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Agencies • Agent Molly & Co : Artistic still lifes, humorous food portraits & productions by still life expert Christoffer DALKARLS, Charlie BENNET & Philip KARLBERG, new illustrator & stills for AEG

22.11.2017 • We couldn't tell you if Philip KARLBERG c/o Agent Molly & Co was allowed to play with his food as a child, but we can ensure you that he playfully and creatively goes wild to his hearts desire with it today, which he once again proves with the new works in his multifaceted portfolio. And we love it! And that's not only us, also clients such as Marc O´Polo, IKEA, Vogue Accessory, Bang & Olufsen, Swarovski, Georg Jensen, Superfront, Vogue Gioello, Kasthall, and Volvo love the playful worlds of Philip KARLBERG.

"He is a commercial still life and interior photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been working professionally for nearly two decades, and his work is characterized by graphic and elegant compositions, a mastery of light and an exquisite eye for detail. Philip Karlberg’s love for photography has taken him all over the world," says AGENT MOLLY & CO.

Charlie BENNET is now represented by Agent Molly & Co. The still life expert, food and interior/architecture photographer used to work for Ogilvy & Mather before he found his calling in photography and went...

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Agencies • CAMERALINK : ASOS motifs, GLAMOUR Paris, DAVID YURMAN accessories stills, BEHIND THE BLINDS mag, H&M mag, CAFÉ mag & SOMA mag

21.11.2017 • As seen on screen – Asos is a British online fashion and beauty store. Primarily aimed at young adults, Asos sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories. The motifs presented on GoSee were photographed by Philip MESSMANN c/o CAMERALINK.

'Le bon, le brut... et le troublant' with model Ivanka Smilenko in a fashion editorial in GLAMOUR Paris – photos by Sara BILLE c/o CAMERALINK.

Yes, I do... DAVID YURMAN accessories stills by Frederik LIEBERATH.

Intensive moments in black & white in the spread 'Shadow Play' featuring Ton Heukels for BEHIND THE BLINDS magazine – photos by Sara BILLE c/o CAMERALINK.

Men's fashion story in CAFÉ magazine – photos by Jimmy BACKIUS c/o CAMERALINK.

SOMA magazine by Martin Vallin.

Model Gabrielle Rul strolled through the city of love for GLAMOUR Paris 10/17 – photos by Björn TERRING c/o CAMERALINK, Fashion Editor: Audrey Taillee.

Model Sara E in the spread titled 'Faraway, Nearby' in SOMA magazine photographed by Martin VALLIN c/o CAMERALINK, styling: Robert Nordberg.

Corduroy trend in H&M...

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Photo • MINK MGMT. : SCANDINAVIAN man, ODDA mag, VOGUE Ukraine, L'UOMO VOGUE, THE GUARDIAN & PORSCHE mag – new editorials by the Stockholm-based agency on GoSee

21.11.2017 • HESTRA is one of the leading international glove brands in skiing, outdoor recreation and leisure. The family business Martin Magnusson & Co. was founded in 1936 and is now run by the third generation of Magnussons. Both design and development is done at the headquarters in the small town of Hestra. Pär OLOFSSON c/o MINK MGMT photographed on location for SCANDINAVIAN Man magazine; we have the result for you on GoSee.

Hedvig JENNING c/o MINK MGMT photographed the spread 'Looking for Milka’s Cow' with model Niki Geux for the October issue of ODDA magazine.

'New Classics' with British Indian model born in Mumbai Chawntell Kulkarni in THE GUARDIAN – photos by Hedvig JENNING c/o MINK MGMT.

The fashion editorial with the timeless, tomboyish & simple-unique-ish Heather Kemesky in VOGUE Ukraine – 18 photos with the US top girl by Jesse LAITINEN c/o MINK MGMT for you on GoSee.

Native Dutch model Suzi Leenaars in a fashion editorial of ODDA magazine – photos by Sarah BLAIS c/o MINK MGMT.

Men's fashion spread in L'UOMO VOGUE – photographed by Dham...

