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model • Louisa Models : AIGNER MUNICH DADA campaign S/S 2019 with photos and film, L'OFFICIEL Ukraine December '18, VOGUE Wedding Japan, ELLE Serbia, ELLE India & JUTE mag... wishing you #beautifulholidays !

12.12.2018 • "The Dada movement of the 20th century served as inspiration for the energy-laden collection that stimulates lateral thinking. Clean designs clash with a creative mix and match of unexpected details adorning clear shapes." AIGNER MUNICH on its own S/S 2019 collection. In front of the photo and film camera, we find Canadian beauty Alyssah ALI c/o LOUISA MODELS. The AIGNER brand – founded by Hungarian native fashion designer Etienne Aigner in 1904 – stands for unique craftsmanship, the finest quality and perfection in detail. A congenial composition of German precision, Tuscan tradition, Hungarian joie de vivre, and not lastly, New York glam.

Parisian beauty Celine DELAUGERE c/o LOUISA MODELS in the cover spread of L'OFFICIEL Ukraine December 2018 – photos: Virgile Reboul, Fashion Editor/Stylist: Joana Dacheville, hair: Mayu Morimoto & make-up: Loriane Leger.

'Attitude' – top model Isabeli FONTANA c/o LOUISA MODELS in the cover spread of ELLE Serbia November '18, photographed by Dawid Klepadlo, styling: Pablo Patane.

'Rings' – model Karolina GORZALA c/o...

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H&M • close up agency : the last NEWS from the Hamburg-based hair & make-up agency in 2018 with lots of OTTO plus VEIN mag, RED mag, ELLÉMENTS mag, and ELLE Greece

12.12.2018 • For the very last cover of the OTTO catalog, hair & make-up artist Sandra SCHÜTZ c/o CLOSEUP-AGENCY.DE had the honor of wielding her brushes. This marks the end of an era. It was photographed by TIM PETERSEN. The same goes for the OTTO F/W 2018/2019 PR LOOKBOOK with model Persina Tesic as well as the "I'll be APP" / OTTO 2019 MAIN CATALOG COVER with model Astrid Eika. In December 2018, Otto customers will receive the perhaps most well-known mail-order catalog in Germany for the very last time. But it all makes good sense: environmental protection, paper waste, the trend toward online shopping ... But for those who grew up with the Otto catalog, its farewell must bring a tear to the eye.

Model Tia in ELLE Greece December '18 – hair & make-up: Athena SKOUVAKIS c/o CLOSEUP-AGENCY.DE, photos: KAPLANIDIS, styling: VASILIKI PAPPA & GEORGIA KLISOURA.

Model Iris Bakker in L’OFFICIEL BALTICUM December '18 – production, hair, make-up & art direction by Diana GALANTE C/O CLOSEUP-AGENCY.

Model Alexandra Hochgürtel c/o EAST WEST Models in the spread 'The Great Escape' for...

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Agencies • Avenger Photographers : VOGUE ARABIA editorial with the collection from Layla Moussa, twin models Jonathan and Kevin Sampaio in CALEO MAG, plus the LU REN Finest Cashmere F/W 2018/19 campaign on the Zugspitze

12.12.2018 • DIRK BADER c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed the new collection from Layla Moussa for VOGUE ARABIA, plus the men's fashion editorial ''Seeing Double' with twin models Jonathan and Kevin Sampaio for CALEO MAGAZINE at the Farol Hotel in Portugal (@kevinsampaiotwin @jonathansampaio at @weare_models #stylingby #bernardwerkmeister @peopleandbrands #groomingby Marko Strucl @markocreator for @oribegermany Thanks to @farol_hotel #isseymiyake @isseymiyake.antwerp #mykitasunglasses @ mykitaofficial).

The F/W 2018/19 campaign for cashmere label LU REN was photographed by Dirk BADER on the Zugspitze (#model @bexfleetwood #hairmakeup @johnelliottmakeup #styling @kathrin_seidel #artdirection @daniela_illing).

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Agencies • BIGOUDI : Beauty support for ZARA, CLOSED, HARPER'S BAZAAR, GQ Watches, Golden Hour in The Beauty Bazaar, Vogue CZ & styling for young athletes in ESQUIRE ITALY

12.12.2018 • Thomas Lorenz c/o BIGOUDI took care of make-up for the client ZARA, and Anna Neugebauer c/o BIGOUDI did hair & make-up for CLOSED and photographer Yannick Schuette c/o Freda & Wolf.

Yvonne Wengler c/o BIGOUDI, hair & make-up, was on set for Harper's Bazaar with photographer Lea Wormsbach, while Paul Maximilian Schlosser c/o BIGOUDI realized a modern indoor sports spread with photographer and GoSee member ACHIM LIPPOTH for Esquire Italy.

Michael Salmen c/o BIGOUDI took care of grooming for a GQ Watches special with photographer Markus Jans c/o Supervision, and Melanie Hunger c/o BIGOUDI did hair & make-up for Yoko magazine and photographer Felix Bernason.

Yvonne Wengler, hair & make-up, was in charge of the looks in The Beauty Bazaar (photos: Anna Daki c/o Klaus Stiegemeyer), and Thomas Lorenz took care of make-up for a Vogue CZ editorial with photographer Michal Pudelka.

