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Agencies • Kristina Korb : IWC Schaffhausen FILM & CAMPAIGN WITH JOSEPHINE SKRIVER AND ACTRESS NING CHANG, for BRUNO BANANI at the Beach of Tulum, FABIANA FILIPPI, Essential Homme, ELLE Mexico, Vogue Living with Mini Anden, Campagna Isa Belle & an UPDATE-19-BERLIN exhibitor

21.08.2019 • HUNTER & GATTI c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed and filmed the new Portofino collection in the form of a Mediterranean campaign for IWC. It tells the story of a trip to Portofino in Italy. Model Josephine Skriver and actress Chun-Ning Chang, who has already played in more than 40 TV series, are accompanied on this journey by the classic watch from the new IWC collection.

BRUNO BANANI is back with a new campaign. Asa TALLGARD c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed the photo series in Tulum Mexico with beach- and underwear for BRUNO BANANI. Surrounded by tropical palm trees and beach huts, the photos exude a wonderful holiday feeling. In charge of creation for GerlachHartog was CD Clemens Gerlach while production and casting were in the hands of GoSee member MARION WALTER.

Byron Mollinedo c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed a fashion spread for Italian brand Fabiana Filippi with photos as light as a feather. The model skillfully underscores this lightness through a variety of gracious movements for images with an almost fragile look & feel.

Byron Mollinedo c/o KRISTINA KORB staged two...

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Agencies • DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS : BON PRIX Summer fashion in Miami and Mexico, NORDFRIESLAND 'Favorite Country' campaign for marktrausch GmbH, a selection of berries for BRIGITTE, and the love of meat for BEEF! magazine

20.08.2019 • Photographer Det KEMPKE c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS produced the 'Nutrals' spread which is all about natural fashion – and even the leather is vegan. Marie Therese CRAMER c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS was on the job for BRIGITTE and photographed a very graphical selection of berries.

Bright sunshine, a white sandy beach, the vast blue ocean – such are the ingredients for an endless BON PRIX summer in a dreamlike setting. At the beginning of the year, Verena KNEMEYER c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS had the honor of shooting for BON PRIX in Miami with Pro One Productions and at everyone's favorite beach in Tulum Mexico, the hot spot for swimwear shoots. Production support on location came from Alberto Caceres. Also on set were Steffanie Kroll c/o Liganord and Chantal Ritter.

Verena KNEMEYER c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS also photographed a personal spread in Hamburg, Wilhlemsburg. H&M: Steffanie Kroll, styling: Hinda Servan with favorite assistant and DOP: Robert Lindemann. The models came from von Mega, Spin and PMA Models. Verena has her own location archive and loves to scout...

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Agencies • Tobias Bosch Fotomanagement : Union Invest campaign for Crossland, VW POLO GTi social media campaign in Majorca, 'THE WILD LIFE' FOR QUALITY MAGAZINE, and an MCM advertorial in YOHO!CHINAGIRL MAG

20.08.2019 • GEORG ROSKE C/O TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT photographed the latest social media campaign for the new VW POLO GTi with a drone on location in Majorca. TOBIAS WIRTH C/O TOBIAS BOSCH photographed an advertorial for MCM on location and in the studio in Berlin, appearing in YOHO!CHINAGIRL magazine.

Jens IHNKEN c/o TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT photographed the UNION INVEST savings plan campaign in Cape Town in cooperation with the agency Crossland and CD Oliver Hoennicke. Responsible for production was PRINZ PRODUCTIONS with Crossmedia Connection on post production.

Immo Fuchs photographed his analogue fashion spread entitled 'Caro' with the Mamiya 645 on location in Cologne with styling by Natalia Witschke c/o Nina Klein. Hair & make-up on model Caroline Lossberg were in the hands of Sabine Szekely, and production was taken care of by Joy Fischer.

TOBIAS WIRTH C/O TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT photographed the fashion editorial entitled 'The Wild Life' for Quality Magazine with his team consisting of hair & make-up artist Thorsten Weiss c/o les artists using Chanel and Yarok...

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Agencies • BIRGIT STOEVER ARTISTS : ZALANDO MEN campaign, actress Alicia von Rittberg for EMOTION MAG, 'Flamingo Love' for GRAZIA, FUCKING YOUNG!, BLONDE MAG, CALEOPAPER, and new entry Sarah Storch

20.08.2019 • Photo & film duo KAPTURING c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS produced the ZALANDO MEN S/S 2019 campaign – which we present you here on GoSee – and the two creatives were able to realize their fashion ideas during production just the way they like. The agency was Anomaly, hair & make-up were taken care of by Francesca Vigliarolo c/o BIGOUDI, and styling came from Viviane Hausstein.

KAPTURING produced the spread entitled 'Graved In Stone' for FUCKING YOUNG!. Styling was in the hands of Juan Camilo Rodriguez, and the model was Stefan Pollmann. A film was created in parallel, for which editing, grading as well as the music score were taken care of by the creative duo.

“I want to explore my limits!” Actress Alicia von Rittberg would love to try something new every day, she revealed in an interview for EMOTION MAGAZINE. The celebrity special was photographed by Wendelin SPIESS c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS.

Julien BARBES c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS produced the cover story for the Summer 2019 Edition with male model Roberto Sipos for CALEOPAPER.

“We are also delighted to introduce our...

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prod • First Productions : RED FLEECE, TU STYLE editorial and GREEN LIFESTYLE magazine... plus exhibitor FIRST PRODUCTIONS at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

19.08.2019 • RED FLEECE was photographed by Carlo Miari Fulcis and produced by FIRST PRODUCTIONS South Africa, with styling by Corey Stokes; we have four motifs for you on GoSee.

Carlo Miari Fulcis also photographed a TU STYLE editorial – production: FIRST PRODUCTIONS, styling: Laura Soliani and hair & make-up: Sam Scarborough... plus meet exhibitor FIRST PRODUCTIONS at UPDATE-19-BERLIN.

Sandra Weimar c/o Ghp Photo & Production photographed model Shirin Frosch in the spread 'Find Yourself' for GREEN LIFESTYLE – produced by FIRST PRODUCTIONS, South Africa, H&M: Anja Fichtenmayer c/o Bigoudi.

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