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Advertising • On the racing circuit with the Porsche 911 GT3 RS – photographed by Andreas Hempel c/o Kelly Kellerhoff represents! for Kemper Kommunikation

18.06.2018 • On the racing circuit in Portimao, Portugal, Andreas Hempel c/o Kelly Kellerhoff represents! produced for Frankfurt-based Kemper Kommunikation, several motifs with the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Post production was taken care of by RECOM.

"Come if you dare. Awaiting you is a challenge you won't encounter in your comfort zone but out here where the unfiltered fascination is at home: in the chicane, in the banked curve, on the long straight..." says PORSCHE about its green sports car. We have the motifs here on GoSee, and more from Andreas is available via KELLY KELLERHOFF.

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Advertising • 'Luxury Evolved' - GENESIS G80 campaign for Innocean USA, photographed by MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER

15.06.2018 • “Through heart-stopping design and performance rivaled only by its first-class experience, Genesis is evolving luxury...” On commission for Innocean USA, Marcus Philipp SAUER and his team photographed now for the third time in California – this time an editorial campaign for Genesis G80 Sport, the sports sedan of the Hyundai luxury brand. “Post production came from Zerone and was just as relevant and sensitive as always. We have the glossy result and exciting making-of photos directly from behind the scenes for you exclusively on GoSee.”

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Advertising • MERCEDES BENZ E-Class campaign photographed by MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER for BBDO in Beijing

15.06.2018 • Whether an upper-class sedan, sophisticated station wagon, generous coupé or sporty-luxurious convertible – every E-Class is a masterpiece of intelligence. On commission for BBDO, MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER traveled to Beijing, where he photographed the MERCEDES BENZ E-Class for the new campaign. Even though he prefers realistic locations, a backplate had to be created from multiple locations again this time to match the layout. We have the perfect result here on GoSee.

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Advertising • 'The Striking Lexus NX' – LEXUS campaign and NISSAN Qashqai campaign by Oliver PAFFRATH c/o JSR Agency

15.06.2018 • JSR AGENCY presents two new campaigns by Oliver PAFFRATH on GoSee – 'The Striking Lexus NX' – LEXUS and NISSAN Qashqai.

"Car and lifestyle photographer Oliver PAFFRATH began his career shooting fashion imagery. He has used this skill honed from the fashion shoots to let his unique style and lighting techniques flow into his car and automotive photography. He now shoots for the world’s biggest car manufacturers on global advertising campaigns and car lifestyle brochures. Based in Germany, Oliver PAFFRATHS focus is on the ability to meet clients main restraints – timing, budget and quality – at every production. His extensive client list includes: Allianz, Adidas, ABN Amro, Audi, ATU, BMW, Chevrolet, Credit Suisse, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Škoda, Seat, Toyota, and Volkswagen," his London-based representation tells us.

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Advertising • 'El Apprentice' – BENTLY short film and further transportation motifs by Simon STOCK c/o JSR Agency

15.06.2018 • Simon STOCK is a London-based, award-winning advertising photographer, whose work takes him all over the world, photographing some of the most iconic brands. He has combined NASA-inspired technology with traditional photography to create images in new and exciting ways. He has recently produced two of the world's largest automotive images: a 57-billion-pixel image of the Dubai marina featuring a W12 Flying Spur, and previously, a 53-billion-pixel shot of a Mulsanne on the Golden Gate Bridge for Bentley.

He is also an established commercial director and started his career with a short film called ‘El Apprentice’ which was shot in Chile and was shown at the LA Short Film Festival. He has directed commercials for Discovery Channel, Mercedes, Toyota, Volvo, Wild Aid, Norfolk Southern Railway, ITV, and most recently, the 'Bleed for England’ spot for the Rugby World Cup.

Simon has a trophy cabinet of awards, including AOP Awards winner in the category Best Advertising Commissioned Advertising 2015, Lürzers Archive 200 Best Advertising Photographers 2018/2019, D&AD, Art Directors...

