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Agencies • NEW : StillinMotion, CREATIVE STUDIO FOR VISUAL CONTENT, full service for film, animation, 3D, CGI, images, motion mural – a first selection of works on GoSee and a live presentation at UPDATE!8BERLIN

10.10.2018 • We are delighted to welcome STILLINMOTION at GoSee. StillinMotion starts where conventional photography and real films meet their limits and become too expensive. Created with full service from conception, production to presentation are visual media such as print motifs, key visuals, 3D illustrations, animations, teasers, spots & specials.

The portfolio thus comprises both well-known international brands such as Mercedes, Panasonic, Kneipp, Audi, Glashütte Original, Disney, Star Wars, Hymer, Kabel Eins, Sparkasse, Ikea, Nivea, Bautzner as well as renowned international agencies such as BBDO, Jung von Matt, Kolle Rebbe, service plan and many more. Last year, StillinMotion already made a big splash with their new concept MotionMural® for Disney's Star Wars (Plakadiva nominee 2018 and 4 million views after 30 days).

StillinMotion invites all agencies, producers and brands once again to their booth this year at UPDATE!8BERLIN on 19 October where they will present their latest concepts and a special digital live act.

The new Showreel 2018 and examples such as the latest

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Agencies • Severin Wendeler : PEUGEOT E-LEGEND CONCEPT, PORSCHE MACAN for Leagas Delaney Milan, Toyota Corolla Hatchback, The British Heart Foundation, and UPDATE!8BERLIN

09.10.2018 • Fulvio Bonavia c/o Severin Wendeler photographed the Porsche Macan for Leagas Delaney Milan in loud lite-brite looks (Executive Creative Director: Stefano Rosselli, Associate Creative Director: Cinzia Pallaoro). We present two photos here on GoSee, and many more exciting projects by Fulvio and other photographers are brought to you by SEVERIN WENDELER at UPDATE!8BERLIN on 19 October. Come & See!

Peugeot e-LEGEND CONCEPT is not just a technological manifesto, it's the vision of the Peugeot Brand actively looking forward to an optimistic and uber-desirable future. For Peugeot, electric and autonomous are synonymous with even stronger sensations, and boredom is clearly not part of the Peugeot brand DNA... HE&ME c/o SEVERIN WENDELER staged the PEUGEOT E-LEGEND CONCEPT in atmospheric motifs. Find out more about the car via PEUGEOT.

Alex Telfer c/o Severin Wendeler photographed the new print and digital campaign for The British Heart Foundation, which we present here on GoSee.

Patrick Curtet c/o Severin Wendeler photographed a cinematic story with a Toyota Corolla...

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Agencies • Claudia Bitzer : Fast Internet for the countryside – the TELEKOM campaign with DDB Hamburg, a visit to the Killarney Motor Racing Circuit, and meet the agency at UPDATE!8BERLIN

09.10.2018 • Fast Internet for rural regions – is what Telekom promises and has developed an advertising campaign with DDB Hamburg, for which CHRISTIAN SCHMIDT c/o CLAUDIA BITZER was commissioned to shoot the photos at selected locations throughout southern Germany. Location scouting and production were taken care of by Tobias Seifert c/o ADD PICTURES.

Visiting the Killarney Motor Racing Circuit immediately captivated JOHANNES KUEHN c/o CLAUDIA BITZER. He stopped by the Cape Town circuit to shoot CGI backplates and soon realized that he was no longer in Kansas, or Germany for that matter: "It was totally easy. You could walk anywhere you wanted, talk to anyone. Everyone was friendly and open. "Which is why Johannes jumped on the idea to photograph this captivating environment, not only focusing on the racing but also on the environment and the people working behind the scenes.

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Agencies • Kristina Korb : Netflix 'Dark', Weili Zheng 'Cozy Fall' F/W 2018, MMX Germany S/S 2019 Lookbook, in Surfer's Paradise Venice Beach for JAN MAG, glorious glam kids fashion & an exhibitor at UPDATE!8BERLIN

09.10.2018 • Marco Grob c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed for Netflix's "Dark". The close-ups of the characters' fearful looks get straight under your skin. Mirroring the actors makes them appear particularly lonely, and it gives the posters something mystical. For Dutch Janmagazine, Anne MENKE photographed a photo spread of a young family in surfer's paradise Venice Beach California. And meet KRISTINA KORB personally at UPDATE!8BERLIN on 19 October, 2018.

For Weili Zheng, Byron Mollinedo photographed the new Fall/Winter '18 collection. Thanks to the several different textures and patterns, the photos look very cozy and warm, perfect for the upcoming colder months.

For MMX Germany, Byron Mollinedo photographed the lookbook of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Model Dan Hyman stages the modern artist in his radiant studio. Styling was taken care of by Mads Rönborg from Louisa Artists. Grooming came from Elena Köhler via League West.

Sabine Duerichen photographed a photo series of children in elegant but unusual clothing for trade journal Childhood Business. Whether with unusual patterns...

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Agencies • Solar und Fotografen : Interior motifs for concept store HOTEL ULTRA BERLIN and VICTOR FOXTROT, people motifs for Brillux, Kaufland, Mercedes Benz magazine and the PORSCHE CAYENNE E-HYBRID in Electrified magazine

09.10.2018 • ANNE DEPPE c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN photographed for VICTOR FOXTROT. 'When a detail becomes essential, something special is created.' One of the guiding principles of Florian Vogel, who founded the label VICTOR FOXTROT furniture & lighting in 2012. The products of VICTOR FOXTROT feature impressively clear form and craftsmanship. They are often the result of coincidences or of materials that, over the years and thanks to their patina, tell their very own story.

