05.12.2017  •  Advertising NEWS


'A leap into the unknown', the VOLVO cars spot featuring underwater cinematographer and equipment designer Eric Börjeson - Director: Daniel MATTIASSON & DOP: Andreas NILSSON, both artists c/o SUPERSTUDIO


Daniel Mattiasson & Andreas Nilsson for VOLVO

DOP: Andreas NILSSON c/o Superstudio
Client: VOLVO

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Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? What is your vision? Underwater cinematographer and equipment designer Eric Börjeson is the hero of the beautiful VOLVO spot presented here on GoSee, which was filmed by SUPERSTUDIO Artists Director Daniel MATTIASSON and DOP Andreas NILSSON. The film accompanies Eric Börjeson back to his childhood and his first, unique and unforgettable diving experiences with his father. Eric talks about his childhood, the stories his father would tell about places he had seen and those he wished to see, and about how they started to call him in his imagination – until he finally embarked to see what no one before him had ever seen. His answer to the question at the beginning of the film – what is your vision – is as follows: "To show the world what lies beyond and to protect it." The executive agency was Stendahls with Art Director Oscar Plasidius, Creative Director Patrik Johäll and Project Manager Karin Hedberg.

Further credits:
Production Manager Anna Johäll, Producer Jennie Engborg, Drone Operator Daniel Casselby, Drone Camera Andreas Nilsson, Nikolas Gogstad-Andersen, Location Manager Nikolas Gogstad-Andersen, Illustrator Thomas Von Der Luft, Assistant Jonas Olausson, Music André Barros, Additional Sound Design Andreas Nilsson.