNES LIONS 2019 is dead - long live CANNES LIONS, a quick look back on the marketing event of the year and an 8-minute video with impressions from the Palais de Festival on the Croisette from GoSee correspondent Rolf Scheider

27.06.2019 • Cannes Lions is kind of like Santa Claus – half of us, particularly the younger ones, still believe in it while older folks have their doubts. They moan and groan across social media but still can't seem to turn their backs completely to this nice, somewhat aged event. For some, it is a cherished tradition. Others do business more or less shamelessly around the event.

And they all wonder if anyone at all knows exactly what goes on behind the scenes, who's got all the jobs, who is sitting on the next big thing – the organizers most likely included. For everyone, it is hard to believe what can happen in only one week of advertising – and how all the gifts and awards can be distributed in such a short time without anybody getting the slightest glimpse of Santa.

The CANNES LIONS are and will always be an institution that you probably just have to see as as advertiser – at least once. Egos as big as yachts, names of the invited podium participants as dazzling as a Hollywood promo tour. How much the festival has changed can be seen if you have followed the event on site for...

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