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Shop • Flaneur, Freigeist, Futur ist.... Michael Himpel photographs the *F MUG for IDÜLL

10.01.2019 • *F is an homage to something ordinary and trivial: a font – and to the most innovative era in Frankfurt, an era which became known, famous and notorious worldwide as THE NEW FRANKFURT. Between 1925 and 1933, the city was a shining star of modernity and became the center of "new construction" and a vision of the possibilities of new urban living. Much of what was conceived, considered and dared in Bauhaus became reality in NEW FRANKFURT. One example of this is the Futura font. For a few years, it was the official font of the city of Frankfurt and was considered "cultural Bolshevism" by its opponents. Michael Himpel photographed the *F MUG for IDÜLL with Ulrich Dietzel. *F wishes to bring back this heroic era of Frankfurt with charm, irony and cups.

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Shop • The charm of Soviet trains from yesteryear presented in the illustrated book KOSMOS TRAIN by Janine Graubaum – now available in her GoSee SHOP

03.01.2019 • Thousands of kilometers on a train from Albania to Belarus: Attracted by the charm of old Soviet trains, photographer Janine Graubaum traveled to eastern Europe time and again in search of the everyday experiences of travelers – where she discovered small microcosms in often narrow and stuffy wagons. Backed by a scholarship from VG Bildkunst, the photographer took several trips to the Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Belarus, and Russia in 2009 and 2013 through 2015.

“Kosmos Train” was published as an illustrated book in July 2016 by Peperoni Books Berlin and won Gold at the GoSee Awards in 2017. The 96-page hardcover book can be purchased alone or as a SPECIAL EDITION with a signed fine art print in the GoSee Shop.

About – Janine Graubaum is a Berlin-based photographer and cinematographer. Her work has been honored by GoSee, PX3, VG Bild Kunst or the Alfred Fried Awards. Janine works for agencies, magazines and institutions throughout Europe as a Photographer, Director and DoP, specialized in people, lifestyle and documentary themes.

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Shop • The New Gallery Stock is Here! – and that with a fresh new website full of exclusive content such as the absolutely must-see Rights-Simplified collection

05.12.2018 • It's finally ready: GALLERY STOCK is delighted to announce the launch of the new website here on GoSee. Awaiting you online is still exclusive content as well as the ever-growing Rights-Simplified collection with a convincingly clear pricing structure and direct access to PREMIUM artwork.

"The new site was designed to showcase our all exclusive work that is in line with current visual trends and buying needs. The Rights-Simplified collection was created to make our content not only easy to browse, but easy to purchase for your next project. It allows users to calculate cost based on usage type, duration and exclusivity, then immediately check out with premium images." GALLERY STOCK explains.

See for yourself: Visit GALLERY STOCK online and find precisely the premium content you just can't get anywhere else.

About - Gallery Stock is an image library showcasing collections of award-winning photographers from across the world. Many of these photographers have never before been represented by a stock agency. The archive also represents image collections...

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Shop • tonies®, that's the new audio system for more audio book fun in the kids room - photos by Miriam LINDTHALER c/o TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT

05.12.2018 • Take a Tonie, put it on the Toniebox and embark on an audio adventure. Without complicated switches and displays. In Hamburg, Miriam LINDTHALER c/o TOBIAS BOSCH photographed this fun new audio experience for children, the TONIEBOX. Stefanie Schmidt took care of styling for the charming kid's models with hair & make-up by Sabine Brück.

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Shop • On the Parsenn Ridge Trail from Gotschnagrat up to the Strela Pass... Photographer Christof Schmidt celebrates the timeless beauty of the Swiss Mountains – the motifs are now available in his GOSEE SHOP

04.12.2018 • Everyone who is familiar with Switzerland knows that the mountains are never too far away. You live with them, their shadows, their weather, their lights. They can mean you well, they can make things difficult for you – or even impossible. They are an untamed force in our midst. The motifs presented here were captured by CHRISTOF SCHMIDT in the canton of Grisons, in the mountains above the legendary village of Davos, a popular ski resort and known for its conference center, where the famous and almost mystical World Economic Forum takes place each year.

Christof Schmidt tells GoSee: "Almost horizontally, the Parsenn Ridge Trail stretches from the Gotschnagrat all the way to the Strela Pass on an average of almost 2300m altitude and is rightly considered one of the most rewarding mountain hiking trails in Switzerland. The photos were created in late autumn – with lots of luck with the weather and a little patience."

Christof Schmidt is a passionate landscape photographer. Mountains are his greatest passion. So when he is not working, he is always on the lookout for...