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Photo • NERGER M&O : Hamburg restaurant TARANTELLA in a new dress, plus SPECTR mag, FAZ QUARTERLY mag, ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, DIE ZEIT, and CATRICE & HOHNER

21.11.2017 • Interior designer Christin Schmidt c/o decora.zioni gave Hamburg's hip hotspot Tarantella a completely new design in only four weeks. The new look of the restaurant, located directly on Stephansplatz at Casino Esplanade in the heart Hamburg, was captured by Brita SÖNNICHSEN c/o NERGER M&O.

Models Jade Mc Scorley and Karolina Hajziuk were photographed by EDISONGA for SPECTR magazine. Production support came from GoSee friend Tamara Sarischwili. Retouch: Blue Bunny Post Production, Styling: Alexandra Heckel c/o LIGANORD, Hair & Make-up: Alexander Auschill, also c/o LIGANORD.

CoParenting family portraits for FAZ Quarterly magazine & 'Berlin Loft' for ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, two works by Wolfgang STAHR c/o NERGER M&O.

Further HOHNER music instruments staged by photographer Jan KORNSTAEDT c/o NERGER M&O for you on GoSee.

The color RED as common denominator – new motifs for DIE ZEIT & CATRICE by photographer Jan KORNSTAEDT c/o NERGER M&O.

'Princesse Silence' – the sensitive personal spread by EDISONGA c/o NERGER M&O for you on...

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photo • Giant Artists : Tilda Swinton and Jordan Peele for LYFT, Jeremy Piven for CBS’ 'Wisdom of the Crowd', SPOTIFY RISE launch campaign, LULULEMON men's premiere, DEPARTURES mag, DICK’S SPORTING GOODS & ROLLING STONE

15.11.2017 • Lyft is a transportation network company based in San Francisco, California. It develops, markets and operates the Lyft car transportation mobile app. Launched in June 2012, Lyft operates in approximately 300 U.S. cities, including New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and provides 18.7 million rides a month. The company was valued at US $ 7.5 billion as of April 2017 and has raised a total of US $ 2.61 billion in funding. Lyft will be expanding into Canada in December 2017 to compete with Uber. For the agency W+K, João CANZIANI c/o GIANT ARTISTS photographed actress Tilda Swinton and her colleague Jordan Peele on their way to the moon. LYFT style of course. The campaign spot for the Super Bowl was about the Earth, and further details on the “Riding Shotgun” campaign are available here :

Rooted in the lululemon philosophy of mindful living, lululemon launched its first ever men’s campaign in September 2017. 'Strength To Be' is about celebrating the growing...

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15.11.2017 • Cris WIEGANDT c/o COSMOPOLA had the honor of realizing a dream-come-true project for INTERTOYS. She was commissioned by the agency Natwerk to play around with a wide variety of toys for the client INTERTOYS in Amsterdam. Of course with and ulterior motive: The result intended was an animated TV spot.

"The hand-animated TVC is a combination of dolls, toy cars, stuffed animals and playsets, among a paper set all dancing to the fun Intertoys song." COSMOPOLA tells GoSee. Amsterdam-based production company Woodwork was responsible for the development of the mini story Lines as well as the moving details. Special thanks on GoSee go to Raymond Wittenberg "for rigging all the toys for Cris, especially the bear… her fluffy friend." Stop-motion Director & Lead Animator: Cris WEIGANDT c/o COSDMOPOLA, music & sound design: Soundcircus and Rigger Raymond Wittenberg.

OLLANSKI c/o COSMOPOLA created wonderful paper art for KaDeWe magazine and ALSTERHAUS magazine for Christmas/Winter 2017. First, he got to pick the jewelry for the shoot at KaDeWe – that's what I call fun! The result was...

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Model • MD MANAGEMENT : EUCERIN campaign motif, UNGER magazine celebrates Paris, a Deutsch VOGUE spread, CHEAP MONDAY online campaign & the cover spread of KADEWE magazine

15.11.2017 • 'Closer to your skin' – the EUCERIN campaign motif with beautiful Dutch vegan Noah STEENBRUGGEN c/o MD MANAGEMENT for you on GoSee.

