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Photographers • WE! SHOOT IT, Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon, stage the BMW Vision M-Next concept car for Ramp Design, who spark emotions with design

13.12.2019 • Just a few weeks ago, the two photographers from WE! shoot it, Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon, already had the BMW Vision M-Next concept car in front of their lens for RAMP DESIGN at Munich’s FGV Studio. And right on time for the magazine’s release: The duo is now presenting its work on GoSee.

Like most editorial jobs, the challenge once again this time was to capture the most important perspectives of the car in adequate aesthetic quality in a short time slot. To stand out from run-of-the-mill press stock, the duo developed a photo concept on set with a playful approach that integrates the graphical shapes and loud colors of the concept car – for a production seamlessly continued in the layout of the magazine. The result is a formally aesthetic spread that nevertheless shows a new side of the thrilling concept car. See for yourself.

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Photographers • CHRISTOF SCHMIDT photographs the PORSCHE 930 Turbo with classic flair in the Swiss mountains

13.12.2019 • CHRISTOF SCHMIDT staged the PORSCHE 930 Turbo: A Porsche is a Porsche is a Porsche. What more can you say about such a vehicle. It is an icon. And this is the passion of Grand Classic. “For this company that does first-class Porsche restorations, I had the honor of staging one of the restoration objects. I also took care of post production personally.” Christof works as a professional freelance photographer mainly in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

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Photographers • ‘Inside Out’ – SVEN JACOBSEN photographs a fashion editorial for Berlin’s LOVESOME magazine

10.12.2019 •

For Berlin-based LOVESOME magazine by founder & Editor-in-Chief Venessa Arnold, SVEN JACOBSEN photographed the editorial ‘Inside Out’. The models were styled by Cathrin SONNTAG c/o NINA KLEIN, with hair & make-up by Nino Allegro.

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Photographers • Who snaffled Teddy’s hat? - ILVIE & BEN photograph the fashion editorial for Geneva’s BABYBOOK kids fashion magazine

09.12.2019 •
ILVIE & BEN is the kids photography brand full of imagination by artist and photographer Susanne Stemmer. ILVIE & BEN photograph & produce somewhat different children’s stories – as editorials, commercials, moving images or as photo spreads that tell a story. They just produced the spread presented here on GoSee for BABYBOOK KIDS FASHION MAG from Geneva. Styling: Lia Carrier-Thabaret, make-up: Birgit Fuchs, retouching: Malkasten.

It’s a nuisance.” - All dressed up for a good time with his friends in a wonderful hotel, just after arriving with their freshly polished side car… Teddy finds his hat got snaffled by some annoying thief. - But where can it be? - And who is the suspect? …It must have been just after tea time, this is for sure.

Teddy” and his friends start their investigation. - They comb through all detective books in the library to find out how to do a really good investigation. - They look everywhere, even with their magnifying glass. - They write down every clue they get, they even climb up on the roof… “Aaah!” Teddy shouts. - “Look, over there! The nasty magpie is...

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