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Advertising • There are no old Porsche. Only new owners : casting agency CASTIN casts the models for the 'Porsche Approved' online film for Zeitsprung Commercial & Kemper Kommunikation

17.03.2019 • PORSCHE offers with its Porsche Approved Warranty insurance equal to that for a new car and insures its sports car for up to fifteen years. “Every Porsche Approved Pre-owned Car is held to the highest standards. Porsche standards. Restored as far as possible to original conditions – using Porsche Genuine Parts. Professionally reconditioned by Porsche technicians. When it is less than 14 years old, it receives a Porsche Approved Warranty and is ready for its new driver. There are no old Porsche. Only new owners,” PORSCHE on its service. The agency CASTIN cast models Andreas, Maximilian & Stefan for the spot, and production was taken care of by Zeitsprung Commercial. Direction was in the hands of Lutz Hattenhauer, and the agency was Kemper Kommunikation.

Old stager, young spirit: castin has been working in the field of model placement since 1996. Over the decades, the agency not only developed a seventh sense when it comes to searching for models but also expertise in the areas of casting and project coordination, live, video and street casting. The team realizes projects on the...

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Advertising • 'BELFOR - Restoring More Than Property' - 1-min. spot by Director Emir HAVERIC c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN for you on GoSee

16.03.2019 • BELFOR is an American company active in the area of disaster recovery and property restoration. This includes both damage control measures after fire and water damage incidents, as well as recovery and property restoration after major damage events. BELFOR : “When disaster strikes, the clock starts ticking. Fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, natural or man-made disasters can strike anytime, anywhere. Homes and businesses can be devastated within minutes. For a fast response and proven results, you can count on BELFOR. We're not a franchise operation or a fly-by-night restoration company. We offer more recovery solutions and specialized restoration services than any other company in the world – and we've been doing it for more than 70 years.”

Emir HAVERIC shot the film presented on GoSee for BELFOR Europe GmbH with Creative Director Bojan Hadžihalilović, Art Director Salem Kapić Kantardžić and TV Producers Nevena Đurić & Elvedina Džeko. GoSee:

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Advertising • Palladiumfilm produces the romantic Betty Barclay Fragrance campaign with model Kitty Hayes and beauty Director Ivo Wejgaard for Ofenstein in Croatia

16.03.2019 • Sensuous moments in the warm spring sun is brought to us in the new Betty Barclay Fragrance campaign with enchanting Kitty Hayes. The fairy-tale mood was captured by international beauty Director Ivo Wejgaard c/o 1st Unit for the commercial on the topic of 'Bohemian Lifestyle'. PALLADIUM FILM was in charge of production in Croatia, and we have the result here on GoSee.

Feather-like lightness, romantic naturalness and the feeling of freedom. These associations are brought to mind by the campaign for the newest fragrance from Betty Barclay – Bohemian Romance. Ofenstein was part of it from the get-go and accompanied the project from the first concept to the finished result.

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Advertising • Armless Ballerina Simona Atzori, blind surfer Aitor Francesena, wheelchair BMX-er Lily Rice and the 107-year-old competitive cyclist Robert Marchand - Richard Johnson c/o EMEIS DEUBEL photographs people for TOYOTA

13.03.2019 • As part of its Mobility For All project, Toyota commissioned photographer Richard JOHNSON c/o EMEIS DEUBEL to document the incredible stories of four amazing individuals – Aitor Francesena, a blind surfer; Lily Rice, wheelchair BMX-er; Simon Atzori, an armless ballerina; and Robert Marchand, a 107-year old competitive cyclist.

"Toyota believes that when you're free to move, anything is possible. Helping people exceed their expectations motivates everything we do; and every drop of effort is a step towards that goal. But we are also on a journey to achieve our own impossible: an emission-free society. Our first step towards this is Mirai, a car that only emits drops of water. This is the story of making the impossible happen, step by step, drop by drop."

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