18.03.2019  •  Advertising NEWS


'All things beautiful come from nature' - the magical 1-min. spot for SHISEIDO WASO by Director Tobias HUTZLER C/O SEVERIN WENDELER for Wieden + Kennedy


SEVERIN WENDELER: FILM SPECIAL "SHISEIDO WASO" Directed by Tobias Hutzler c/o Severin Wendeler for Shiseido Company, Limited.

Executive Creative Director: Mike Farr, Tota Hasegawa Co director: Azsa West Copy Writer: Victoria Trow Executive Producer: Kaz Shinagawa Agency Producer: Asako Satomi AD: Kawatsu Takayuki DP: Mizuki Nishida Gaffer: Seigo Takeuchi Production Manager: So Matsufuji Art: Kozen Fujiwara Production Assistants: Mayumi Sankoda

Director: Tobias Hutzler c/o Severin Wendeler
Production: Toboggan Inc トボガン
Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Creative Director: Azsa West
Art Director: Ayano Takase
Producer: Kishin Oyama
Music: Jemapur
Styling: Takumi Iwata
Hair: Kazuya Matsumoto
Make-up: EBARA

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The best from nature and technology: carrot, loquat, honey, tofu, and white jelly mushroom – that's the variety of WASO. Or like SHISEIDO sums it up: A sanctuary for your skin. With its skincare line WASO, the cosmetics pros from Shiseido have developed a natural, high-quality facial care product which does without additives, parabens or plastic particles of any kind, and by doing so, makes a significant contribution to more responsibility and sustainability. The 1-min. spot was shot by Tobias HUTZLER C/O SEVERIN WENDELER for SHISEIDO COMPANY, Japan. The executive agency was Wieden + Kennedy with Creative Director Azsa West and Art Director Ayano Takase. shiseido.com///waso

About - SHISEIDOThe name "Shiseido" comes from Chinese Yi Jing, the Book of Changes from the Four Books and Five Classics of Confucianism. While our products have their origins in cutting-edge western pharmaceuticals, the company takes its name from eastern philosophy. This forward-thinking blend of Western science and Eastern wisdom has always been the cornerstone of Shiseido. Shiseido’s symbolic camellia logo was designed in 1915 by the company’s first president Shinzo Fukuhara. It may have had a few minor adjustments since then, but it has stood the test of time and remains a firm part of Shiseido’s identity to this day.