02.04.2017  •  Agencies NEWS


Location •  'More Indian than you think' – LUFTHANSA is advertising on the Indian subcontinent with a cricket spot – and location support from LS PRODUCTIONS



Director: Martin Werner
DOP: Jallo Faber
Client: LUFTHANSA with Alexander Schlaubitz (Vice President Marketing) & Benita Struve (Leiterin Marketing Communications & Campaigns)
Production: Czar Film
Advertising Agency: Kolle Rebbe
Creative Director: Heiko Notter
Location: Edgbaston Stadion Birmingham, Airport Frankfurt
Ad agency: MRM/McCann India
CEO: Fabian Frese
Bodenltg.: Christian Kroll

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Cricket is a team sport most popular among Commonwealth countries and is a national pastime in several others. Cricket is India's favorite sport by far, and a little known fact is: There are breaks for both lunch and tea during the sport. But we don't want to get ahead of ourselves.

What is the spot by Director Martin Werner all about? We see a focused British cricket coach who is ready to do whatever it takes to beat the legendary Indian champions with their own weapons. We see English athletes with a death wish up against Indian cuisine, Indian philosophy including yoga, Indian music and what could never be left out: Indian dance. But what about the airline? Is it Indian too? The coach knows how to make them feel comfortable: Because whatever has LUFTHANSA's name on it, definitely has that little bit more in store – always. This is also demonstrated in the grand finale of the spot: 'More Indian than you think'.

LS PRODUCTIONS tells GoSee about what happened between Birmingham and Frankfurt: “Directed by CZAR’s Martin Werner, the film is centered on the story of a coach instructing his English team in the Indian way, from eating and practice, to yoga and dancing. LS Productions were brought on board by CZAR and tasked with finding an English cricket stadium for the shoot. It was imperative for the ground to have no affiliation with another airline. The Location Department at LS Productions liaised with the representatives for filming at each cricket ground to ensure that there were no conflicts of interest with existing sponsors and identify any potential issues as early on in the process as possible. In the end, Edgbaston stadium in Birmingham was just perfect.”

Thorne Mutert, Executive Producer CZAR, comments: “This was another great shoot with LS Productions in England, our third together. Edgbaston was exactly what we hoped for - the LS locations team gained us complete access for a long weekend of shooting. With a large cast and crew, it really made the job as easy as possible. Sarah and her team really know their stuff, are flexible and make it fun… What more could we need!” Go & See!