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Model • #boysbygirls - male model Jonas KOWALSKI c/o BRODYBOOKINGS shows lots of male skin in LEWIS magazine; he was photographed by Julia Sang Nguyen

11.06.2019 • In men's magazine LEWIS Lifestyle, model Jonas K c/o BRODYBOOKINGS is presented in an editorial spread. In hip Lewis magazine, everything revolves around the merge of male topics of fashion, lifestyle and art. The smart men's model was photographed by Julia Sang Nguyen. Art direction: Sonja Merz & styling: Graziano Di Cintio. GoSee :

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Model • 'THIS IS THE STYLE FOR THE URBAN PLAYER!' - BROODYBOOKINGS model Yara MAGGI is the face of the FREAKY NATION 'BLACK' F/W '19/20 campaign

11.06.2019 • For the new "Black" line by FREAKY NATION, Yara MAGGI c/o BRODYBOOKINGS was booked for the Fall/Winter '19/20 collection. The collection is an "innovative oversized fashion mix, like a cool soundtrack". Besides that, the new line stands for a clean, casual and modern style. The shoot by photographer Sarah Dulay took place in the Art Nouveau Volksbad in Nuremberg. FREAKY NATION a brand of MAINPOL GMBH. GoSee:

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Model • The music video "Grille" for German hip-hop group DIE ORSONS by star Director Monica Menez - casting by BRODYBOOKINGS

09.06.2019 • In August, the fifth album by rap quartet the Orsons entitled "Orsons Island" is to be released. The video for the first single "Grille" is shrill, crazy and bears the clear signature of Stuttgart-based photographer and globally successful fashion filmmaker MONICA MENEZ. Together with Maeckes, she shot in the middle of the Paul Horn Arena in Tübingen, which is really as pink as in the video! In the video for "Grille", you can discover bizarre costumes, sharks alongside some character faces from our index. The models in the video are Christoph, Elisabeth, Fiona, Ingo, Melissa, Rachel, Stefanie, Yannah, and Yara. The Orsons is a German hip-hop group made up of rappers Tua, Kaas, Maeckes, and Bartek. The group is under contract with Stuttgart-based label Chimperator Productions as well as with the major label Universal. GoSee :

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Model • Actor Alan c/o BROYBOOKINGS relaxed in an aircraft for LUFTHANSA image photos

08.06.2019 • Above the clouds, actor Alan c/o BRODYBOOKINGS, a native of Britain's Surbiton, toasts relaxed to LUFTHANSA with a glass of wine. He was photographed by Jens Görlich for the Frankfurt agency Co-Wunder.

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Model • 'Beauty has no age' - the Beauty editorial for RENAISSANCE magazine by Frauke FISCHER c/o COSMOPOLA featuring best-age model Jutta von Brunkau c/o VIVA MODELS and Bree Smith

04.06.2019 • "Where so many photographers choose to retouch images, we see the beauty of all ages and keep our photos natural and unedited." We learn from RENAISSANCE magazine. Famous & hot senior model Jutta von Brunkau c/o VIVA MODELS and Bree Smith are the stars of the editorial entitled 'Beauty has no age', which was photographed by Frauke FISCHER c/o COSMOPOLA. Hair & make-up came from Melanie SCHOENE c/o NINA KLEIN AGENCY,

About Renaissance Mag. With editorials starring models only 40 and over, thought-provoking essays and raw interviews – we are here to change views and inspire. GoSee

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