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Shop • Luxury silk scarves, Made in Italy, dreamed of worlwide – Rita LINO c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographs the SIRA PUGA 2020 campaign

14.09.2020 • SIRA PUGA is a Portuguese luxury brand established in 2020 which crafts accessories with particular attention to materials and detail, conveying its most essential values: quality, sustainability and authenticity. The scarves are produced by a small Italian family business, combining advanced manufacturing techniques with traditional craft, perfected over many years. Raised in a family in the textile industry and inspired by his mother Sira Puga, Rui Puga Varela came up with the idea of establishing his own brand specialized in handcrafted luxury accessories in order to pay tribute to energetic, bright and inspiring individuals like Sira.

“Our collections are born from meaningful collaborations with emerging artists, inviting them to create unique designs and explore new ways to express themselves through fashion.” The motifs presented here were photographed by Rita LINO c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MGMT. GoSee :

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Shop • Porcelainier français depuis 200 ans – Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS photographs the relaunch of the renowned French porcelain manufacturer PILLIVUYT

14.09.2020 • Founded in 1818 by Jean Louis Richard Pillivuyt and installed in the Berry area (center of France) for 200 years, Pillivuyt is one of the oldest and most prestigious French porcelain brands. Since the beginning, the company has anchored itself in local heritage. STILLSTARS : “A master of colors in their quietest timbre, Lars Ranek’s artful work was chosen for Pillivuyt’s brand relaunch.” Styling by Monica Cetti. GoSee :

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Shop • Freedom, friendship and fun – experiencing the real world together – FRANK KAYSER presents you his project straight from the heart: the R-Book on GoSee

02.09.2020 • The straightjacket in our heads can be pretty stubborn for some of us and is fed every single day, often without us even noticing. Just how things appear, thanks to advertising and films, is often oversimplified and streamlined until they’re so many facets and dimensions weaker than genuine reality. Girls pink, boys blue.

For the R-Book, FRANK KAYSER and his team followed the members of the notorious Californian Porsche vintage car club, R-Gruppe, over the course of 15 months. He came home with a collection of wonderful photos depicting the lives of this motley group of members. The club is a who’s who across all social classes in California. What matters here is who you are and not what you have. Freedom is lived and breathed, individuality is never questioned. You make your own decisions: What do you want to look like? How green is your lifestyle? What makes you happy? You want to rebuild and tune your old Porsche by yourself? Cool. You don’t need a manual here, no golf club, no trophy wife, ... the less rules, the better in the land of opportunity.

FRANK KAYSER: “For many years,...

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Shop • Take Responsibility! An initiative by DOJO Berlin in cooperation with Drykorn, Muschi Kreuzberg, Armedangels and designer Marina Hoermanseder for more civilian sea rescue thanks to Sea-Watch e.V. – photos by Felix KRÜGER c/o LILA MANAGEMENT

27.08.2020 • Trends come and go but one thing should always be in style : Solidarity – which you are now quite welcome to show. Creative agency DOJO Berlin called the social fashion initiative #takeresponsibility into being – which is a collection created in support of the lifesaving initiative Sea-Watch, and not only looks good, it’s also for a good cause.

All profits from the clothing designed exclusively by designer Marina Hoermanseder and fashion labels Drykorn, Armedangels and Muschi Kreuzberg are donated to Sea-Watch e.V., in order to support the association in rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. Because no human being should have to die drowning while fleeing from war, persecution and poverty in the hope of leading a life in dignity. Sea-Watch is a German association based in Berlin aimed at rescuing refugees in distress in the Mediterranean Sea. It was founded in 2015 by Harald Höppner.

The fashion pieces staged by fashion photographer Felix KRÜGER c/o LILA MANAGEMENT with numerous celebrities such as Lena Meyer-Landrut, Palina Rojinksi, Caro Daur, Stefanie Giesinger or Kida...

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Shop • Beauty of the North – Heidi LERKENFELDT c/o STILLSTARS photographs interiors for TROMBORG Cosmetics, Denmark

22.08.2020 • Science as the basis for beauty. Danish family company TROMBORG, founded in 2003 by make-up artist Marianne Tromborg, relies entirely on the use of natural and therapeutic ingredients – all of which are produced, of course, organically.

Marianne’s husband Tim Schyberg is a biochemist. His long years of experience as a researcher in the pharmaceutical and biochemical industry as well as in the area of skincare have enabled him to develop the innovative combination of active ingredients required for a modern, natural and effective cosmetics series. For TROMBERG, Heidi LERKENFELDT c/o STILLSTARS photographed interiors. GoSee :

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