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Shop • Yummy photos – with Photoshop and Lightroom, Adobe Stock offers you a CREATIVE CLOUD PHOTO SUBSCRIPTION at an unbeatable price

13.05.2019 • A CREATIVE CLOUD PHOTO SUBSCRIPTION gives you the right tools to turn your photos into true delicacies: Get Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom including 20 GB of storage space for only 9.90 € (incl. VAT) per month through 23 May, 2019.

Good photos are just a click away. With Photoshop's Liquify filter, you can push, pull, rotate, reflect, pucker, and mirror any area of an image and retouch your photos any way you want. Minor irregularities can be easily removed making your photo the perfect shot. This offer is only valid until 23 May, 2019. Get started now under:

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Shop • Survival of the finest - Mathilde KARRÈR c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographed the vintage jewelry collection for THE BOYSCOUT, Rotterdam

13.05.2019 • "Vintage is a sport in durable fashion that we’re taking up. We started scouting vintage items a while ago and continue to keep our eyes open. We feel that you should be able to combine the old with the new. Here’s our first selection of one-of-a-kind, solid-gold trophies." For THE BOYSCOUT, jewelry and fashion accessories from Rotterdam, Mathilde KARRÈR c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographed the motifs for the vintage jewelry collection. GoSee :

About - The Boyscouts is a fashion accessory label from Rotterdam promoting elegance in urban life. Contemporary fashion meets the aesthetics and tradition of scouting in our worlds and every collaboration we present. We want to create a lasting product, on demand, with the exclusivity you deserve. Therefore, we chose to no longer work within the traditional fashion rhythm. Instead, we continuously present jewelry trophies in three worlds: Classics, Essentials and Particles. To enrich our world, we visit those of others. In our collaborations we take on new visions. By using high quality and...

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Shop • 'MAXIMUM SHADOW MINIMAL LIGHT' by Gustavo Minas, Master of Light – an exhibition at the Freelens Gallery, Hamburg and a book publication at Edition Lammerhuber

10.05.2019 • Multiple award-winning Brazilian photographer Gustavo Minas makes discoveries where everything seems to be known already. On the streets of Brazil, the Master of Light and Ahadows subtly turns his gaze on the everyday and the unspectacular and creates a new world with his visual language.

Gustavo Minas studied photography with Carlos Moreira, a classic street photographer from São Paulo. Moreira introduced him to the work of Harry Gruyaert and Gueorgui Pinkhassov. “I wanted this light and these colors for myself, so I hunted for them in the streets of São Paulo, in my home town of Cássia and recently in Brasilia, where I moved to in 2014. Over the years I became more and more obsessed and passionate.

The city fascinated me every day like a new girlfriend. I had no preconceived ideas. I was interested in everything from garbage cans to all the sleepy people riding the bus to their offices. In a certain light, nothing looked normal. I have been to places I would never have come to if I did not take photographs. Strolling with an empty mind has taught me the joy of...

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26.04.2019 • "We curate, create and sell beautifully designed things for the home. They make the perfect gifts, for a loved one or yourself." Coming Soon is a furniture design + gift shop founded by Helena Barquet and Fabiana Faria in 2013 right at the intersection of New York’s Lower East Side and Chinatown. "A neighborhood we love and felt captured our approach to design: creative, emerging and authentic." The new stills for the beautiful online shop were once again photographed by Balarama HELLER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS.

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Shop • Wolfhard Koeppe, Niels Patrick Geisselbrecht, MA-Photography ... new photographers have recently opened their GoSeeSHOP, and a first selection of ARTWORK is already online

24.04.2019 • Wolfhard Koeppe, Niels Patrick Geisselbrecht, MA-Photography ... Transportation to fashion or even architecture is the breadth and depth of the three photographers who have recently opened their GoSeSHOP. The principle is quite simple: GoSee provides the PLATFORM; you do the rest yourself.

Price, usage, digital or print, editions, sizes – can all be set by you via your GoSeeACCOUNT. And the best part: PURCHASE is only possible with your consent. Everyone with a GoSeeACCOUNT can open one (register free of charge). If you have any questions, please contact us under:

ABOUT - GOSEE SHOP now offers you the opportunity to buy and sell works in the GoSee Shops of our members – whether photography, illustrations, art, books, … for editorials, campaigns, your office, your store or at home: GO & BUY the artwork of your dreams either as a digital download, print product or even as a fine art print. With each purchase, you support the selling artist and – who knows – will perhaps start your art collector’s career. GoSee.SHOP

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