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Shop • ‘Brother’ – Daniel SUHRE c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS with a personal photo and film spread for you on GoSee

23.11.2020 • Daniel SUHRE c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS brings us his new work ‘Brother’, once again with motifs created in conjunction with a film – Daniel as the Director and Lenni Leuchtenmüller as DOP. The project was filmed and photographed with brothers Theo and Julius Naegeli in the port of Hamburg. GoSee !

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Shop • GoSee Tip : New Queer Photography – Focus on the margins, A book about contemporary queer photography, curated by Art Director Benjamin Wolbergs (Kettler Publishing)

18.11.2020 • Drag, gender, queerness, and transsexuality in all their variety – BENJAMIN WOLBERGS’ carefully researched and richly designed book introduces contemporary photographic positions, including those of well-established photographers alongside plenty of unknown and less-known talents. Intimate moments, photos that tell stories and fateful tales, are complemented by texts written by author and historian Ben Miller.

They shine a critical light on their own and society’s approach to transsexuality and gender roles and expose the corrupting but also affirmative power of pornography.

Films, series, and mainstream cultural appropriation suggest that society has largely embraced queer lifestyles. However, a number of documentary photographers provide evidence that being gay or lesbian can still lead to marginalization, isolation, stigmatization, and violence in certain countries and communities. Their works also take the regime of sexuality itself into account and show that many bans on same-sex contact have colonial origins.

Benjamnin Wolbergs in an interview with Vogue: “I think that as long...

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Shop • GoSee Book Tip : ‘CRIMSON LINE’ by Magnum photographer Trent Parke, presents the negative effects of industry in breathtaking observations in the sky, appearing at Stanley / Barker

17.11.2020 • The project ‘Crimson Line’ is a visual meditation about the negative effects of industry on climate change. Unbelievable colors in the sky during the first minutes of sunrise were photographed in the industrial landscape outside of Adelaide, the home of Trent Parke. STANLEY / BARKER is now bringing out the project by the first Australian Magnum photographer as a book. Plus, there is a special edition of 30 including a high-end print which is available directly from the publisher.

Namesake was the cochineal scale insect which thrives off the juice of evergreen oaks. The females produce a red pigment known as crimson which is the source of natural red, a color equally enchanting at sunrise as it is in outer space at the birth of a star or at the birth of a baby…

“Born in the Australian steel city of Newcastle, one of TRENT PARKE’S only early childhood memories is accompanying his mother to pick his dad up from work, traveling through a landscape dominated by shipyards, chimneys, and the BHP steelworks. Throughout his career, PARKE has always been interested in the transformative...

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Shop • YOONIT — The Mini Cargobike, an idea from Hamburg: Support them now on KICKSTARTER

11.11.2020 • The Hamburg-based bicycle manufacturer YOONIT bikes has presented its first series of mini cargobikes: the YOONIT smart, family and job. Each model is the perfect buddy for the city because YOONIT cargobikes are compact, light, agile and ideal for urban spaces. YOONIT – the mini cargobike combines all the advantages of a cargobike, but feels like a normal bike. It fits, for example, easily into an elevator or a train compartment. If you want, you can even take it into your apartment. With just 1.77cm in length, YOONIT cargobike is shorter than a regular bicycle. The bike weighs just under 20 kg without a motor and around 26 kg with a motor. This means the YOONIT can be carried easily or transported by car without any problems.

Unique Adapt System – Perhaps YOONIT has the most flexible transport system in the world. With three quick-release clamps, various carriers can be mounted quickly and without tools. In a few seconds, the YOONIT cargobike is transformed from a family vehicle into a heavy-duty transporter. Individual solutions and ideas can also be implemented perfectly. All...

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Shop • ON DAYS LIKE THESE – EDITION LAMMERHUBER presents you the illustrated book by Hans-Jürgen Burkard on GoSee, which creates a poetic image of Germany that exudes an enchanting force with German song lyrics

06.11.2020 • “A truly astounding illustrated book about Germany” PHOTONEWS sums it up quite befittlingly. Hans-Jürgen Burkard, one of the great photojournalists of our time, has embarked on an extraordinary journey through Germany. A journey that takes the lyrics of German pop songs as associative matter for a photographic portrait of German sensitivities. German pop music, criticizing, harsh, but also affectionate and confident – what does it tell about a country, what emerges from it? He has translated lyrics like those from Königin von Kreuzberg by Prinz Pi or Hinterland by Casper into great pictures: free, off-the-wall, alarming, cheerful, mysterious – in any case fantastic.

AN TAGEN WIE DIESEN, which translates to On Days Like These, shows an image of Germany on double pages displaying the respective song lyrics which inspired the photos attached to the photo as well as a short caption by the photographer on how the photo was taken. In her essay, Silke Müller reflects on the selection of lyrics, and Peter-Matthias Gaede characterizes the photographer himself in his contribution.

“On his...

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