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Advertising • MCLAREN, JAGUAR, HONDA, ACURA und Co. - the transportation portfolio in film and photo by Lee 'Petrolhead' Brimble c/o JSR AGENCY for you on GoSee

14.06.2018 • Photographer Lee BRIMBLE c/o JSR AGENCY, London is a serious petrolhead, and this passion has been turned into a successful career as a well respected car photographer. Lee combines his photographic knowledge and skills to shoot both moving images and stills for car clients all over the world. He works both in the studio and out on location anywhere in the world to capture cars in an exciting and fresh direction.

His latest global campaign for the HONDA NSX supercar was shot on location between San Francisco and Las Vegas and took around two weeks to complete.

He has photographed campaigns for some of the world’s iconic car brands such as Honda, Jaguar, BMW, Suzuki, Range Rover, and Chevrolet as well as campaigns and moving images for supercar brands McLaren and Ferrari.

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14.06.2018 • GoSee JOBS from ZALANDO Berlin, CONDE NAST Munich, PEAK Munich, K-MB Berlin, DDDC Düsseldorf, REBELLE Hamburg, C3 Berlin, Munich & Stuttgart, ADC Germany, ZALANDO Berlin, WESTWING Munich, McCANN Düsseldorf, ZALANDO Berlin, NINA KLEIN Berlin, thjnk Hamburg, THE SCOPE Hamburg, LIGAWEST Düsseldorf, ECHOPARK Essen, HOTEL MAISON MARSIL Cologne, WE LOVE ART BUYING Hamburg, CONDE NAST Munich, INTERACTIVE TOOLS Berlin, APERTO Berlin, ORENDT STUDIOS Hamburg, ECHOPARK Essen, CRUISE VISION TV, ROBA PRESS Hamburg, MEDIA CONSULTA Berlin, LEOS THJNK TANK Munich, ... Find more exciting jobs on the completely free-of-charge GoSee JOB MARKET. And don't forget: Spread the good NEWS!

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Advertising • The agency Strobinski lets soccer player Lukas Podolski ride an elephant or surf on cars for XTiP Sports Bets... And founder & Creative Director Jörg Sachtleben supports the GoSeeAWARDS in 2018 as a juror

14.06.2018 • Berlin-based advertising agency STROBINSKI, which was just founded by Jörg Sachtleben and Jens Agotz at the beginning of 2018, presented its first work for the client XTiP Sports Bets in March. Front and center is everybody's favorite soccer World Champion Lukas Podolski and an elephant. Right on time for the World Cup, the feel-good campaign enters the next round. And the new TV commercial too was also staged at a fast pace, with lots of humor and the ready & willing Lukas Podolski.

Just imagine – Berlin Spring 2018. In the backseat of a car, a young man criticizes the World Cup tips of a girlfriend. He says that Lukas Podolski is more likely to take him to Moscow for the final than Iceland surviving the preliminary round. That's women and soccer for you... Then the inevitable happens: Enter Lukas. Our Cologne jack-of-all-trades lands on the roof of the car like a superhero and guides the driver straight to Moscow with his signature grin. Why? Iceland is participating for the first time in the finals, and after the European Championship in 2016, in a major football tournament...

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Advertising • 'Stronger than Time' - MARKUS WENDLER wins at the ADC Festival 2018 with a mud fight

14.06.2018 • With his work entitled 'Stronger than Time' for the MERCEDES-BENZ G-Class, photographer MARKUS WENDLER took home Bronze in the category 'Photography Product' at the ADC Festival in 2018. Joining in the celebration with him were Creative Directors Martin Pross and Tilman Gossner as well as Art Directors David Scherer and Matthias Bauer. We are very delighted to present you the excellent work once again on GoSee.

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Advertising • Motifs for the MADZA 6 and personal work 'Grand Prix' – with artwork by transportation photographer Patrick CURTET c/o SEVERIN WENDELER for you on GoSee

14.06.2018 •

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