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Agencies • LUNDLUND : FILIPPA K S/S 2018 campaign with Duo Say Lou Lou & Julien Hedquist, Odette Pavlova in HARPER'S BAZAAR Germany, SELF SERVICE with Arizona Muse, Pooja Mor in STYLEBY, VOGUE Mexico, PLAZA mag & ELLE Sweden

22.02.2018 • Camilla AKRANS c/o LUNDLUND photographed the FILIPPA K Spring/Summer campaign with the Kilbey sisters Miranda and Elektra, aka Say Lou Lou, and top male model Julien Hedquist – literally a survivalist – on the beach in California. For a little beautiful behind-the-scenes look at Julien's Insta account:

FILIPPA K on the new campaign : "For Spring 2018, Filippa K teams up with Say Lou Lou and Julien Hedquist in a personal story of Scandinavian simplicity with an international perspective. This season marks a new beginning for Filippa K, where we go back to our core philosophy of simple style and long lasting beauty. The campaign was shot by photographer Camilla Åkrans and captures the Kilbey sisters and Julien Hedquist on a day off, coming together on the shores of California, showcasing our belief that simplicity truly is the purest form of luxury." Styling: Lisa Lindqwister, also c/o LUNDLUND. The 1-minute spot for the campaign can be seen on

About - Say Lou Lou (formerly Saint Lou Lou) are a twin sister musical duo hailing from...

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Agencies • Darling Creative : DAKS Spring/Summer 2018, Josephine Le Tutour for HARPER'S BAZAAR Spain and fragrances in WONDERLAND magazine

22.02.2018 • Fashion photographer Mark Sander's c/o DARLING CREATIVE presents the timeless looks of the luxury label DAKS in Spring/Summer 2018 on GoSee.

Since 2009, Italian native Filippo Scuffi has been Creative Director of the British luxury label and responsible for the DAKS ready-to-wear mens- and womenswear collections, accessories as well as the brand image. So what can we expect in S/S '18? DAKS describes several of the season's new looks as follows: "Petra Tunic dress featuring our new season Botanical Tulip design, Heidi Straight Leg Trousers featuring our Henley Stripe design, and new for SS18 – the Freya Classic Blouse is now available to buy in stores, featuring our classic Macro HouseCheck." For the S/S 2018 season and the unmistakable, exclusive fabrics of the collections, DAKS cooperated with the British Mill Fox Brothers, fabric weavers since 1772 and loved by all. And not to be overlooked: the DAKS Regatta striped look leaves its sporty, figure-hugging trail throughout the collection.

About - DAKS is a British luxury fashion house, founded in 1894 by Simeon Simpson in...

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Agencies • ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT : Introducing the CURVES 360 by NYDJ campaign - because 'Fit is Everything !', Beachclub Opening for BODEN Spring '18 and new works by photographer Colette de Barros

21.02.2018 • Well-designed swimwear, wide caftans, colorful dresses and casual shirts – Los Angeles-based lifestyle & kids photographer Colette de Barros c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT staged the Spring '18 collection against a stunning backdrop for BODEN. We have several holiday looks here on GoSee – and more from Colette is available on GoSee or via ALYSSA PIZER MGMT.

Shape, shape and... let's see? Shape! The absolutely must-see NYDJ Curves campaign was photographed by Cheyenne ELLIS c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT with more than an extra portion of fun on set. In front of her camera were gorgeous models Justine Legault, Adriana Villarreal and Kamie Crawford. NYDJ Jeans revolutionized the fashion world – by lifting and shaping feminine curves for the perfect fit. NYDJ was founded in 2003 in Los Angeles and is a pioneer when it comes to jeans.

NYDJ strands for jeans which make women of all shapes and ages look good. So it's no coincidence that they are the number one ladies' jeans in US Department stores – and meanwhile available in over 30 countries around the world. Find more by...

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Photo • NERGER M&O : Singer Max Rabe in ARTE mag, CONSORS Bank, SPECTR mag, A&W mag, OHDE marzipan, N3 Vision, L.O.V, AD, 1890, DIE ZEIT, BRIGITTE mag, Elisabeth Toll Photographer of the Year in ELLE Sweden...

