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30 PARDON 75 UNDER 30 •  Cannes Lions Under 30 : GoSee meets participant Eike U. Wobker, Digital Media Manager, Beiersdorf and the organiser team including Dean Jim Stengel

‘Cannes Lions is dedicated to nurturing the young talent of this industry: the students, young creatives, up-and-coming marketing talent, suits and young directors. The Festival does what it can to inspire, educate and grow the fresh blood that this industry builds on’. Cannes on Cannes.

The first ‘Academy for young marketers’ was held in 2011 under the direction of Ex Procter & Gamble Global Marketing Officer Jim Stengel – and was actually planned as an academy for ’30 under 30 year olds’. A very nice slogan, which was however, a bit too limited. The first year already encompassed 35 participants and by 2012 the figures more than doubled to 75.

The entry criteria was as follows:

- Have worked for a client marketer such as Coca-Cola, General Motors or Unilever for three to five years

- Have experience writing creative briefs and working with agencies

- Be 30 years old or under on 23 June 2012

Jim explains: ‘the academy aims to explain to clients how advertisers work from an early stage. Information flow issues often lead to misunderstandings between the agency and client. The more the client is familiar with the varied approaches, the more likely they will be able to react with greater understanding’.

With Jim Stengel as dean it was easy to attract top speakers from all over the world to the interesting and new tool at the Cannes Lions.

GoSee met one of the 75 selected participants of the Masterclass Programme, Eike U. Wobker, Digital Media Manager at Beiersdorf CEE Holding GmbH in Vienna. Once we had been filled in on the programme’s concept and Eike told us that he had just experienced the most inspiring week of his life, we were eager to find out more. GoSee asked him to name his top 3 speakers.

Eike: ‘My top 3 speakers include Jonathan Mildenhall, who started off by summing up how ‘blindly simple’ a story in Cannes can become successful: ‘creativity is about seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought’. This is ‘Open Happiness’ at Coke. The business focuses on strategy. Simply put, ‘open the can and you are happy’ – Open Happiness. Since Coke never changes the recipe of its drink, the innovations are made in marketing communication. Coke has been successful in doing this for 125 years and is still considered ‘cool’ by young people!

Jean-Marie Dru was equally as impressive. He summed up TBWA’s strategy in a couple of words: ‘our objective is effectiveness. Our strategy is creativity.’ We have heard a lot about the correlation of effectivenss and creativity this week, but his words summed it up perfectly.

Jean-Marie also highlighted the enormous importance of a good brief: ‘make it simple. Our objective is to give the agency everything they need with the following conditions: Just 1-2 pages long. The essences of the briefing has to be formulated in one sentence. And provide the agency a point of difference of your brand. There is something. You can feel the vibration and then you know you have it.

Creative agencies can only deliver good work if the briefs for the agencies are as good as the work the clients are expecting in return.

The third speaker to impress me was Matias Palm-Jensen, who introduced a new advertising framework with 'Pinball Advertisement'. Traditional advertising is like bowling: you stick your entire budget in one big bowling ball and try to knock over as many pins as possible.

Pinball Advertisement is far more experimental. Individual parts of a campaign are tested for their quality at an early stage and advertised before everything is complete. The campaign is improved through the generated feedback and results in a better output.

It is really difficult to rank the speakers at all, since we really had an academy of the highest quality and the other speakers were highly inspiring. Definitely the most inspiring week of my life!’

Info : Dean Jim Stengel is the Former Global Marketing Officer for P&G and Adjunct Professor of the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He currently serves as the president and CEO of The Jim Stengel Company. The mission of The Jim Stengel Company is to inspire global leaders to rethink their businesses to achieve higher performance.

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