03.03.2012  •  Advertising NEWS


G TRIP •  Steffen Jahn : on an island somewhere between Kamchatka and Korea for KöckritzDörrich and MERCEDES

Somewhere on a deserted island between Kamchatka and Korea, Steffen found himself in the company of a chrome MERCEDES G-Model. The G-class (Cross Country Vehicle) is a model series by Mercedes-Benz, which has been in production since 1979.

Steffen reveals “The idea was to photograph this glittering city car within an utterly wild and untouched landscape. In this context, the car looks almost surreal!”

The team was transported to the location with the utmost difficulties and local guides eventually led the photography caravan right into the heart of the undiscovered island.

“The food definitely took some getting used to – but we came to take pictures after all”, jokes Steffen.

Lutz Sündermann from the KöckritzDörrich agency was the creative director on the wild trip.