14.12.2015  •  Advertising NEWS


PHILIPS Japan challenges to join the Extreme Shaving Tournament, captured in a spot by director Thomas RUSCH c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS



Director: Thomas Rusch c/o Rockenfeller & Göbels
DOP: Albrecht Silberberger
Client: Philips Electronics Japan, Ltd.
Production: Hiroshi Kondo
Creative Director: Daisuke Kobayashi
Location: Vasily Popov/Vlad Shevkunov
Model: Yashuiro Kubo (Base Jump)
Model2: Kotaro Tanaka (BMX)
Assistant : Laurent Friquet
mission director : Andreas P. Bergweiler - Space Affairs

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Nose dive – Director Thomas RUSCH filmed Japanese base jumper Yasuhiro Kubo under extreme conditions and presents with PHILIPS Japan a world premiere: The first electric shaver commercial in zero gravity – ever! After fifteen zero-G flights, Kotaro Tanaka was shaved better than ever before in his life – and still in good shape. On location too in Star City near Moscow: Albrecht Silberberger (DOP) and Andreas Bergweiler (Agency Space Affairs). The shoot took place at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. Creative Director: Daisuke Kobayashi, Producer: Hiroshi Kondo. japan.philips.co.jp

The team would like to thank: Igor Rudyaev - Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC), the team of the Neutral Buoyancy Department (GCTC), the pilots, instructors & ground team of the Ilyushin 76MDK zeroG aircraft (GCTC), the Russian Space Agency Roskosmos, Elena Matveeva - Stephanie Nikolaeva - Mariya Ulyanova (Interpreters Russian/English/Japanese), and Takamasa Fujii (Marketing Manager Philips Electronics Japan Ltd.).