27.06.2012  •  Advertising NEWS


LEO CORNETT - share the refreshing creaminess! From Kensington to the Martinez Bar. Ben & Milo’s ice-cream van on the Croissette

Even after 59 years there is still room for surprises. This certainly applies to the story of the charming ice-cream men from Leo Cornett. We are in fact referring to Cannes newbies Ben Newman and Milo Williams, the creative team at the Leo Burnett agency, London.

The idea: grab an ice-cream van, check it is painted pink, or paint it pink, fill it with ice-cream and make for the other side of the pond.

1,000 miles and several anecdotes later – a dodgy roof, the wrong turning, a field related mishap, one Mr.Whippy machine trashed – and they had ecstatically arrived in Cannes. And were equally as pleased to meet us too of course. Let me tell you, it was all sooo UNHATE. We loved it.

Here are quite a few snaps of the charming young men. We are looking forward to seeing who from the House of LB will be treating us to a glorious idea on the Croisette next year? Let's just say we have a couple of ideas in mind ourselves….