08.12.2016  •  Advertising NEWS


'Are you Afri?' – sexy image campaign film for AFRI COLA by Director Sylvia BORGES


Afri-Cola Peepshow

Director: Sylvia Borges c/o Fröhlich Management
DOP: Max Hüttermann
Sound Design: Moritz Minhöfer
Music: "Who but a fool" (Bob Barratt, Colin Frechter), Warner Chappell
Styling: Markus Schütz
Model: JANA ZERLETT c/o Brüderchen & Schwesterchen GmbH
Model2: Markus Römer (agentur le und la)

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Sylvia BORGES and her interpretation of the AFRI COLA spot is reminiscent of the cola brand's advertising classic and comes across with every inch of sex appeal. Welcome to the big AFRI PEEPSHOW! Sylvia Borges c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT is responsible for the idea, directing and production. The spot was developed in cooperation with Afri-Cola Marketing Manager Helga Peter, who is in charge of national sales promotion. The cast consists of Jana Zerlett (agency: brothers & sister) & Markus Römer (agency: le and la).