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Agencies • KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN presents three captivating MINI campaigns, a mix of lifestyle, transportation and fashion by Emir HAVERIC for Jung von Matt & Battery on GoSee

18.06.2018 • Emir HAVERIC c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN photographed three different campaigns for MINI, two of which were for the MINI 55/5 and the third for the new MINI Electric. The shoot took place in several American cities where modern & fresh motifs were created. The result: captivating photos with a mix of lifestyle & fashion, plus portraits and of course the MINI in new colors front and center.

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Agencies • What's on your wish list? The KIA spot 'One Wish List. One Car.' by Director Bruce St Clair - Service Production as well as locations in Scotland by LS Productions

18.06.2018 • For the agency INNOCEAN Worldwide and the client KIA, LS PRODUCTIONS from Scotland was on the job with location support and production services for the wonderful spot entitled 'Wish List', which was directed by Milan native and Madrid resident Bruce StClair. Executive Producer: Uli Ulbrich, Creative Director: David Beverley, DOP: Ottar Gudnason, Producer: Timm Reinfarth and Production: Tempomedia. So what is the spot all about that took the team across half of Europe? Find that out on the entertaining blog of Bruce St Clair:

“This is a story about a guy, who, bored with his daily routine, discovers the freedom a car can give, go anywhere and how to follow his dreams… It’s actually just a great excuse to go wherever he wants, whenever he wants! And that’s exactly what we does. We shot in Scotland, which, by the way, was a brilliant experience. It really is a beautiful place and has that remote magic that I was hoping for; its not often you get the chance to shoot a car commercial in the rain. It really helps tell the story. We shot at a remote location on the Isle of Skye...

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Agencies • Rockenfeller & Göbels : Range Rover Evoque, a Bobby Car in paper balls for BFF magazine, a VOLVO campaign by Superstudio and a social media campaign for the new VW TOUAREG in Cape Town and Los Angeles

18.06.2018 • The roots of the passion for the automobile creatively staged. For the latest issue of BFF magazine, Michael HAEGELE c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS clad the good old Bobby Car in hundreds of paper balls for a car shot of a special kind. Plus, Michael HAEGELE photographed the new Range Rover Evoque (post production/CGI by Zerone).

Patrik JOHALL c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS photographed the new VOLVO campaign with both production & post production from the hands of SUPERSTUDIO Sweden.

And Chris NOLTEKUHLMANN c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS photographed the latest social media campaign for the new VW TOUAREG in Cape Town and Los Angeles.

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Agencies • CLAUDIA BITZER : SKODA Karoq launch campaign for Fallon Prag and 'Let the sunshine in' – atmospheric transportation spread in the desert

15.06.2018 • For the launch campaign of the SKODA Karoq, Christian SCHMIDT photographed almost three weeks in and around Copenhagen. Created on commission for Fallon Prague were several photos, which have now been released for presentation. The brief was not only the showcase the car but to also convey a summery mood in urban surroundings.

'Let the Sunshine in': just like the old hippie hymn from the 60s, Johannes KUEHN took a trip to the South African desert to photograph a series full of atmosphere. With a strong character model, an extraordinary perspective and of course plenty of sun.

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Photo & Illustration • JSR Agency : Lee BRIMBLE photographs the HONDA NSX campaign, Oliver PAFFRATH is on a mission for 'The Striking Lexus NX' and NISSAN Qashqai, plus Simon Stock with gigapixel project for Bentley and a car portfolio on GoSee

15.06.2018 • "Lee BRIMBLE c/o JSR AGENCY, London is a serious petrolhead, and this passion has been turned into a successful career as a well respected car photographer. Lee combines his photographic knowledge and skills to shoot both moving images and stills for car clients all over the world. He works both in the studio and out on location anywhere in the world to capture cars in an exciting and fresh direction. His latest global campaign for the HONDA NSX supercar was shot on location between San Francisco and Las Vegas and took around two weeks to complete."

JSR AGENCY presents two new campaigns by Oliver PAFFRATH on GoSee – 'The Striking Lexus NX' – LEXUS and NISSAN Qashqai.

"Car and lifestyle photographer Oliver PAFFRATH began his career shooting fashion imagery. He has used this skill honed from the fashion shoots to let his unique style and lighting techniques flow into his car and automotive photography. He now shoots for the world’s biggest car manufacturers on global advertising campaigns and car lifestyle brochures. Based in Germany, Oliver PAFFRATHS focus is on the ability...

