07.03.2017  •  Advertising NEWS


'Just let yourself fall' - model Julien c/o BRODYBOOKINGS shows you how it's done in a BUDDYSLEEP TV commercial...


Buddysleep TVC

Director: Magnus Winter
Production: i like productions
Advertising Agency: Piabo
Art Buyer: Bettina Beissmann
Styling: Benjamin Cowley
Make-up: Sevulo Mendez
Model: Julien c/o Brodybookings

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In the new BUDDYSLEEP TV spot, BRODYBOOKINGS shows male model Julien how luxurious and comfortable the new mattresses made in Germany are. Direction and photography were taken care of by GoSee member MAGNUS WINTER and Jana Gumprecht. Art buying: Bettina Beissmann, hair & make-up: Sevulo Mendez, and styling: Ethan Benjamin Cowley. The executive agency was Piabo. Production: I Like Productions.