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Photographers • Tom Nagy photographs the new Goldman Sachs campaign on location in London for design agency Elephant New York / London

19.11.2018 • For the new Goldman Sachs campaign, Tom Nagy staged six motifs in various locations in and around London. Rain machines, lots of luck with the weather, CGI and numerous extras all helped to make it happen. The eye-catching motifs for the international investment bank can now be seen on large-format displays and several other media throughout the UK. The agency was Elephant New York / London (production : Locate Productions, Post : Zoot).

This summer, Tom Nagy produced a commercial and ads for ABB, a campaign for Trowprice in Canada and an equestrian photo for a private client. We'll have the photos for you soon here on GoSee.

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Photographers • Darius Ramazani : photographs impressions from New York City for GEO SAISON and an interview in PHOTONEWS

16.11.2018 • The renowned magazine GEO SAISON published an article with DARIUS RAMAZANI's New York photos. "Big thanks go to Joussen Karliczek." Darius says here on GoSee.

The September issue of PHOTONEWS reported on Darius Ramazani, who speaks in an interview about the social topics of his time that excite him. In a nutshell: "Darius Ramazani loves it real and pure." He also talks about the poster wall he rents on Stuttgarter Platz, which he uses like a temporary exhibition. He looks for designers and agencies to jump start projects – the focus of which is on controversial and social topics. An ingenious idea about which we love to report on often.

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Photographers • Markus Mueller stages a expressive imagery for HORNBACH and photographed outdoor motifs in New Zealand

16.11.2018 • "Winter is coming. And you should be prepared!" Markus Mueller photographed bold and awesome imagery for the client Hornbach, consciously playing in the visual sandbox of hit series such as Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. Because if you don't do anything about it, wild and untamed nature will take back your yard piece by piece. Do something! Hornbach once again demonstrates its courage when it comes to underscoring advertising messages with extraordinary images. And they proved this time that Markus Mueller, the client Hornbach and the agency Heimat have always been a perfect team.

On the South Sea island of New Zealand in the vicinity of Christchurch, Markus Mueller photographed his new outdoor series "Josef & Nils".

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Photographers • Dominik Mentzos photographs dancer portraits for the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

15.11.2018 • DOMINIK MENTZOS photographed a portrait series with dancers from the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company. The international ensemble consisting of 17 dancers is based in Frankfurt, where all motifs were realized with understatement in daylight. The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company is based equally in Dresden and Frankfurt am Main. Internationally acclaimed Choreographer Jacopo Godani is Artistic Director of the company. The repertoire of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company has been shaped primarily by Godani and his works. The website displays the motifs embedded in the texts of the 'Dancer' section:

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Photographers • Achim Lippoth stages babies for the Mustela skincare campaign and Air Paris, photographs understated fashion for Mouty Paris and kids for Swiss Privatbank Lombard Odier's 'Rethink Everything' campaign

14.11.2018 • For the Mustela Skincare campaign, Achim Lippoth had babies in front of his camera. The contract came from Air Paris, and the little ones were styled by Catrin Hansmerten c/o Ligawest. Production Unit GmbH was responsible for production. "Mustela is often sought after for our impressive dermatological heritage, and while we are extremely proud of our scientific prowess, it's important that our consumers understand that we are equally proud of our commitment to natural ingredients and environmental consciousness," says Catherine D'Aragon, Vice President of Marketing at Musela.

A fashion shoot for French label Mouty Paris was realized by Achim Lippoth in black & white photos, and for private Swiss bank Lombard Odier, Achim photographed a campaign motif. 'Rethink Everything' is the central claim prominently displayed on all promotion channels.

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Photographers • WE! shoot it, Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon present a portfolio spread with the Lincoln MKZ, photograph a MINI Blackyard campaign motif for Serviceplan and show you their Best-of 2018 on GoSee

14.11.2018 • Together with recom's new Munich office, the two WE! shoot it photographers Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon realized a portfolio spread with the Lincoln MKZ. For the backplates, the duo traveled all the way to Turin, Italy, to find the perfect backdrop for the elegant sedan in a driveway from the 1920s. Plus, the matching HDR domes were created with their own sphere camera kit. Lorenz Dehn from recom Munich provided valuable support in the area of CGI, and Frank Hoppler, also c/o recom, took care of post production – for both the perfect look and the final touches.

