07.03.2017  •  Advertising NEWS


IXIES diapers have their offense lined up to charm – we have the 'Little Explorer' spot by Director Anna TARRIN for you on GoSee



Director: Anna Tarrin
DOP: Fabian Hothan c/o 1st Unit
Production: Markenfilm
Advertising Agency: switch life brands
Styling: Suni Hoffmann c/o Nina Klein
Make-up: Henrike Keßler
Location: Markenfilm Studios
Model: Christine c/o Klee Models
Model2: Kilian c/o Hoeppel
2ND UNIT: Felix Halm

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Once they get moving, you just can't stop them... The PIXIES 'Little Explorer' spot depicts in beautiful photos the first important steps in the life of every toddler. The commercial was filmed by young director and photographer ANNA TARRIN. At her side was DOP Fabian HOTHAN c/o 1ST UNIT. This is the first commercial by baby & children's photographer Anna Tarrin. It was shot in the Markenfilm studios, which also produced the spot, and the executive agency was switch life brands. Since the beginning of 2017, Director Anna Tarrin is represented by GoSee member FRÖHLICH MGMT.