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Shop • GoSee Tip : Documentary photographer Vincent Desailly presents ‘The Trap’ with in-depth portraits as well as everyday life of Atlanta’s drug scene in poetic imagery (HATJE CANTZ VERLAG)

10.12.2019 • “Trap” is a style of hip hop originating from the Southern United States, and in particular, attributed to the city of Atlanta, Georgia. The term “trap house” also refers to the location drug deals are made in. And of course, “trap” also means a “snare”. These definitions and more collide when documentary photographer Vincent Desailly sets out to capture the world of trap in Atlanta. The city is home to the headquarters of Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, it has numerous soup kitchens and homeless shelters and has the most dangerous neighborhoods in the US according to crime statistics.

For ‘The Trap’, publisher Nadine Barth teamed up with Vincent Desailly to put together an exciting selection of photos that bear witness to the lifestyle and atmosphere from which this musical genre has emerged. His haunting portraiture puts forward dealers, musicians and residents, showing guns, crime scenes and everyday occurances elegantly interwoven in narrative.

In these photographs, the depiction of everyday life begins to speak in a language that is noneother than that of rap, with the pictures...

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Shop • Productions for WEMPE in Formentera, in South Africa, in Hamburg ... - the commissioning agency was loved GmbH with AB Peggy Wellerdt, with production support from NU PROJECTS, Hamburg

10.12.2019 • Tina Luther photographed models Tess Hellfeuer and Vince Dickson for WEMPE on the island of Formentera – the executive agency was loved GmbH with AB Peggy Wellerdt, with production support from NU PROJECTS. Creative Director was Ruben Scupin. Plus, Jana Geberding, Ragnar Schmuck and Markus Jans photographed for WEMPE, all produced once again by NU PROJECTS. We have this highly concentrated dose of artwork for you on GoSee.

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Shop • Cosmetic surgeon of the stars Simon Ourian presents you his cosmetics line MDO Skincare - coproduced by GLAM PRODUCTION, Los Angeles, and Cologne-based creative agency C/O Unforgettable

10.12.2019 • Simon Ourian, M.D., practices cosmetic dermatology as a calling and is a sculptor out of passion – both arts according to Simon Ourian are inseparable. “The study of human anatomy and classic sculpture was the most important aspect that helped me to achieve natural, realistic results for my patients over the years.”

Dr. Simon Ourian has established himself over the course of two decades, with superstars the likes of Kim Kardashian on his list of clientele, as one of the worldwide most sought after cosmetic surgeons. Since the foundation of Epione Beverly Hills 20 years ago, he finds himself at the epicenter of one of the fastest growing industries in the world, in which a large part of the income meanwhile comes from the Middle East.

Pictures of Brad Pitt, Salma Hayek and Lady Gaga adorn the walls of his office in Los Angeles, and there are not too many places in Hollywood he can go without being asked for a selfie. The surgeon of the stars has become a star himself with 2.5 million followers on Instagram and clients in all corners of the globe. Here on GoSee, he presents you his...

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Shop • Edition Lammerhuber presents : ‘Peace Has the Name of a Woman – Colombia in Transition’ portrays the dramatic life stories of six FARC rebels on their way back to a normal life, exhibition and book

02.12.2019 •

“At FARC, I developed powers I had never dreamed of because we were fighting for a mutual cause. I gave it my all as a guerillera – and became a woman fighter, not lastly because I experienced first hand how powerless women are in Colombia’s male-dominated society,” Milena describes her life as a guerillera. In intimate portraits, photographer Ann-Christine Woehrl and author Cornelia von Schelling document six female FARC fighters – Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia. What makes this project special is that it depicts the bitter civil war and the long peace process in Colombia from the perspective of female ex-rebels.

The largest guerrilla organization in the world was made up of 40 percent women. There was equality among the FARC – the rebels had left behind classic gender roles. They now feel a calling to fight for the interests of women in traditional Colombian society. In November 2016, after 53 years of bloody civil war and lengthy negotiations, the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC rebels was signed. 7,000 guerillas were distributed on...

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Shop • Slanted Publishers recommends Typodarium 2020 with 384 pages in 12 colors and a font system for more diplomacy and tolerance

02.12.2019 •

Brexit and Trump’s Wall—it seems that borders around the world are currently being closed rather than permeable. It’s a good thing that more and more font families are mediating between languages and cultures at the same time, so you can use one font for multiple font systems. The Typodarium 2020 therefore shows the latest font trends, the “weirdest” display types, the latest bread fonts and other proofs of the vital type community as well as a bi-script font family every Sunday. A writing system for diplomacy and tolerance. A writing system that brings down the walls in concrete heads and tears down political or military boundaries.

There are differences between Arabic and Hebrew, Japanese and Latin, but visually there are also many similarities. Communication overcomes borders. Communication needs writing. Type designers react to the wishes of their customers. And these customers from business and society think more globally and further than some headlines might suggest. The Sundays of the Typodarium 2020 define the silver lining on the time horizon: We are one world!

The front...

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