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Shop • Simon Müller is the Oil Master - still life and food photography by Tina STURZENEGGER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS

13.03.2019 • Simon Müller practices an unusual profession which has almost been forgotten: He is an oil miller. In his own oil mill Oelist, he offers a variety of oils. He is among the trailblazers in Switzerland – and a master of his craft. For almost a decade, he has collected knowledge about different oils and their effect on health as well as their use in the kitchen and in cosmetics, about producing oil and oil plants (seeds, stones, nuts). And he is glad to pass on his knowledge of the healthy effect of freshly pressed oils in personal conversations. Today, Simon Müller is an inspired entrepreneur and oil miller with a passion. Together with his wife Sandra Müller-Karrer, he runs the family company. "We don't distribute our oils online and only in our own backyard. A network of retailers brings our products to customers throughout Switzerland." says Simon Müller. The reportage with food and stills was photographed by Tina STURZENEGGER c/o VISUALEYES. GoSee:

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Shop • Edition Lammerhuber presents an up-close look at the art of conducting in the book 'CHRISTIAN THIELEMANN Conducting'

12.03.2019 • At the end of a 10-year project, a very special work on the art of conducting was published in time for Christian Thielemann’s 60th birthday. Images join words in a testimony to the truth and intimate intensity of conducting. They convey the meticulousness as well as the spontaneity and passion of rehearsal work.

Clemens Trautmann, Lois Lammerhuber
27 x 27 cm, 318 pages, 258 photos, English, German, hardcover,  bound in linen, French fold jacket
ISBN 978-3-903101-09-8, EUR 99.-

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Shop • Barbara Schöneberger loves Wayfair - Lacy BARRY c/o COSMOPOLA created the set for WAYFAIR and celeb Barbara Schöneberger

06.03.2019 • Popular presenter Barbara Schöneberger will appear in WAYFAIR's first large-scale TV campaign in Germany, which has been airing since the beginning of February 2019. With the slogan "A home for your home", Barbara Schöneberger takes the audience on an exploration through the Wayfair product range. Barbara quote: "I basically take care of my interior every free minute I have, and I can not do it fast enough. Which is why shopping on is so much fun for me." Artdepartment & set design: Lacy BARRY c/o COSMOPOLA and Patrick Kerti, photos: Benno Kraehahn c/o Hauser Photographers, set: Artdepartment, production: Cosmopola. The film was shot by Czar and directed by Johannes Schröder. GoSee:

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Shop • EYECANDY photographs the SUNGLASS HUT X EXECANDY CAMPAIGN with the guys from Dandy Diary

04.03.2019 • For the agency Seher PR, EYECANDY photographed the SUNGLASSHUT X EYECANDY campaign. In front of the camera were models Julia Dalia, Nilam Farooq and Liberta Haxhikadriu. Plus the makers of 'Dandy Diary', aka David Kurt Karl Roth and Carl Jakob Haupt. They were styled by Tim Zimmermann, with make-up and grooming by Maria Ehrlich.

DandyDiary on the campaign: "Because it's summer and the still very dry-hot air at night makes your hair stand in all directions as soon as you get out of the pool and back into your cut-offs, a pair of sunglasses is essential to tame your hair like a hairband. If it doesn't hold it in shape, then at least to it'll keep it out of your face.

So that the choice of the right sunglasses doesn't become agonizing, we put together a selection of our favorite summer sunglass models for the Italian eyewear retailer Sunglass Hut, which now carries them in many of its stores. And because a picture says more than a thousand words, we let Berlin-based photographer duo EyeCandy take three photos of us with a few of our favorites – for the family album and the...

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