24.09.2018  •  Advertising NEWS


IOPE Cosmetic. The Discovery of Plant Science – the image film by EDISONGA



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EDISONGA aka Jana Gumprecht realized both the film and the still life shoot for Korean cosmetics brand IOPE. The shoot took place in Berlin for the design agency WEISS-HEITEN. The result is a cinematic triptych to be shown finally on three portrait screens. Casting and production: Tamara Sarischwili c/o Blue Bunny Production, Hair & make-up: Anne Timper. Styling: Ingo NAHRWOLD c/o BIGOUDI.

About - IOPE began research on plant science starting from 1996. OPE research the tenacious survival skills of plants that have adapted and overcome changes in nature over a long period of time and studied techniques for delivering this tenacious energy to our skin. IOPE has evolved from biotechnology to life science, and has embarked on a new approach that recognizes our skin as having biological activities. Go & See: iope.com