21.02.2018 • Heiko RICHARD photographed singer Max Raabe for ARTE magazine, the periodical of the Franco-German TV broadcaster for sophisticated viewers. Max Raabe, or Matthias Otto, is a German Singer with a baritone voice and is co-founder as well as Director of the Palast Orchestra in Berlin. The spread was produced by CCCP - Claas Cropp Creative Productions. Photo editing was taken care of by Antonia Hrastar. Assistant: Tom Nti, post production: Vividgrey.

About - The Palast Orchestra was founded in 1986 by Max Raabe and a group of fellow music students in order to play music from the period of Germany´s Golden Twenties. In 1992, they found themselves in the German charts with their song “Kein Schwein ruft mich an” (meaning “not a single pig calls me”), written by Max Raabe. In January 2018 the new show "Der perfekte Moment .. wird heut verpennt" will be brought to the road in German speaking countries. It is named after the newest album written by Max Raabe and friends and will include a number of Max Raabe songs mixed with the repertoire of the 20s/30s.
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Agencies • AGENT BAUER : MORRIS F/W collection, H&M Kids, IKEA, ELLE Decoration, Renata Kurczab in PLAZA Kvinna, ÅHLÉNS cosmetic stills, HABITARE, KAPPAHL & SVENSKA KYRKAN

20.02.2018 • MORRIS F/W 2017-18 collection – photographed by Andreas JOHANSSON, styling by Fia TEGNÉR & hair & make-up by Elin SVENSSON, all three artists c/o AGENT BAUER Stockholm.

H&M Kidswear campaign – styled by Sofia ODIER c/o AGENT BAUER.

Model Renata Kurczab in PLAZA KVINNA 12/17 - photos by Nina HOLMA, hair & make-up by Pari DAMANI, both artists c/o AGENT BAUER Stockholm.

Geometric interior spread in ELLE Decoration, with interior styling by Tina HELLBERG c/o AGENT BAUER, photos: Ragnar ÓMARSSON, both artists c/o AGENT BAUER

KAPPAHL winter jacket shoot by Rickard ARONSSON c/o AGENT BAUER.

Interior shoot for IKEA by Idha LINDHAG c/o AGENT BAUER.

Illustrations for SVENSKA KYRKAN - with artwork by Stina LÖFGREN c/o AGENT BAUER.

Cosmetic stills for ÅHLÉNS - propstyling by Joanna LAVÉN c/o AGENT BAUER.

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Prod • Wagner Productions : produces the VOLKSWAGEN T-ROC campaign for DDB Berlin in the Netherlands and the SKODA 4x4 campaign for FALLON Prague in the Alps

19.02.2018 • 'Convinced. From the very beginning.' The new T-ROC from VOLKSWAGEN is a real sight to see – and not only in the Netherlands where the campaign from WAGNER PRODUCTIONS was produced. The executive agency for the campaign was DDB Berlin with CD Lars Jakschik and AD Anna Maria Berlin. Photographers of the launch campaign with an emphasis on the two-tone paint jobs of the models were HE & ME c/o GoSee member SEVERIN WENDELER.

In addition to the body color of the T-Roc, customers have the option of combining it with another color. This includes the roof as well as the exterior mirrors and the A-column. To complement the paint job, for the T-Roc Sport you can choose between between the colors black and flash-red to emphasize the sportiness of your own T-Roc even more. Find out more about the power pack directly on

About - Wagner Productions - Wagner Productions is a full-service international Production Company for photography shoots and moving image shoots. The company is based in Vienna/Austria and works on shoots all over Europe and worldwide. Wagner...

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Illu • 2AGENTEN : Illustrations of the future for BOSCH SIEMENS and universal genius Ted Selker, WERDE magazine, '22 Things You'll Never Hear A Berliner Say' for BABBEL as well as two new entries Haley TIPPMANN and Martina FLOR

19.02.2018 • 'Experts vision future.' Berlin-based illustrator Rinah LANG c/o 2AGENTEN created twelve illustrations for the Web content of BOSCH SIEMENS household appliances on the topic of 'Visions – this is how we live in 2067'. The brief was basically about a day in the life of a swimmer in 2067. The swimmer describing his day is Ted Selker, a computer scientist, inventor and human-machine interaction wizard – and inventor of the trackpoint. Watch the whole day predicted by him here : – and visit his website under :

Plus, Rinah LANG regularly works for WERDE magazine from WELEDA Natural Cosmetics, for which she creates a double-page illustration for the column 'Little Natural Encyclopedia'. The great magazine from Weleda comes out four times a year with more than 100 large-format pages full of nature and art of living.

