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Advertising • THE SATISFACTION, Brussels, launches the campaign 'Duvel, the Belgian Beer, follow the storm' including the CROSS-MEDIA BRAND PLATFORM 'BREWED TO BE LIVED'

22.10.2018 • Following two global campaigns for the REMY COINTREAU GROUP, Belgian agency THE SATISFACTION, which works for clients including LEE JEANS EMEA / ASIA, BRIDGESTONE, GRAZIA, and EASTPAK, got to launch a new campaign for Belgian beer brand DUVEL : ''From beer style to lifestyle for Duvel''.

"Satisfaction presents the new communication platform where the intrinsic characteristics of a product become a modern and premium lifestyle, emphasizing “the Duvel moments”. From the Ardennes forests to the beaches of Ostend, Ghent’s cobblestones to the bistros of Liège, it is the beauty of our flat country that runs to the rhythm of a Duvel as it’s poured and lived with an intense tornado of emotions. The landscapes blend into its golden color. The life that embodies it is as fresh as its foam and reveals a metaphor between product and “moments lived”.

For casting, the brand was able to count on a wild band of real “Duvelers”. Fans of the brand contacted on social networks threw themselves into the experience by playing their own roles. It will inscribe Duvel and its legendary tornado in...

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Advertising • 'Be Free' - TELEKOM Magenta 1 campaign - photographed by Mat NEIDHARDT c/o EMEIS DEUBEL

18.10.2018 • Mat NEIDHARDT c/o EMEIS DEUBEL photographed the TELEKOM Magenta 1 campaign for Hamburg-based ad agency DDB presented here once again with behind-the-scenes art buying support. During the shoot, Mat captured the most beautiful moments as lead stills for Telekom's IFA booth, visible throughout Germany. Emeis Deubel tells GoSee : "Mat's feel for spontaneity and his eye for the genuine moment were perfect for both the shoot's fast pace and the campaign's concepts."

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Advertising • Anne Katrin Trybek, Creative Director at content campaigning agency Honey and a jury member at UPDATE!8Berlin, presents the latest campaign for the agency and PalaisPopulaire, plus the award-winning LAST HONEY campaign

10.10.2018 • We are delighted that Anne Katrin Trybek, Creative Director at content campaigning agency Honey, is supporting us once again this year on the jury of the GoSeeAWARDS and is attending UPDATE!8BERLIN. Before you meet the creative there in person, she presents us two great cases from the agency here on GoSee.

OPEN HOUSE FOR OPEN MINDS: In September 2018, PalaisPopulaire opened in the middle of the historic center of Berlin. With its minimalist, reduced design, the new Deutsche Bank architecture brings art, culture and sports to life under a single roof. Honey teamed up with Territory for brand development and the communication strategy – to create a new big culture brand with the core narrative "Open House for Open Minds".

LAST HONEY: The 'LAST HONEY' project, with which the agency took home two Bronze Nails from this year's ADC Awards, is meant to raise awareness for the global disappearance of bees.

The individually designed beehive symbolizes the last bee colony on earth – fighting for survival against agrochemicals, climate change and parasites. Symbolically, the last...

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Advertising • 'We love differently today' – Leo Burnett Laeufer realizes a new brand campaign for Amorelie, and Creative Director Marcel Guenthel is a Juror at the GoSeeAWARDS and in person at UPDATE!8BERLIN

09.10.2018 • We are delighted that Creative Director Marcel Guenthel is supporting the jury of the GoSeeAWARDS and attending UPDATE!8BERLIN.

Since 2011, the creative mastermind at Leo Burnett Laeufer in Berlin has focused on fashion & lifestyle as well as brands that want to offer their customers a lifestyle experience. "Everything from brand development and branding across all design disciplines to advertising is created – a good example of which is ABOUT YOU – where we developed names, the logo, design guidelines, photo style, and on- and offline design," Marcel tells GoSee, who works for clients including Swarovski, L'Oreal, ITEM m6, HUGO and HUGO BOSS, La Prairie, and Douglas.

"Since 2009, Leo Burnett Laeufer has been the design agency of Leo Burnett Germany – led by Andreas Laeufer with his unique design and lifestyle expertise. Andreas is one of the founders of TANK magazine in London, where he worked for the most important fashion brands in the world before Leo Burnett."

Creative responsibility was in the hands of Marcel Guenthel for the new brand campaign of online erotic...

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Advertising • PEUGEOT E-LEGEND CONCEPT photographed by HE & ME c/o SEVERIN WENDELER

09.10.2018 • Peugeot e-LEGEND CONCEPT is not just a technological manifesto, it's the vision of the Peugeot Brand actively looking forward to an optimistic and uber-desirable future. For Peugeot, electric and autonomous are synonymous with even stronger sensations, and boredom is clearly not part of the Peugeot brand DNA... HE&ME c/o SEVERIN WENDELER staged the PEUGEOT E-LEGEND CONCEPT in atmospheric motifs. Find out more about the car via PEUGEOT.

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Advertising • VICTOR FOXTROT by Florian Vogel - delicate furniture elegantly staged by photographer ANNE DEPPE c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN

09.10.2018 • ANNE DEPPE c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN photographed for VICTOR FOXTROT. 'When a detail becomes essential, something special is created.' One of the guiding principles of Florian Vogel, who founded the label VICTOR FOXTROT furniture & lighting in 2012. The products of VICTOR FOXTROT feature impressively clear form and craftsmanship. They are often the result of coincidences or of materials that, over the years and thanks to their patina, tell their very own story.

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Advertising • Hotel ULTRA, the Berlin concept store now furnishes apartments with its products; the first object was photographed by Karsten WEGENER c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN

09.10.2018 • KARSTEN WEGENER c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN photographed interior motifs for Berlin concept store HOTEL ULTRA where selected products by international designers and brands are offered that are just waiting to find a nice new home. Like in a real hotel, different guests also come and go at Hotel ULTRA. Here, the guests are the products of international brands from the world of design. Hotel ULTRA is now taking it a step further and tells us about their completely new interior service: "In addition to the pure sale of items in our store and online shop, we now also furnish apartments with our products. The apartment presented on GoSee was our first big project." GoSee:

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Advertising • Nike - Outdo you with Nike+ and VFX by Goodbye Kansas Studios for AKQA, PORTLAND

09.10.2018 • "Here is one of the 100,000 videos we did for the "Outdo you with Nike+" campaign for Nike and AKQA. Goodbye Kansas Director Laurent Clermont teamed up with French illustrator Mcbess, who did all the illustrations, and then the Goodbye Kansas team executed everything in a beautiful 2D-styled, 3D-animated personalized video presenting your Nike+ year in review and giving you a goal for 2015. Statue then did their backend magic and singled out the Nike+ user data, chose the appropriate animations, added personal data and then the video was distributed through Nike´s microsite."

AGENCY: AKQA, PORTLAND, Creative Director - Whitney Jenkins, Senior Creative - Aaron Seymour-Anderson, Associate Creative Director - Brett Reese, Producer - Katie Reardon, Senior Creative - Thom Lovegrove, General Manager - Jonathan Hum, Copywriter - Tahirah Byfield, Managing Director - Brian Skahan, Senior Account Director - Justin Micklish, Senior Strategist - Ben Taylor, Senior Project Manager - Lora Guillotte, Technical Delivery Manager - Edd Bignell, PRODUCTION : Goodbye Kansas Studios, Stockholm,...

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