'Paris la belle' - Wendelin Spiess photographs MD MODEL Edda OSCARS for the cover spread in UNGER Magazine #9.

The CHEAP MONDAY online campaign featuring model Lotte ZUIDEMA c/o MD MANAGEMENT; we have four motifs for you on GoSee.

Dusan Reljin photographed the Christmas Issue of KaDeWe magazine with model Edda OSCARS c/o MD MANAGEMENT; we have two motifs for you on GoSee.

Feminine elegance in business looks far from business as usual – MD model Yana BOVENISTIER was photographed by Marie Zucker for a fashion spread in VOGUE Germany. Casting came from MD MANAGEMENT.

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Agencies • JSR Agency presents the 'Gigapixel Projects' by Simon Stock on GoSee - the Golden Gate Bridge for Bentley, Kylesku Bridge, and Dubai Day & Night

15.11.2017 • Simon STOCK c/o JSR AGENCY is a London-based photographer who, in addition to advertising and transportation, is specialized in gigapixel projects. In the Scottish Highlands, he photographed the Kylesku Bridge, nightfall in Dubai and the Golden Gate Bridge for Bentley. "He has recently produced two of the world's largest automotive images: a 57 billion pixel image of the Dubai marina featuring a W12 Flying Spur and previously a 53 billion pixel shot of a Mulsanne on the Golden Gate Bridge for Bentley," says JSR AGENCY from London, which presents its latest projects here and on its website.

"I have been working with gigapixel technology to create some of the world's largest images. From the largest car photograph to the first gigapixel beauty portraits, I have taken NASA inspired technology and found creative ways to use this new and exciting form of photography. The images are created from hundreds of high resolution captures, which when combined allow the viewer to examine the stunning images in extraordinary detail.

When Bentley approached me to shoot the first ever...

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photo • EMEIS DEUBEL : the launch campaign for the 'Viva Kids' offer from CREDIT SUISSE, BENEDIKTINER motifs, the FOODISCH founders in SMART mag, MCDONALD'S recruiting campaign & personal work

14.11.2017 • Cecil ARP photographed the launch campaign for the 'Viva Kids' offer from CREDIT SUISSE. With Viva Kids, Digipigi and the matching apps, your child – as long as it is Swiss and under 12 – can playfully learn how to handle money. The Digipigis react to money being payed or transactions by Viva Kids into accounts with gestures and sounds.

About – Credit Suisse Group is a Swiss multinational financial services holding company, headquartered in Zurich that operates the Credit Suisse Bank and other financial services and investments. The company is organized as a stock corporation with four divisions: Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, and a Shared Services Group that provides marketing and support to the other three divisions.

So close to heaven... Benne OCHS c/o EMEIS DEUBEL photographed for BENEDIKTINER Weissbier on location in the Ettal Monastery during a film shoot. The executive film production company was Rabbicorn. The spot for the shoot can be found on the website:


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14.11.2017 • With photographer Jürgen BERDEROW c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER, the producers from CCCP went to Spain, where motifs for the AUDI RS4 were realized on location. The backplates were photographed in Catalonia, followed by the vehicle shoot in Andalusia. We have the result for you on GoSee.

For the BREUNINGER MAGAZINE, CLAAS CROPP CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS organized the studio production for photographer Michel Comte. In front of his camera were the Danish model twins Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard. Antonia Zander, Balenciaga, Boutique Moschino, Diane von Furstenberg, Dorothee Schumacher, Harris Wharf London, Helmut Lang, Iris von Arnim, Open Ceremony, Wolford by Breuninger... these two can wear anything! You can find the interview with the twins here:

On commission for the agency Superlarge from the Netherlands, the Berlin-based production company CLAAS CROPP CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS started an extensive location scouting and street casting for the shoot with photographer Vitali Gelwich. The brief was to produce the motifs for the NIKE Fall '17 online...

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