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Model • MD Management : 'L'amour d'été' for SÉDUCTION mag with photos and film, ALLURE magazine's first-ever hair guide, GRAZIA France celebrates the beach, 'Suburbian Light' in FACTICE mag & new entry Julia NECKER

13.06.2018 • Belgian model Yana BOVENISTIER c/o MD MGMT is the seductive cover star of the 'L'amour d'été' issue of the SÉDUCTION beauty supplement in SZ. In the latest issue, you can read about Maître d’eau Thierry Wasser and his work as Guerlain's Master Perfumer, about Medical SPAS or wellness for health and non-conformist KARLA OTTO, Die Markenmacherin and their very own discrete way of being successful. Beautiful Yana was photographed by Vladimir Martí, with hair & make-up by Daniel Rull.

"At 26, the age that some models might have started side-eyeing their savings accounts, Park’s career took a turn for the stratospheric. Having graduated with a degree in architecture from UC Berkeley, Park had taken a job in graphic design for a Web company when she was scouted in San Francisco. Park arrived in New York City to face a demoralizingly slow burn of casting calls. As in any good movie montage, the catalyst took the form of reinvention with a sacrifice of the silky, straight, virgin black hair she inherited from her mother.

“Going platinum took, like, eight hours and cost maybe two...

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Agencies • Ghp Photo & Production : MEY & EDLICH, FACES mag, HEINE motifs, IMPRESSIONEN catalog, a new entry & personal projects

13.06.2018 • For the client MEY & EDLICH, senior model Aiden Brady was photographed by TORSTEN RUPPERT. Responsible from the client were Yvonne Krumm and Sigrid Quast. Grooming: Vesna Ebenhan, styling: Christian Ebenhan. And AprilMay supported the shoot on location in Berlin. All productions were organized by Ghp Photo & Production. Mey & Edlich is the oldest German mail-order company still active today. At the end of 2004, the Walbusch Walter Busch mail-order company in Solingen acquired the trademark rights of the textile company in order to rebuild it as a pure mail-order business for men's outerwear in Leipzig.

Torsten Ruppert also photographed portraits of women in several productions. We have a small selection for you on GoSee.

Photographer Sandra WEIMAR c/o GUDRUN HAMANN realized several projects together with Stefan Brammen and Norbert Vallus from the creative agency herrbrammen, including the spread entitled 'Reborn in Renaissance' with model Steinunn which was published in FACES magazine. Styling: Martina Nelles, set design and props: Timo Zickuhr, hair &...

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Agencies • PERFECTPROPS BERLIN : Styling of the Samsung World cup spot with soccer player Mario Götze, Ahoj sherbet spot with Friedrich Liechtenstein, LOCTITE, C&A commercial & 'Ikea: Feng Chewy'

13.06.2018 • 'Childhood memories in a box' this summer come from iconic brand AHOJ-BRAUSE. As testimonial for the two commercials was iconic Berlin artist Friedrich Liechtenstein, who became famous over night in 2014 with Edeka's "Supergeil" video. Madlen UHLEMANN c/o PERFECTPROPS Berlin was in charge of styling, and they were directed by Zoran Bihac. The spots were produced by Nylon Film. From Antoni Jellyhouse, Martin Pross (creation) and Jörg Schultheis (consulting) were responsible for the campaign.

Samsung is the technology partner of the German Soccer Association DFB and is at the heart of the commercial with the claim ''What matters most is to keep trying'' featuring Mario Götze as testimonial. The commercial with the World Cup hero from 2014 shows the highs and lows of soccer. Mario Götze is not with the team to defend the title in Russia – but he won't let that stop him either. Because staying on the ball is all that counts, and that's what the new SAMSUNG commercial #GoForBiggerGoals is all about. Frank Wilde c/o PERFECTPROPS was at the side of Mario Götze for wardrobe styling....

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Agencies • Ready for the soccer world championship? Friendly Fire is rallying for the FIFA World Cup and and realizes TV short spots using a game engine for Gantnerundenzi

13.06.2018 • This summer's sports highlight is undoubtedly the World Cup. And that not completely without the help of the Austrians. For online betting provider bet-at-home, GoSee member FRIENDLY FIRE realized TV short spots, featuring the participants in the form of Russia's typical matryoshka dolls. And, of course, a streaker has to be in there too. For print, online and TV, all 34 participating nations were illustrated like the classic souvenir by Klemens Kubala.

Interesting from a production perspective was the use of a game engine to realize the TV spot. More about that from Roman Saravia, CG Supervisor and Partner of Friendly Fire: “With such a large number of figures to animate, the advantage of the game engine was being able to see changes right then and there in the final quality in real time without rendering. Which is a total game changer when it comes to flexibility and speed for productions of this kind.” So, let the games begin!

Creative responsibility was in the hands of Gantnerundenzi, according to them the first and only advertising agency in Austria, where clients are...

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