For Serviceplan Munich, the creative duo just photographed the MINI special model "Delany".
(GoSee reported). Which is why the Munich Serviceplan team went right back to the two transportation pros for the campaign of the special model Blackyard, which is available in all black. The shoot was a real home game for the two photographers, taking place after all just a block away from the Munich WE! shoot it office. Post production for the Blackyard special models was taken care of by Albert Bauer Companies,...

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Photographers • Markus Wendler photographs the global Toyota C-HR campaign for The&Partnership Italia, the Audi Q3 brochure for Kolle Rebbe, a Mini Cooper lifestyle series in LA's Arts District, and the Mercedes AMG GT with male model William Arthur in LA

13.11.2018 • The Toyota C-HR HYBRID stands for urban life style, and MARKUS WENDLER photographed the international campaign on commission for The & Partnership Italia (Creative Director: Fabrizio F. Caperna, Creative Team: Giambattista Menna, Roberto Ottolino, Project Manager: Federica Pasculli, Agency Producer: Ella Elliott). We have the two motifs TOKIO and CLUB here on GoSee.

The agency on the campaign: “With the new claim 'Choose Everything', the campaign reinforces the strategic positioning of the car: starting with the distinctive features of a hybrid drive (driving over 50% electric in the city, silence, no need to recharge, freedom from traffic restrictions) the campaign draws an emotional contrast between apparently incompatible values (dynamism vs. respect, power vs. silence, style vs. energy). The result is a complete, conscious, waiver-free choice: Toyota C-HR Hybrid.”

MARKUS WENDLER photographed the motifs of the Audi Q3 brochure for Kolle Rebbe (Creative Director: Jörg Dittmann, Art Director: Benjamin Allwardt, Art Buyer: Alice Feja, Copywriter: Judith Preker).


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Photographers • BMW M1 motif and 'RENT a CAR' spread – photographer CHRISTOF SCHMIDT presents personal works on GoSee

12.11.2018 • The BMW1 motif is part of personal work by photographer CHRISTOF SCHMIDT. The vehicle was illuminated with a flash and then combined with backgrounds and surfaces from his photo archive in post production, which was done by Christof himself.

"Rent a Car is a very old photo series of mine that I still love." says CHRISTOF SCHMIDT. He explains: "I shot these photos ten years ago in South Africa. Equipped with only a handful of roll films, a medium-format camera and just one lens, we travelled around Cape Town." The photos are analogue, shot on film." And to create the authentic vintage look, Christof Schmidt used coarse-grained color films. Go & See!

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Photographers • Frithjof Ohm incl. Pretzsch photograph the AUDI e-tron campaign including the catalogue artwork, model & cool cat Yohan Daverton in the AudiA7

11.11.2018 • FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH present a sneak preview here on GoSee of the campaign and catalogue artwork of the first fully electric AUDI e-tron for the agencies thjnk and Philipp&Keuntje. "Just a glance at the first images of the campaign and catalogue artwork for the all-new electric Audi e-tron, shot this summer in the stunning landscape scenery of western Norway with never-ending daylight and infinite skies, plus in the busy but lovely city of Oslo. This is just the teaser and will soon be followed by all the major and minor car and people/lifestyle images produced for the launch of the first fully electric Audi."

And Frithjof Ohm incl. Pretzsch photographed French model and cool cat Yohan Daverton in an AudiA7. "This is just a short side shot series we didn't want you all to miss featuring french model and cool cat Yohan Daverton at the latest Audi A7 shoot in New York and southern Spain.

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Photographers • Anke Luckmann presents you her personal project 'Lamborghini Marzal' on GoSee – which just took home the Public Voting win at the GoSeeAWARDS 2018 in the category ART PROJECTS

11.11.2018 • The LAMBORGHINI MARZAL presented here on GoSee is actually the original on which Her Highness Grace Kelly sat in 1967. And this is how it all happened: In 1967, when tractor manufacturer Lamborghini was still very new to the automotive business, they were commissioned to develop a four-seat GT. The result is just as spectacular today with its full glass doors and an almost completely transparent passenger compartment, granting a view of seats covered with silver leather.

Prince Rainier III from Monaco was so excited that he and his wife Princess Grazia Patrizia, aka Grace Kelly, decided to drive a lap of honor in Marzal before the start of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco. The images created that day gave birth to a legend. Anke Luckmann tells GoSee: "The "skeleton" of the Lamborghini Marzal – this car is the only one – and will never be seen again... I photographed it a few years ago – in the sacred halls of a collector and Lamborghini lover... and would now like to say thank you very much for letting me take these photos." We are happy to share them with...

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