LINA GREEN c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN took a tour de luxe on the topic of 'Mission Zero Emission' for ELECTRIFIED magazine. She photographed the PORSCHE CAYENNE E-HYBRID with state-of-the-art hybrid technology from the racing circuit on Slügen Pass and Abula Pass in the Swiss mountains in front of an impressive landscape.

NEUMANN UND RODTMANN c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN photographed expressive people motifs for BRILLUX and the agency PLAN. NET. Hair & make-up: Isabella Faraj, styling: Katharina Gruszczynski and production: Neverest. Atmospheric motifs all about people & food were staged by the photographer...

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Agencies • Andrea Heberger : BOMBERG Watches campaign, Benefit Cosmetics motif, Harmony Hardcore Music Festival Poster, 'Wonderland' book cover, NEW entry Magdalena NILSEN – food photographer from Oslo, Mike Morrison Portraits, ... NEWS on GoSee

09.10.2018 • Swiss design now includes potent totemic imagery, sleek industrial lines, steampunk graphics, and both vibrant and subtle colors in startling combinations. Welcome to the wold of BOMBERG. BOMBERG is a young brand launched in 2012. The highly innovative company with deep roots in the Swiss precision watch business is making waves for its audacious and disruptive designs. The latest campaign was photographed by Seb MICHEL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER. GoSee:

We quote Bonnie Holland: I wanted to do an interactive story featuring a quirky, whimsical and kind neighborhood. I also adore giraffe,s and since they have lashes that already look like they use mascara, I thought it might be fun to go the whole distance and add blush, made by Benefit Cosmetics of course because they are the kind of company that is always cutting edge and humorous." FYI - Benefit Cosmetics LLC is a cosmetics manufacturer headquartered in San Francisco, California, sold at 2000 sales outlets in more than 30 countries. Benefit Cosmetics is a LVMH subsidiary.


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Agencies • Alyssa Pizer Management, Los Angeles, presents perfume and care product creations from the company Roger&Gallet, photographed by still life specialist Stéphane Pelletier

08.10.2018 • "Avant-garde by tradition" goes the motto of ROGER&GALLET. With a range of novel luxurious products, ROGER&GALLET has created a unique universe of care items and fragrances. Paris-based still life virtuosa Stéphane Pelletier c/o Alyssa Pizer Management photographed the delicate flacons, candles, soaps and luxe care products of the brand which stands for French elegance.

ROGER&GALLET has conquered the world from the very beginning with its Parisian art de vivre. All fragrances were created by French master perfumers; the flacons are by great French designers, and the etuis are adorned with ornate, poetic illustrations.

Stéphane Pelletier c/o Alyssa Pizer Management was born in Paris in 1969, but spent lots of his time in the countryside as an adolescent. He was interested in photography already at an early age on travels which took him to Tokyo, Miami and San Paulo. He began his career as a fashion photographer in the early nineties, working for Calvin Klein and Vogue before moving on to still life photography in 1997. Among his clients are luxury and cosmetic brands such...

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stock • Adobe Stock #NewFace Andreas Preis : grand illustration with dynamic and detail

08.10.2018 • He is a Berlin resident, Illustrator and Adobe Stock Premium Provider: Andreas Preis. Not only tattoo fans show great interest in his expressive motifs, global players also come knocking regularly. Andreas Preis has already realized major projects for Google, Coca-Cola, adidas, and Nike. What makes him so unique? "I work with a lot of hatchings, little ornaments, dynamic lines and strong contrasts. I rarely get entirely abstract, but almost never realistic," he tells us about his detailed style.

Illustration yes. Restrictions no. Already at the age of five, Andreas knew that he wanted to earn his living by drawing one day. What he also always knew: He wanted to be his own boss. To do so, Andreas gladly accepts the fact that organization, accounting etc. take a lot of time. That's why he's been busy working as a freelancer in the city since he graduated in 2009 – both in the digital world and analog. On the one hand, he creates his artwork with Adobe programs, such as Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC (more recently, Photoshop Sketch and Illustrator Draw have aroused his...

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Agencies • CAESAR+CLEO : now represents emerging Hamburg-based photographer LISA WINTER (Beauty, Fashion & Portrait)

07.10.2018 • CAESAR+CLEO are delighted to welcome LISA WINTER on their team: "We are very happy to welcome talented beauty, fashion & portrait photographer, Lisa Winter – who studied photography at Lette Verein in Berlin and just moved back to her hometown Hamburg. We love her unique, pure and modern look."

Lisa was already among the winners at the 2015 Weitsprung Art Buying Event in Hamburg, she received the 2015 Lette Design Award by Schindler that same year and participated in the group exhibition Close Up! which was curated by Ann-Christin Bertrand in the C/O Gallery, Berlin.

Here on GoSee, we present you her portfolio, and more is available directly via CAESAR+CLEO. CAESAR+CLEO - Visual Corporate Identity - is a production agency with own studios for photography, film, CGI, motion design and post production in Dusseldorf.

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prod • For VOLVO CAR in Norway – HANNE EVANS PRODUCTION SERVICES organizes TV commercials, campaigns and print productions in France and throughout Europe

05.10.2018 • For more than 20 years, HANNE EVANS PRODUCTION SERVICES has supported international productions from the south of France – whether TV commercials, print campaigns or events – Hanne and the team take care of organization from A to Z and find the perfect location. Including a shoot for VOLVO CAR in the charming landscape of Norway photographed by Joe Windsor-Williams for the agency Arnold Worldwide with Art Director Gregg Harper. We have several photos here on GoSee, and more is available via HANNE EVANS.

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