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Post • Wagnerchic Postproduktion : 'YOU WOULD NEVER POST A PHOTO OF YOU LIKE THAT? YOUR CHILD WOULDN'T EITHER' – campaign with actor Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht, photographed by Delia Baum c/o KELLY KELLERHOF

28.03.2019 • #deinkindauchnicht – is a campaign by blogger and presenter Toyah Diebel, which was photographed by Delia Baum c/o KELLY KELLERHOF with the support of Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht. Wagnerchic Postproduction & Retouching supported the online campaign in editing, and the project was brought to life through the initiative of Toyah Diebel.

If someone posts a photo of us on the Internet without asking, we feel like are personal rights have been violated. But children have just as much a right to privacy as adults do. Unfortunately, many children are deprived of the choice, whether and how they are shown on the Internet.

Do we know who looks at the photos? And if not, why don't we want to know? This careless behavior with sensitive data and published identities of thise in need of protection in not only naive it is also negligent. For the future life of the child, the posted photos can have negative consequences on the Net. Do we want fellow students, co-workers, or just anyone at all to have unrestricted access to these photos? And is the privacy of the child really protected?...

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Post • 100% charged, 100% electric - the big launch campaign for the POLESTAR 2 with CGI, POST and FILM support by recomCGI & RECOMFILM

19.03.2019 • The VOLVO electrical division POLESTAR asked RECOM to produce several assets for the big launch campaign of the POLESTAR 2. RECOM tells GoSee about the project: "In the real material filmed with a tracking car in Dubai, we replaced the vehicle in all shots via CGI. Created in parallel together with photographer Andreas Burz to make the package complete were several stills and a 60-second launch film." RECOM was the full-service partner of POLESTAR and took care of both organization and the entire post production including color-grading as well as the CGI pipeline for the impressive automobile in the moving images and film.

Volvo Car Corporation is a Swedish car manufacturer which belongs to the Volvo Car Group and is headquartered in Gothenburg. Polestar is a subsidiary of the Swedish car manufacturer. It operates under the name of Polestar Engineered as an company-own tuner and since October 2017 as a separate brand for hybrid and electric cars.

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Post • 'Pure Mastery of Detail' - the launch film for AXOR EDGE!, the new Axor collection with full-service production (film and post production) by RECOM FILM

18.03.2019 • For the new AXOR EDGE collection by designer Jean-Marie Massaud, the name of the game was once again 'form follows perfection'. Very well-known as a premium segment of bathroom fixtures, the brief was for RECOM to produce a launch film made up of real shots and CG animations for the client AXOR and its new AXOR EDGE collection.

"Since the combination of real images and CG elements is one of our key strengths, we decided to shoot directly at the Axor plant, combined with a variety of renderings of the new product line." RECOM tells GoSee. The entire full-service production (film shoot and post-production) was taken care of by RECOM FILM. Find out more about the AXOR brand from Hansgrohe SE on the website:

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Post • recomPOST & RECOMFILM present the brand new PORSCHE 'Macan S' press film on GoSee

18.03.2019 • The press film for the brand new PORSCHE Macan S was filmed in Romania and Bulgaria. "All films and all images for the launch of the new PORSCHE Macan series were produced by us," RECOM lets us know. We already showed you the Macan press film in our GoSee News. Together with photographer Andreas Burz, RECOM photographed with the SUV in three countries and produced several press stills plus a total of three films for the different models.

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