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Advertising • Time to gear up! PATRICK CURTET stages the energy-packed SEAT LEON campaign including spots between Spain and Portugal for SEAT Spain and the agency C14 – we have the photos and videos for you on GoSee

06.07.2020 • SEAT Spain (Brand Advertising: Jordi Torrente, AS Marketing: Cristina Marote) and the agency C14 commissioned Photographer and Director PATRICK CURTET c/o SEVERIN WENDELER to realize the new SEAT LEON campaign. Creative responsibility was in the hands of Creative Director Álvaro Ramos with ADs Eduard De Benito and Eduard Mayoral. The agency producer was Gabriela Nogueira.

“SEAT never stand’s still – and to push the boundaries, they asked me, MP Curtet, to work on a fresh and dynamic campaign for the new SEAT LEON. Between Spain and Portugal, the team got to a few very simple but graphic locations to create astonishing and dynamic visuals. The deal was to shoot it as it is, and do it the way I do things. And, of course, when you let me and my team drive the shoot, what’s considered normal becomes a different story,” Patrick tells GoSee with a laugh.

It was produced by MyWay Productions, and Curve Digital took care of post production, with editing of the moving images by LA Creative Team.

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Advertising • Step by step into the future ... - MARKUS MUELLER photographs the ‘Believe in Yourself’ campaign for ERSTE BANK/SAVINGS BANK Austria

02.07.2020 • Invest in the future step by step – for the client ERSTE BANK/SPARKASSE, MARKUS MUELLER photographed the great new motifs for the new ‘Believe in Yourself’ campaign on the topic of fund savings for the agency Jung von Matt/Donau with AD Axel Spendlingwimmer. Markus tells GoSee : “The photos are meant to bring back memories of your own childhood, ... that you experienced and survived, and that you will never forget. And, of course, always believing in yourself.”

Advertised in the campaign is the fund savings service of the institute: “Fund savings enables customers to invest regularly in funds and build up assets over a long period of time – starting at 50 euros a month. Choose one or more funds and benefit from the expertise of our fund managers. It’s quite easy how a fund works: several investors pool their money instead of investing it alone. The experts of our investment company combine the money and invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. All investors acquire shares in the securities. The generated income is either paid out or reinvested. In addition, investors can profit...

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Advertising • WELCOME TO EL BAR ARGENTINO – Christian LOHFINK c/o UPFRONT Photo & Film photographs the ‘Wine of the Year’ for METRO

02.07.2020 • For METRO, Christian LOHFINK c/o UPFRONT photographed the campaign for the wine assortment of Bar Argentino. The agency was Serviceplan Hamburg with ADs Vladimir Vascalup and Janina Janzen. Post production was in the hands of Andreas DORIA c/o UPFRONT.

METRO tells us about its ‘Wine of the Year’ concept: “Each year, METRO’s wine experts search for a partner with whom to make the ‘Wine of the Year’. After determining which geographical region is the best to examine, METRO experts look for a wine producer that exudes excellence – tasting hundreds of wines before making their selection.

Once METRO has chosen its partner, they create a unique blend for the ‘Wine of the Year’. Further tests by experts in Europe determine whether the product meets METRO’s high standards. Upon completion, the ‘Wine of the Year’ is exclusively made available to METRO customers. The ‘Wine of the Year’ meets the high expectations of METRO customers when it comes to quality, taste, price, origin, and sustainability.” GoSee :
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Advertising • Angelo is back! MARKUS MUELLER photographs Italian actor Bruno Maccallini and the German advertising icon of the 90s for the new NESCAFE GOLD campaign

02.07.2020 • ‘I don’t even got a car’ is a classic ad from the 90s. For the sequel of the NESCAFE GOLD campaign with charming Angelo, MARKUS MUELLER photographed the new motifs for the agency Oglivy with Creative Director Carlo Joest. And what can we say? Angelo still doesn’t have a car!

Frank Dittrich, Managing Partner at Ogilvy, on choosing the fresh Italian once again : “He embodies like no other the spontaneous pleasure of drinking coffee every day, with whoever you want. A timeless fit for this great, iconic brand Nescafé.”

And Anne Schmidt-Claasen, Communication Manager at Nescafé, couldn’t agree more: “How he embodies the coffee lover and charmer in his lovable way speaks directly to people.”

Ogilvy is responsible for the comeback of the advertising icon for TV, POS and social media. Nescafé is an instant coffee from the company Nestlé, the world’s biggest food company and largest industrial company in Switzerland. With a market value of 14.8 billion Swiss francs, it is perhaps the most valuable brand in Switzerland. GoSee:
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Advertising • The new Mercedes E Class for antoni, staged by Frederic SCHLOSSER c/o UPFRONT Photo & Film

02.07.2020 • Frederic SCHLOSSER c/o UPFRONT teamed up with the lead agency antoni to stage the new Mercedes E Class. The responsible CD was David Scherer, AD was Linh Do with Art Buyer and Creative Producer Aras Sehatkar. Post production was taken care of by GoSee PREMIUM Member RECOM Berlin.

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