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Photographers • MAX VON TREU : portrays NIGHTLIFE actor FREDERICK LAU for WARNER BROS. and photographs artist OSKAR RINK in her hometown Leipzig for SALON mag

08.04.2020 • Sought-after German actor Frederick Lau can now be admired in the role of a barkeeper with ambitions in his latest box office hit Nightlife. In this German comedy, the romantic date of his friend, played by Elyas M’Barek, turns into a pretty wild chase through Berlin’s nightlife. It was filmed by Director Simon Verhoeven last year in the greater Berlin area. The film produced by Warner Bros. has been showing in cinemas all over Germany since 13 February.

Warner Bros. Entertainment is an American film and television company and one of the seven corporate entities within the WarnerMedia conglomerate. The company is one of the Big Five major American film studios and is headquartered in Burbank, California. GoSee:

MAX VON TREU photographed artist Oskar Rink at the Spinnerei Leipzig, where other famous artists such as Neo Rauch also have their studios. German painter and installation artist Oskar Rink was born in 1980 in Leipzig, her home and work base again after living abroad for several years. In the studio of her father, Arno Rink, one of the trailblazers of the New...

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Photographers • ANDREAS ORTNER : photographs German top model Berit Heitmann for IN THE MOOD mag by BONGENIE GRIEDER in Rome, VOGUE Portugal Beauty 04/20, HARPER’S BAZAAR Turkey 04/20, and Caroline Lossberg in ‘Hike and Seek’ for the PEEK & CLOPPENBURG South campaign

07.04.2020 • The company Bongénie Grieder from West Switzerland operates eight stores in French-speaking Switzerland and nine Grieder fashion houses in German-speaking Switzerland. For the company fashion magazine IN THE MOOD, which is published twice a year, ANDREAS ORTNER photographed German top model Berit Heitmann in the Eternal City of Rome. The spread was styled by Philipp Junker, with hair & make-up by Rachel Bredy and Nicola Fischer, art direction by Valerie Fremont, and production in the hands of Alexandra Aberli.

Model Berit Heitmann, a sweet 18 years old and impressively in the fast lane at the moment says about the shoot: “To this day, it is still one of my absolute favorite experiences: spending two days with this Swiss-German dream team, driving around stunning Rome in a van, pushing our creativity and abilities to new levels and all while having fun 24/7 – I actually cried in the hotel room because I was so overwhelmingly happy with the situation I was in... ”

BONGENIE GRIEDER on BONGENIE GRIEDER : “Much more than luxury goods, the group with over 17,000 square meters dedicated...

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Photographers • New space for fresh ideas and concrete utopias – DARIUS RAMAZANI photographs society makers for #dafür magazine from the INITIATIVE FOR AN OPEN SOCIETY

07.04.2020 • “Freedom of speech, religious freedom, equal rights – can all only exist in an open society. We are free to uphold traditions or to rethink things. We choose whether we want to be provincial
or cosmopolitan. Or everything at the same time. An open society is a historically unique success story. We wish to protect it in turbulent times and continue its development.” we learn from the INITIATIVE FOR AN OPEN SOCIETY.

Berlin-based portrait specialist DARIUS RAMAZANI has now photographed several society makers for the INITIATIVE FOR AN OPEN SOCIETY. The portraits of Sham Jaff, Sonya Bobrik, Orry Mittenmayer, Franz Knoppe, and Andreas Hollstein are all appearing in #dafür magazine. And there’s more: Three of the aforementioned persons, Sham Jaff, Sonya Bobrik and Orry Mittenmayer, are displayed for passers-by on Darius Ramazani’s own large-scale billboards in Berlin.

An example of which we would like to present you is society maker Sham Jaff, who was born in Iraq in 1989 and moved to Germany as a child with her Kurdish family. Following her studies of political science, Jaff has taken up...

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Photographers • In light of the Corona Crisis, UPFRONT presents its STOCK UP photo archive with 1000 rights-managed stock photos by the Upfront photographers - and also donate to the homeless project Hinz & Kunzt

07.04.2020 • In light of the present situation, UPFRONT put together the photo archive STOCK UP! pretty much over night. 10 galleries with more than 1000 rights-managed stock photos by the Upfront photographers in the areas of people, lifestyle, landscape, nature, adventure, travel, sports, food, and reportage...

10% of the proceeds go to Hinz & Kunzt, Hamburg-based street magazine, whose sales brigade doesn’t have the chance to earn a couple of euros right at the moment with the magazine. For the release, we present you a teaser on GoSee. Design & animation by Onomoto. WWW.UPFRONT.DE/ARCHIVE

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Photographers • Food & liquid 2020 showreel by Christian Lohfink c/o UPFRONT PHOTO & FILM on GoSee

07.04.2020 • Renowned photographer Christian LOHFINK c/o UPFRONT is specialized in the areas of stills, liquid, food & people. Created in his Hamburg-based studio are works for clients worldwide. Here on GoSee, he presents us his new food & liquid showreel.

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