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Agencies • Solar und Fotografen : JÄGERMEISTER Tap Machine, campaign for the STEINER 'Senses' series, Nico Rosberg for the Deutsche Bahn campaign, recipe photos for WMF, HABIT INTERIORS, ADAC mag & a job offer

11.12.2018 • For JÄGERMEISTER, Hamburg-based photographer Christian KERBER c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN staged the new Tap Machine for one bottle of the herbal liqueur. The Jägermeister Tap Machine was invented in the US so that Jägermeister can be served at the perfect drinking temperature of -18°C. The machine is equipped with a high-performance cooling tank which cools Jägermeister down to the perfect drinking temperature. This makes it possible to dispense chilled shots fast and clean thanks to an integrated faucet. The tank is filled via screwed on 0.7 and/or 1 liter Jägermeister bottles. Read all about it under:

The campaign for the STEINER 'Senses' series – photographed in Berlin by Neumann & Rodtmann c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN.

Nico Rosberg for the Deutsche Bahn campaign – photographed by Tobias GROMATZKI c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN; we have four motifs on GoSee.

Volker Wenzlawski c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN photographed – following the WMF campaign for the pressure cooker – delicious recipes in close cooperation with foodstylist Raik Holst.


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Agencies • Agent Molly & Co : 'Uniforms for the Dedicated', new motifs for charity organization 'Hand in Hand' in Kenya, and Molly wishes you Happy Holidays!

10.12.2018 • "Headquartered in Nairobi, with programs in roughly half of the country’s 47 counties, our operation in Kenya is among the network’s most pioneering, not least for its work with youth. “Success is almost guaranteed” to moms aged 13 to 30 who take part in our Young Mothers Program, according to independent researchers, while Hand in Hand Entrepreneurship Clubs for students aged 10 to 16 continue to spread throughout the country." we read on the website of charity organization HAND IN HAND. The new artwork came from Lena GRANEFELT c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO.

Agent Molly & Co photographer Fredrik Skogkvist presents you new looks for menswear label 'Uniforms for the Dedicated' on GoSee.

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Agencies • Rockenfeller & Göbels : MARIE CLAIRE Espana, CASIO G-Shock, a REWE campaign, BEL EPOK mag, plus the MERCEDES-BENZ G500

09.12.2018 • Fernando GOMEZ photographs a wintery editorial for Spanish MARIE CLAIRE magazine. Hair & make-up of model Gabija Sim were taken care of by Ivan Gomez.

The new G-Shock watch from CASIO sports an understated and yet robust design. Photos were shot by Manuel MITTELPUNKT.

Andreas ANDÉ photographed the new REWE campaign with delicious recipe ideas.

Manuel MITTELPUNKT photographed a modest still life full of harmonious colors for BEL EPOK magazine.

Michael HAEGELE photographed the new MERCEDES-BENZ G500 in its natural habitat.

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HMS • Les ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger : Max Mara Special in VOGUE Russia, INTERVIEW mag, British GQ, THE WALLSTREET JOURNAL, and the REISCHMANN campaign

09.12.2018 • For VOGUE Russia, Özge EFEK c/o les ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger styled the Max Mara Special, which was photographed by Angelo Lamparelli. Plus, Özge Efek was on a styling mission for the German edition of INTERVIEW magazine – with motifs photographed once again by Angelo Lamparelli.

Thorsten WEISS c/o les ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger groomed model Jeremy O. Harris for the Gucci Special in British GQ, photographer: David Abrahams

Samuel Bradley photographed for THE WALLSTREET JOURNAL – make-up: Thomas LORENZ c/o les ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger.

Anna Feneberg photographed for REISCHMANN – grooming: Corina FRIEDRICH c/o les ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger.

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Agencies • Cosmopola : COCA COLA campaign for Mercado Mccann, Panasonic 'Vegetable Dance' for Shanghai Berlin, CANVAS BAR BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, MAC COSMETICS, 'Just Dance' movie for Item 6, plus a 'Knitted Camouflage' project by Joseph Ford

05.12.2018 • Manuel Archain c/o Cosmopola photographed once again for Coca Cola. The eye-catching lifestyle campaign with a touch of nostalgia and retro flair was commissioned by Mercado Mccann (Argentina), and production was taken care of by Kepler 187.

Plus, COSMOPOLA presents Manuel's series entitled 'Sleepers – new reloaded': This is a new approach to the series 'Sleepers'. Ever since Manuel discovered the wonders of CGI, he has created new photos for the old series 'Sleepers'. It's about how people are asleep even when they're awake. The ones at the windows are computer-generated; the only true photos in the images are the people inside; buildings, trees and everything else were added by means of CGI. The giant ones were composed using Photoshop. This is a new approach to the 'Sleepers' series.

'Veggie Dicks' – that's the wonderful topic creatively realized by still life duo ILKA & FRANZ @ Cosmopola for GUARDIAN WEEKEND.

This Summer, their campaign for OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America) appeared on streets across America and on Times Square! The campaign for Publicis...

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