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21.02.2018 • GoSee JOBS from C3 Berlin, Munich & Stuttgart, TAKE Agency Hamburg, ADC Germany, ZALANDO Berlin, WESTWING Munich, McCANN Düsseldorf, ZALANDO Berlin, ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS Düsseldorf, c3 Berlin, LIGANORD Hamburg, NINA KLEIN Berlin, thjnk Hamburg, ADC Berlin, THE SCOPE Hamburg, LIGAWEST Düsseldorf, ECHOPARK Essen, HOTEL MAISON MARSIL Cologne, WE LOVE ART BUYING Hamburg, CONDE NAST Munich, PEAK PRODUCTIONS Munich, INTERACTIVE TOOLS Berlin, APERTO Berlin, ORENDT STUDIOS Hamburg, ECHOPARK Essen, CRUISE VISION TV, ROBA PRESS Hamburg, MEDIA CONSULTA Berlin, LEOS THJNK TANK Munich, ORENDT Studios Düsseldorf, CONDE NAST Munich,... Find more exciting jobs on the completely free-of-charge GoSee JOB MARKET. And don't forget: Spread the good NEWS!

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Advertising • 'I do everything the best I can' goes the CONSORS Bank campaign, editorial in SPECTR magazine and a personal spread 'Smalltown Boy' - new artwork by photographer EDISONGA c/o NERGER M&O

20.02.2018 • The campaign motifs for CONSORS Bank were photographed by EDISONGA and co-photographer Magnus WINTER in South Tyrol. The commissioning agency was Serviceplan Munich, and production was taken care of by Tamara Sarishvili. Styling: Alexandra Heckel c/o LIGANORD, with hair & make-up by Anne Krarup.

The SPECTR editorial entitled 'Five Miles North' was created in Stockholm. Casting and production came from Tamara Sarischwili, with styling by Sandy Power and hair & make-up by Jane Jakobi.

Plus, EDISONGA realized the personal spread 'Smalltown Boy'.

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Advertising • The VOLKSWAGEN T-ROC campaign, staged in the nightly Netherlands by HE & ME c/o GoSee member SEVERIN WENDELER and produced by WAGNER PRODUCTIONS

19.02.2018 • 'Convinced. From the very beginning.' The new T-ROC from VOLKSWAGEN is a real sight to see – and not only in the Netherlands where the campaign from WAGNER PRODUCTIONS was produced. The executive agency for the campaign was DDB Berlin with CD Lars Jakschik and AD Anna Maria Berlin. Photographers of the launch campaign with an emphasis on the two-tone paint jobs of the models were HE & ME c/o GoSee member SEVERIN WENDELER.

In addition to the body color of the T-Roc, customers have the option of combining it with another color. This includes the roof as well as the exterior mirrors and the A-column. To complement the paint job, for the T-Roc Sport you can choose between between the colors black and flash-red to emphasize the sportiness of your own T-Roc even more. Find out more about the power pack directly on

About - Wagner Productions - Wagner Productions is a full-service international Production Company for photography shoots and moving image shoots. The company is based in Vienna/Austria and works on shoots all over Europe and worldwide. Wagner...

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Advertising • Visually stunning commercial for the ultra-thin flatscreen 'LG OLED TV national geographic' by DOP PASCAL WALDER c/o 1ST UNIT

14.02.2018 • For the South Korean electronics manufacturer and its new flagship, the LG OLED TV, a film was shot in South Africa, Dubai and Thailand. Director of the impressive spot with the beauty as light as a feather was Kyuha Kim, and DOP was Pascal WALDER c/o 1ST UNIT. The spot was produced by Keystone Film.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and is a technology which has been used in smartphones for quite a while. Unlike classic LCDs, these diodes emit visible light when powered and do not require additional backlighting. This results in impressive contrast ratios, legendary black levels and vivid colors. Large areas were unaffordable until recently and often associated with problems such as dead pixels or burn-in issues. A lot has changed: LG now sells OLED TVs at more or less competitive prices.

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Advertising • IOKI asks you to: 'Share Your Ride' - the spot for Deutsche Bahn Connect and the agency fischerAppelt by Director Tim GÜNTHER c/o 1ST UNIT

14.02.2018 • ioki stands for modern, flexible and individual mobility solutions. And who doesn't want that? For the brand of Deutsche Bahn AG and the agency fischerAppelt – also responsible for production – Director Tim GÜNTHER c/o 1ST UNIT realized the spot presented here on GoSee. BTW: ioki is the abbreviation for Input Output Künstliche Intelligenz. The UBER or Taxi competition works like this: You order an autonomous electro bus using an app to your doorstep at the time you want so it can drive you to the train station or to the airport. On the way, the shuttle bus collects other guests with similar destinations. The route is controlled by algorithms to avoid losing time.

