01.12.2016  •  Advertising NEWS


#FindFocus. First-class comfort before and after the game. ADIDAS Z.N.E Hoodie campaign with James Harden & Gareth Bale - film and stills by Olly BURN c/o MAKING PICTURES


MAKING PICTURES : Olly Burn’s film for Adidas Z.N.E, featuring James Harden and Gareth Bale

Photographer: Olly Burn c/o Making Pictures

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"Game day isn't always close to home. Whether it's the next city, country or continent over, staying focused on the road there is essential. As you travel, distractions are everywhere. You need something to help you tune out from the noise and Find Focus on the move. The adidas Z.N.E. Travel Hoodie is built to block out distractions and let you ignore the noise to focus on what really counts. Designed with the world’s best athletes, this is the ultimate game day equipment..."

In fall, ADIDAS presented its new athletics collection, which granted unique insights into moments of the competition routines of the adidas athletes. The athletes are wearing the white Z.N.E. hoodie as a highlight product for large sports events, but also afterward. Olly BURN was commissioned to realize the new ADIDAS Z.N.E Hoodie campaign feat. James Harden and Gareth Bale. He had the soccer stars in front of the camera for stills and a video.