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Photographers • Private house in beautiful Haifa – we have the architectural gem, photographed by Assaf PINCHUK c/o ANDREA HEBERGER for you on GoSee

11.07.2020 • Assaf PINCHUK c/o ANDREA HEBERGER shot this wonderful 430m² house. It was designed by architects Dan and Hila Israelevitz for a very different, innovative and dynamic living experience in northern Israel. This home, which stands in one of the pastoral areas of the region, features an innovative and groundbreaking design which redefines the residential experience – palpable in each of its rooms.

The structure was built on a hillside in the Carmel area. Since it is located on a terrain with a complex topography, the architectural structure had to take the slope into account. This exceptionally large building features several levels. When seen on a satellite photo, one notices how it spreads out over a large area on the enormous slope. However, when viewed from the front, it appears to blend in harmoniously with the landscape of its surrounding area. And from the side facing the street, the house appears as if it were a single-floored building with a minimalist, mysterious and welcoming look & feel.

The structure does not build itself upward but instead, downward, in accordance with...

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Photographers • ‘A Nostalgic Evening Walk’ – photographed by MAGNUS WINTER

10.07.2020 • “Inspired by the architecture of apartment buildings from the 60s and 70s, we got a bit lost in the small side roads far off the beaten track of the promenade. And on the way, we discovered the retro-like charm of the photos which arose almost by themselves in these surroundings – all while waiting deeply relaxed for the sunset to come...” Berlin-based photographer MAGNUS WINTER says about his purely zen personal work ‘A Nostalgic Evening Walk’. See for yourself!

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Photographers • ‘Black Label’ on the rocks … – the personal ‘one shot image’ motif by stills photographer Ivan MOSHE c/o ANDREA HEBERGER for you on GoSee

10.07.2020 • Ivan MOSHE c/o ANDREA HEBERGER tells GoSee: “Personally, I really like this image because it’s real. It is a one shot image, all done in camera … no compositing, no laser triggers, just pure photography. For me, this is what it’s all about. Pre visualizing the shot, setting up the lights, making sure everything is perfect before you take the final shot, it’s this build up of excitement that climaxes as you reach the moment when you toss that little ice cube and time it just right so you get the energy of the splashing whisky gushing out of the glass. When you see the image come up on the camera screen and you know you’ve nailed it, it’s instant gratification.”

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Photographers • ‘Bo - LA’ – the personal spread now on the NEW WEBSITE of photographer UWE DUETTMANN

08.07.2020 • Finally: The NEW WEBSITE is here! “The idea was to make use of the time during Corona lockdown for things we normally don’t have time for.” UWE DUETTMANN sums it up as usual in a nutshell. As a first impression, we present you the spread ‘Bo - LA’ plus several screenshots of the truly impressive website of the sought-after photographer. GoSee:

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Photographers • JOHANNES KüHN : photographs the powerful BMW M8 GTE, often referred to as the ‘crowning glory of motor sports vehicles from BMW’

08.07.2020 • The BMW M8 GTE unites innovative technology, unique design and pure GT power. In January 2018, the GT sports car contested its first race at the 24 Hours of Daytona. The big moment of truth for the BMW 8 Series Coupé came just a few months later at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. That was where the new BMW sports car for the luxury sector made its world debut…

“I have always been big a fan of motorsports so I decided to photograph a motorsports series. The BMW M8 GTE is the crowning glory of motor sports vehicles from BMW.” JOHANNES KÜHN is thrilled to tell us. The CGI vehicles were rendered by Mondlichtstudios and integrated into the motifs by Stefan Eisele.

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