About - ioki - Inspiring Smart Mobility. We are developing an open environment for demand responsive transport, which is closely integrated into public transport and guarantees seamless customer mobility. From identifying useful regions and areas for operation , through providing the back-end to our user-friendly apps – we enable our partners to benefit from modern DRT solutions by seamlessly integrating ioki into...

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Advertising • NIVEA Urban Skin Care launch and UGG F/W 2017 digital campaign - new artwork by COMER aka Matthew COMER c/o JSR AGENCY for you on GoSee

13.02.2018 • We bring you two new campaigns by COMER aka Matthew Comer c/o JSR AGENCY. For NIVEA, he photographed campaign motifs for the launch of the Urban Skin care brand. And for UGG Shoes, Comer photographed the digital Fall/Winter 2017-18 campaign.

JSR AGENCY on the photographer : "Comer travels the globe shooting for fashion and editorial clients. An award-winning fashion, editorial & travel photographer, he's naturally a perfectionist, a romantic and a nostalgic. He's a pretty normal dude too though; hailing from Manchester, he brings with him an element of realism and humor to every shoot. His photography celebrates all things youthful with a large pinch of sub-culture accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek wink."

Among his clients already are HTC, Private White VC, Channel 5, Lee Cooper, Dockers, UGG UK, Nivea or even JD Sports.

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Advertising • Director Linus EWERS c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT for MONTBLANC, Location: Steiner Studios, Brooklyn, NYC, U.S.A, Production: Brickbeach

07.02.2018 • "Welcome to my world!" Behold once again the beautiful MONTBLANC spot, inspired by Phineas Taylor Barnum, the legendary American circus pioneer. Narrating the commercial/the program is no less than multi-talent Hugh Jackman, star of the musical 'The Greatest Showman'. And is you take a close enough look – in the movie – you will see that Hugh also relies on Montblanc even on the big screen. His Montblanc Minerva pocket watch is a vintage piece borrowed directly from the Montblanc archive in Switzerland... back to the commercial: It was directed by Linus EWERS c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT. Go & See !

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Advertising • Young DoP Yannick HAUSLER c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT for Mercedes, Location: Switzerland, Production: Home Of Goodmeat Ltd.

07.02.2018 • Only at the places we are tested do we encounter true experience. Yannick HAUSLER c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT realized an emotional commercial about self-fulfilment, the path and the heart which you have to see for yourself here on GoSee.

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Advertising • 'Maybe it’s time for a little phone-life balance' - the SPACE / MOTOROLA TV commercial by Director ACHIM LIPPOTH

06.02.2018 • 'Connected or disconnected?' Ogilvy Paris commissioned Director ACHIM LIPPOTH with the shoot of the new SPACE / MOTOROLA TV commercial. It is themed upon the growing influence of the cell phone on our social lives – key word: phonelifebalance – which is increasingly considered questionable. The app SPACE – supported by Motorola – wants to help you use your time on this beautiful Earth more consciously. The spot was produced by H&O, Barthelemy de Champsavin. DOP: Neel Potgieter.

About : phonelifebalance. Smartphones are a critical part of our daily lives, but the consequences of unhealthy phone use include sleep deprivation, reduced productivity, FOMO, taking risks with personal safety i.e. when driving and walking, ‘text-neck’. ... the list goes on. We worry we are at risk of forgetting what it means to converse, to concentrate, to be bored, to daydream. It has never been more important to be conscious of how we use technology, and to find balance in the way we relate to it and the real world. That's why we created SPACE – so that millions of people can find their phone-life...

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Advertising • Interior shoot for BOLON FLOORING by Charlie BENNET c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO

06.02.2018 • Charlie BENNET c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO photographed the new collection of the carpet and wood floor manufacturer BOLON. "With each collection, we tear down the traditional boundaries of our industry with passion and verve. Floor coverings are for us more than just a means to and end. They bear a palette of nearly unlimited possibilities. Sie sind a masterful melange of rock ‘n’ roll, design, fashion and architecture," says the design team of the Swedish family company.

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