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Shop • 'I decide where to go' – the AM SHOES spots for Advanced Urban Footwear by DEICHMANN for you on GoSee, Director Maximilian MOTEL c/o SEVERIN WENDELER

03.12.2018 • GoSee presents the new campaign films for AM Shoes by DEICHMANN which were directed by Maximilian MOTEL c/o SEVERIN WENDELER. The idea or the concept behind the spots: We are in an urban environment where we are constantly in motion – on foot, by train, by car, on a scooter... The AM wearer is dynamic, confident, modern, stylishly sophisticated, grown-up and dressed on the streets – like on a mission with a fixed goal in mind. The different styles and photography are modern and very graphic – in general, the production was as "as stylish as possible, as commercial as necessary".

DEICHMANN tells GoSee: "In the video, we work with fast/dynamic image changes, which we interrupt by concentrating on the product in between: for example, by tying a loop or closing the zipper on the shoe. The various image situations and cuts are also underscored and exaggerated by the soundtrack we composed ourselves. The music itself is very stylish and reminiscent of that at a fashion show – underlining the fashion competence once again."

AM SHOES - Modern, cosmopolitan, successful and...

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Shop • 25 well hidden, deserted and fascinating places – Kostas Maros photographs 'HIDDEN – Secret Places in Switzerland' , book available from Christoph Merian Verlag

29.11.2018 • What do the laboratories of CERN, a padded cell in prison, the passing room Dignitas, the darkroom of a swinger club, a secret conference room of the Swiss Federal Council or the research station in the stone labyrinth of the Jungfraujoch have in common? They are all hidden places that are inaccessible to the most of us.

Photographer Kostas Maros, together with art historian Catherine Iselin, succeeded in photographing 25 fascinating places throughout Switzerland and portraying the people who granted them access. More than 100 motifs were created which provide unique insight into an often unknown everyday culture and make visible the magic of these hidden places. The illustrated book is supplemented with art historical essays.

Editor Catherine Iselin (* 1984), art historian, is the director of the Forum Würth in Arlesheim. She was previously digital curator and research associate at the renowned Fondation Beyeler. As a freelance curator, she has organized art exhibitions since 2011 and worked as a journalist.

Photographer Kostas Maros (* 1980) works for editorial,...

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Shop • HANRO's F/W '18/19 Collection Lookbook - photos by Cathleen WOLF c/o FREDA+WOOLF

28.11.2018 • For more than 130 years, HANRO has produced excellent luxury lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear. Since its foundation in 1884 by Albert Handschin and Carl Ronus in the Swiss Liestal valley, the name HANRO has stood for understated luxury, natural elegance and comfort. The new '18/19 lookbook was photographed by Cathleen WOLF c/o FREDA+WOOLF. Styling: Yilmaz File, make-up: Linda SIGG c/o NINA KLEIN.

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Shop • The new Now collection by jewelry manufacturer NIESSING - photographed by Oliver SPIES c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL

26.11.2018 • 'The new Niessing NOW jewelry collection brings a lively impulse into your life with dynamic designs and extraordinary colors.' The new jewelry collection NOW by the traditional company, founded in 1873, was photographed by Oliver SPIES c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL. Whether the Niessing Spannring® or Niessing aura®, the Radius 9 watch, Niessing Kristallit or Niessing Topia watches: Time and again, our pieces of jewelry have received prestigious design awards for their innovative design and clear design language. And several Niessing jewelry items have also made it into the collections of important museums. " says the Vreden-based manufacturer, which was originally rooted in the production of devotional objects such as crosses and rosaries soon to be followed by wedding rings.

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Shop • Sophie Grace Hirschfelder in the AEYDE Fall/Winter '18 campaign - styled by Réka Maria PROBST c/o FREDA+WOOLF

23.11.2018 • Réka Maria PROBST c/o FREDA+WOOLF styled model Sophie Grace Hirschfelder for the F/W 2018 campaign of hip shoe label AEYDE. Behind the Berlin label, founded in 2015, are designers Luisa Krogmann and Constantin Langholz-Baikousis. All products are handcrafted in family-owned companies in Italy's Marche region. The motifs were photographed by Sascha Heintze.

About - aeyde is a digital first, direct-to-consumer brand. Founded in 2015 by Luisa Krogmann and Constantin Langholz-Baikousis, aeyde’s mission is to offer subtle, yet distinctive designs that integrate effortlessly into a modern wardrobe. aeyde’s small, dedicated team is based in the heart of Berlin, and all products are manufactured by family-owned factories in Italy’s Marche region.

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