09.07.2012  •  Advertising NEWS


GoSee : CREATIVE LISTING. Open your free account and start following your favourite CHANNEL

GoSee CREATIVE LISTING is growing slowly but steadily. Open your own account and start NETWORKING with your GoSee WORK STATION. No worries, it is free and unlimited.

Now we, or, if you already have your own GoSee.us/xy account, you, can use our IMAGE TOOL to link your CL account to our NEWS CREDITS. Not a bad argument, eh?

You can also create PORTFOLIOS, customise artist listings, communicate with others on your GoSee BLOG, and also select the correct NEWS LOCATION and NEWS CATEGORY of your artwork to direct it to the right CHANNEL on GoSee.

An additional advantage of being registered: you will be the first to receive GoSee updates with the NEWSLETTER sent directly to your GoSee MAILBOX.

The improved SEARCH function is now online as of today – so rest assured, your entry will be found.

And all for free! So be one of the first 100,000 to register:


If you are interested in taking up our PR service, this is available at the regular rates.

But it doesn’t hurt to ask! ;-) !!