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CGI • CAESAR+CLEO presents its in-house CGI and post production unit on GoSee – 3D visualizations at the highest level

18.05.2019 • CAESAR+CLEO – visual corporate identity – full-service production agency with its own spacious studios for photography, film, CGI, motion design, and post production in Düsseldorf grants insight into its CGI & Post unit here on GoSee.

'CGI is not only a digital representation of reality but also opens the doors new virtual worlds and creative possibilities. What makes a visual representation credible are precisely the details. It's certainly a fine line, but our 3D unit has an excellent understanding of the right perspective and a natural sense of materiality and volume. Our long years of expertise in traditional photography and post production form the perfect basis for 3D visualization at the highest level. Plus, our Motion Design unit enjoys freedom from realism to create playful, stylized imagery.'

Further works are available via CAESAR+CLEO.

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Post • Stephanie Wencek Postdesign : from beauty retouching for 'Code Couleurs' in CITIZEN K to the German national soccer team in STERN mag, the PARISIENNE Edition Cantonale with FORMELDREI Bern, and STANCE JAGUAR fragrances

13.05.2019 • Stephanie Wencek took care of post production of glamorous beauty motifs to advertising, fragrances and even celebrities. On GoSee, we bring you a selection of her latest productions for photographers and clients from Zurich, Vienna, Paris, Dusseldorf, or Berlin. Stephanie took care of post production for Kurt Salhofer, who photographed the wonderful beauty spread entitled 'Code Couleurs' for CITIZEN K in Paris.

Robert Eikelpoth photographed the German national soccer team for STERN mag and HANSPETER SCHNEIDER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS for PARISIENNE Edition Cantonale with FORMELDREI Bern. Post production was taken care of by Stephanie Wencek. For Hanspeter Schneider, Stephanie also took care of post production for a Bambi Special with model Franziska Knuppe in BUNTE mag.

KARINE & OLIVER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS photographed for Blyss Brand Identity, Zurich, and STANCE JAGUAR Fragrances. Composing & mood courtesy of Stephanie Wencek.

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Post • RECOM CGI for the BMW 7 Series, RECOM POST for Porsche Formula E, and RECOM GROUP + RECOM FILM with an XL booth at UPDATE 2019

06.05.2019 • For the new BMW 7 Series campaign, RECOM collaborated with Alessandra Kila c/o EMEIS DEUBEL to develop artificial, FULLY CGI visuals, and Robert Grischek c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN was on location to shoot with Serviceplan. All vehicles were generated again via CGI by RECOM.

Finishing touches in post production for the Porsche Formula E artwork for Proximity and Pascal Schonlau c/o EMEIS DEUBEL.

The RECOM GROUP is attending UPDATE2019 in Berlin this year with an XL booth to present the FULL services of their young but already quite successful RECOM FILM.

The portfolio of the RECOM GROUP, with offices in Stuttgart (head office), Berlin, Munich, London, and New York, now offers support for stills and moving images of the finest quality from a single source with RECOM FILM. As a full-service company, RECOM FILM and a dedicated contact take care of organization, production and post production when it comes to moving images, and wherever needed, stills, and have already done so for clients such as Porsche, BMW, NIO, Toyota, SEAT, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, AMG, VOLVO, Hansgrohe/Axor,...

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Post • 'People first' is what E.V.A and VOLVO CARS demand - we have the online spot for the wonderful initiative of RAJDARN ELDORADO and PETER TÖRNESTAM, both artists c/o CHIMNEY GROUP, for you on GoSee

25.04.2019 • "Cars should protect everyone. Some people are less safe on the road than others. That’s why it’s time to share more than 40 years of safety research – to make cars safer for everyone. Not just the average male. When a woman steps into a car to drive, she assumes she’s safe. Yet in 2019, most automakers still produce cars based exclusively on data from male crash test dummies. For this reason, women run a higher risk of getting injured in traffic than men.

But not in a Volvo. Our Accident Research Team has compiled real-world data since the 1970s to better understand what happens during a collision. What Volvo sees is that women and men appear equally in this data. Which is why we believe they should be equally represented in testing. With the E.V.A. Initiative, we are sharing the results of more than 40 years of research. By letting everyone download this, we hope to make every car safer. Because at Volvo, we will always put people first." we read on the VOLVO website.

CHIMNEY on RAJDARN ELDORADO : " With 6 years of film studies and 5 years in the vfx industry, Rajdarn has...

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