29.07.2019  •  Advertising NEWS


A white spot in the eye ? See a doctor ! – the awareness spot themed upon children and eye cancer with actress Serap c/o BRODYBOOKINGS in the role of the mom



awareness spot for the retinoblastom illness

Director: Nicolás Bori
Client: KinderAugenKrebsStiftung
Producer: Simona Weber
Model: Serap c/o Brodybookings

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Serious issues such as eye cancer deserve just as much the attention of a broader public: Which is why Director Nicolás Bori and Producer Simona Weber from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg made an awareness film for children’s eye cancer foundation KAKS – with actress Serap c/o BRODYBOOKINGS in the role of the mom.

Children’s eye cancer or retinoblastoma – a diagnosis children often receive before reaching their first birthday, often followed by severe therapies. Many children lose eyesight in at least one of their eyes because the affliction is diagnosed too late in most cases. Although, the disease is so easily detectible: A white spot on the child’s pupil is an early warning most parents are not aware of. This is where children’s eye cancer foundation KAKS is helping : to enable early diagnosis and therefore more gentle therapies, promote research in the field and ensure that children and their parents can participate in a certified aftercare program while giving them the hope that they need. What makes children’s eye cancer foundation KAKS so special: EVERYONE working here is a volunteer, and all proceeds flow directly into projects.

About - KAKSWe are the Children’s Eye Cancer Foundation Germany KAKS. We work worldwide and are connected to patients, survivors, parents, doctors, clinics, foundations, and organizations that deal with retinoblastoma. GoSee : kinderaugenkrebsstiftung.de