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Advertising • ILLIMITÉ Cycling Apparel – Thomas SCHORN c/o BANRAP photographs the launch campaign for his beautiful cycling cap start-up

16.09.2020 • The world’s finest cycling caps // Driven by the fear of being average. German design in perfect harmony with French chic and Italian craftsmanship. That’s the philosophy behind exclusive cycling cap manufacturer illimité. BANRAP : “Driving force of this project is our racing expert Thomas Schorn, who, of course, also created the photos and visuals for it.”

“The motivation for founding illimité couldn’t be any more classic. It was the longing for something that could not be found on the market in this form. I wanted to decide for myself on how the design would look, feel and ultimately, on its quality – without compromise.” says Thomas Schorn / Founder.

All craftsmen are selected by hand long in advance and guarantee decades of experience and quality craftsmanship. 100% of the components of a cap are manufactured and assembled in Italy for the final product. GoSee :

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Advertising • Photos from the most sacred place of all – Thomas FÄHNRICH c/o BANRAP photographs the 1.FC KÖLN jersey campaign in the locker room of the Bundesliga team

16.09.2020 • With 111,599 members, the 1. FC Köln is the largest sports club in Cologne and the sixth in Germany. For many, FC Köln is the heart and soul of the city of Cologne on the Rhine river. And after the club was promoted to Germany’s Erste Bundesliga in 2019, it will have to stand its ground in the highest German classification.

For their jersey campaign this year, sports photographer Thomas FÄHNRICH c/o BANRAP and his team took it to the team’s most sacred places – the locker room. Thomas presents us powerful moments in-between plus the new, but still very traditional FC Köln 1st FC jersey. Of course, with a goat on the chest.

Billy goat Hennes was a gift from circus director Carola Williams and was supposed to bring FC Köln luck – that was back in 1950. Named after Champion Coach Hennes Weisweiler, the it’s now the 10th billy goat to hold the office. No wonder he is one of the most famous mascots in Germany. The name of the game for FC Köln in 2020 is still the same: Better to be stubborn than random, and always be down-to-earth, ‘never get there, never give up’. The people of Cologne...

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Advertising • ‘Level up your fun on water’ – Anton ENERLÖV c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographs the Sea-Doo Adventure Norway campaign for SEA-DOO Jet Skis on the Lofoten Islands

15.09.2020 • Sea-Doo – Reinventing the way you ride. On the beautiful Lofoten Islands in Norway is where the Sea-Doo Jet Ski motifs presented here were photographed. The Lofoten Islands are known for their untouched nature and remote fishing villages. The ideal location as you can see to photograph the Sea-Doo Adventure Norway campaign for Sea-Doo Jet Skis. Behind the camera stood Swedish photographer Anton ENERLÖV c/o ANDREA HEBERGER. GoSee :

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Advertising • Aloha Summer! BEELINE – international fashion jewelry label from Cologne around the world – with photos by Juliane WERNER c/o BANRAP

15.09.2020 • beeline GmbH is a company headquartered in Cologne which offers brands including SIX, TOSH and I AM with fashion jewelry, piercings, silver & hair jewelry, sunglasses, and watches alongside textile accessories. BEELINE is at home everywhere trends are born and lived: on the streets of international big cities in all corners of the globe. Thanks to the visual merchandising concept, customers can experience the accessories in the same way all over the world.

Juliane WERNER c/o BANRAP has been on the job for accessory company BEELINE and SIX now for a number of seasons. We bring you the highlights of the 2019/20 season.

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