About - Weleda is a multinational company that produces both beauty products and naturopathic medicines. Both branches design their products based on anthroposophic principles. The...

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Illu • MARGARETHE HUBAUER : LATITUDES magazine cover, READERS DIGEST illustration, GB mag of 5-star hotel GRAND BRETAGNE, FINE DRINKING mag & NEW entry Anna + Elena BALBUSSO aka BALBUSSO TWINS from Milan

19.02.2018 •

Ingo FAST c/o MARGARETHE HUBAUER illustrated the title image for French-English lifestyle magazine LATITUDES, which is published in Thailand on the island of Phuket. The magazine writes about its company philosophy: "The basic concept of Latitudes is to publish a genuine magazine, attractive to modern expats and alike readers, with a French touch." A media not only cultural, with features on good hold with the world, but also practical and concrete, playing its part in building stronger bonds between Thai and Western cultures. "

And appearing in Das Beste/READERS DIGEST is Ingo Fast's illustration on the topic of clearing out: 'Less is More'.

Philippos THEODORIDES c/o MARGARETHE HUBAUER illustrated for GB magazine, the magazine of 5-star hotel GRAND BRITTANY in Athens. The hotel was opened in 1842 and was an important transit stop for colonial officials on their way to the Orient and the Far East in the 18th and 19th century. In 1896, the IOC used the hotel for banquets during the first Olympic Games. Go & See :

A further illustration was created for...

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HMS • LOUISA ARTISTS : TOMMY HILFIGER campaign, Barbara Schöneberger in 'Oversize' for her BARBARA mag, L'OFFICIEL Latvia cover spread & NOTEBOOK mag

19.02.2018 • Cape Town native Robyn NISSEN spent her early twenties traveling around the world as a model. Back home again in South Africa, she decided to switch sides and started a career as hair & make-up artist. LOUISA ARTISTS about the artist: "Robyn's popularity among photographers and clients with her enthusiasm and attention to detail has kept her in continual demand – both locally and internationally. Robyn Nissen enjoys working for a variety of glossy magazines, catalogues and high-end advertising campaigns – whether stills or commercials." We present you on GoSee the TOMMY HILFIGER campaign photographed by Ben Welles with hair & make-up by Robyn NISSEN c/o LOUISA ARTISTS.

Presenter, publisher and Darling Barbara Schöneberger in an oversize fashion spread for her BARBARA magazine – styling by Mads ROENNBORG c/o LOUISA ARTISTS, photos: Kristian Schuller.

The L'OFFICIEL Latvia cover spread was photographed by Lis Costanzo – with hair & make-up by Nina TATAVITTO c/o LOUISA ARTISTS; we have two motifs on GoSee.

Editorial in NOTEBOOK magazine – hair & make-up by Desmond VON...

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Film • 1st Unit : LG OLED 'National Geographic', DEUTSCHE BAHN CONNECT - IOKI 'Share Your Ride', Director of the feature film 'Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver', VOGUE CHINA - 'THE BOLIDE' with singer Victoria Song, and Athletik Docks

15.02.2018 • For the South Korean electronic manufacturer and its new flagship, the LG OLED TV, a film was shot in South Africa, Dubai and Thailand. Director of the impressive spot with the beauty as light as a feather was Kyuha Kim, and DOP was Pascal WALDER c/o 1ST UNIT. The spot was produced by Keystone Film.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and is a technology which has been used in smartphones for quite a while. Unlike classic LCDs, these diodes emit visible light when powered and do not require additional backlighting. This results in impressive contrast ratios, legendary black levels and vivid colors. Large areas were unaffordable until recently and often associated with problems such as dead pixels or burn-in issues. A lot has changed: LG now sells OLED TVs at more or less competitive prices.

Victoria Song is one of the most happening and popular pop singers in China and throughout Asia. With her stunning look and famous keen nose for fashion, she is, of course, also booked particularly for fashion campaigns. We present you the multi-talent in a personal...

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