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Photographers • PASCALE WEBER : photographs the NIOXIN campaign for Selected World, the glittery ‘Laurel Keychain’ by JULIAN ZIGERLI & SWAROVSKI, plus cats and their scratching posts for her 2020 calendar project

28.01.2020 • NIOXIN was developed by Eva Graham and her team specially for thinning hair. Based on her personal experiences – following the birth of her child, Eva Graham had lost half of her own hair – she declared it her goal in life to help men and women preserve their hair.

In 1987, the NIOXIN research laboratories were founded, and the first products came into salons as “The Science of Living Hair”. During the three decades to come, the NIOXIN research laboratories developed numerous innovative formulas for cleaning hair and the scalp, for restoration and activation. Today, NIOXIN defines itself as one of the fastest growing companies in the beauty industry with more than 15 patented technologies and a global presence in more than 30 countries.

For the agency Selected World and Behind The Scenes, PASCALE WEBER photographed the latest NIOXIN campaign. GoSee:

Be your own hero – with the glittery JULIAN ZIGERLI & SWAROVSKI laurel keychain, which you can wear wrapped elegantly around your neck, guaranteed just as strikingly as an Olympic champion. Pascal Weber on her shoot : “I was...

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Photographers • Liquids, Beverages, Food & Cosmetics - MICHAEL HIRSCH c/o FARIYAL KENNEL presents the CARDHU Single Malt Scotch Whisky campaign plus a portfolio on GoSee

27.01.2020 • The campaign for CARDHU Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the company Moët Hennessy Diageo was photographed MICHAEL HIRSCH c/o FARIYAL KENNEL for Paris-based agency Button Button.

MICHAEL HIRSCH c/o FARIYAL KENNEL studied visual communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld, Germany, where he graduated with a diploma in photography. After starting out as a freelance photographer in Germany, he moved to Paris where he is currently living and working. He is a perfectionist with a fresh & light ambiance in his photos and specializes in shooting liquids, beverages, food and cosmetic products… Among his clients are mainly advertising and design agencies. Michael speaks English, French and German fluently. His studio is fully equipped with a large range of Hensel lighting, including high-speed flashes with extremely short flash durations. A functional kitchen makes the studio a perfect place for food productions …

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Photographers • Naturally feminine - LeComte fashion production by BJÖRN GIESBRECHT

27.01.2020 • With passion and attention to detail, LeComte is the epitome of a fresh & modern lifestyle. Natural, feminine, athletic – BJÖRN GIESBRECHT photographed the new looks for LeComte. The topics of naturalness and sustainability are the hallmarks of the latest collection – print shirts with metallic effects are It-pieces. Styling was taken care of by Ariane Lindhorst c/o LIGAWEST, with hair & make-up by Kerstin Huesges c/o NINA KLEIN.

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Photographers • Cats and their scratching posts - motifs from the limited calendar by Swiss photographer PASCALE WEBER for you on GoSee

27.01.2020 • Last year, photographer PASCALE WEBER traveled throughout Switzerland for her project ‘Cats and their Scratching Posts’ to portray cats with in their homes with their beloved scratching posts. The results of the photo project flowed into a limited calendar for 2020, from which we are delighted to present you several motifs on GoSee.

Pascale Weber: “With this project, I finally gave cats and their scratching posts a stage. Traveling throughout Switzerland, I selected the most unique ones. Curious and proud, they allowed themselves to be photographed on their familiar post, which I had placed in an artificial environment and light.”

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Photographers • ‘A Journey Into Common Sense’ - a trip from Hamburg to Buenos Aires for shipping company Hamburg Süd in cooperation with Olympus, documented by Philip GÄTZ c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF

26.01.2020 • It was literally and figuratively one great big adventure, on which Phillip GÄTZ c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF embarked under the working title “A Journey Into Common Sense”. To be precise, 334 meters long, 48 meters high and more than 124,000 tons heavy: Created for the renowned shipping company Hamburg Süd and in cooperation with camera manufacturer Olympus on the container ship Cap San Marco was a broad image and reportage spread which lasted more than four weeks.

With its 27-man-strong crew and packed to the hilt with 9000 containers, the ship traveled over 7400 nautical miles from the end of September to the beginning of November, starting in the port of Hamburg and headed for Buenos Aires, Argentina. While crossing the Atlantic, passing central ports in Europe and South America, not only authentic photos were created from life and work on board which are presented here in a first teaser; everyone interested can still be a part of it all on Instagram (@fahrtindenverstand) with a daily logbook filled with plenty of video and photo articles, paired with a glimpse behind the scenes and a...

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