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Photographers • New entry Christopher KOCH c/o Double T Photographers for ASTRA, AUDI and with a personal soccer spread

12.11.2019 • Double T Photographers welcomes Christopher KOCH on the team. He became famous in Hamburg with his first works for iconic beer ASTRA. He meanwhile works as a successful advertising, people and lifestyle photographer. Campaigns photographed by him have already been awarded several international prizes. Christopher lives and works in Hamburg.

We present you a selection from his latest AUDI pool shoot. For his long-year client ASTRA Brewery, he photographed for the derby of Hamburg's two second league teams. And on one of the last sunny days, he photographed St. Pauli players Ersin Zehir and Philipp Zeis just outside of Hamburg.

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Photographers • Steffen Jahn stages the Toyota Supra sports car for Saatchi in the USA

11.11.2019 • The legend lives on – the new Toyota Supra rocks every track! And for Saatchi, Steffen was on the road in the USA to capture this moment. Producer John Babor from JB5 Productions made the impossible happen – and the little sports car flew down sensational courses. Visual fine-tuning of the racer was taken care of by GoSee member ZERONE Personal in Düsseldorf.

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Photographers • Stephan Glathe photographs the Sioux Shoes campaign in Georgia, the Kinga Mathé campaign on exotic markets and the rural delight editorial with Merethe Hvam for WOMAN MAG

11.11.2019 • For the Wedding issue of WOMAN magazine in Austria, Stephan GLATHE c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS photographed a spread on cornfields and in cabbage patches with production support from new GoSee member WINTELER PRODUCTION. In charge of the richly contrasted styling was Tamina from Ribaupierre, with hair & make-up by Sarah Lucia Rabel c/o NINA KLEIN.

As background for the image motifs of the collection of luxury dirndls by Designer Kinga Mathé, Stephan Glathe chose the exotic markets of Tbilisi in Georgia.

In the picturesque, wide-open range of the Caucasus Mountains, Stephan GLATHE c/o ROCKENFELLER & GOEBELS photographed the SIOUX shoe campaign in Georgia. The Sioux collection for Fall and Winter 2019 is marked by a variety of materials and functional features. In charge of styling of the two models, Jan Siegmund c/o Modelwerk and Merle Bergers c/o Le Management, was Susi Bauer – and the autumn hair & make-up looks came from Kerstin Hajdu.

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Photographers • Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter : Model Luisa Bianchin in the ANA ALCAZAR F/W 2019-20 lookbook, the ‘Who's your daddy’ lookbook & campaign, plus for ØRGREEN OPTICS and SPECTR magazine in Monte Carlo

11.11.2019 • Sacha Tassilo HÖCHSTETTER photographed once again for the new F/W 2019-20 lookbook spread of German fashion label ANA ALCAZAR. In front of his camera stood model Luisa Bianchin, styled by Konstantinos Gkoumpetis. Hair & make-up: Ben Mayer.

Founded 1997 in Copenhagen, Ørgreen Optics stands for high-quality designer eyewear made of the finest materials – known for distinctive style paired with innovative color combinations. Ørgreen’s trademark are its prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses made of titanium and beta-titanium: precious metals of extraordinary quality. Sacha Tassilo HÖCHSTETTER photographed the new collection by Ørgreen Optics in the beautiful city of Monte Carlo for SPECTR magazine. GoSee:

Sacha Tassilo HÖCHSTETTER photographed the first lookbook including the campaign for a new high-quality streetwear brand by the name of “Who is your Daddy”. This is the first collection by Alpi Köksal. “The idea behind the hair-hidden faces: Anonymous – everyone should be able to relate to them personally.” the photographer tells GoSee. Client: Nicola Kuda...

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Photographers • Torsten Klinkow photographs the personal Porsche project ‘911 vs. 912 BIG BOYS TOYS’ on a stubble field

11.11.2019 • Torsten KLINKOW photographed these two beauties one wonderful autumn morning during a race on a stubble field. “One Sunday morning at 6am, I was woken by a call from a friend, who asked me if I wanted to spontaneously photograph a little stubble field race together.” Torsten tells GoSee. “An hour later, everyone was on the field having a blast pushing the two older Porsches to the max on a somewhat different terrain until the farmer showed up. Super robust treasures, these two.” Torsten tells us with a wink.

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