11.01.2017  •  Agencies NEWS


STORYTELLING VIA HAIRSTYLING •  CLOSE UP AGENCY : now represents international hair stylist THANOS and brings you hairstyles for Carmen Dell`Orefice in VOGUE ITALY, GERMANY & SPAIN, SCHÖN and ANTIDOTE MAG on GoSee

Great expectations! CLOSE UP is delighted to welcome new entry THANOS, a hairstylist with passion. After many busy years in New York City, he now goes back to his European roots. From now on, THANOS can be booked via CLOSE UP. We present you a selection of his works. Hust click hier for more.

And we have a statement for you from THANOS on his passion: “Few things give me more pleasure, than being in my studio, making things. The trusty tools that my fingers have come to know like extensions of themselves, the old heads that stand in for the girls, the smell of the scorching hot irons, the glue, the dyes, the sprays, the secret concoctions. Experimenting with different fibers, developing ideas and looks to use in future shoots, designing characters for stories. Hair says a lot about a person; unlike clothes or make-up, we attribute hair as the person’s own. And every person, inadvertently and unconsciously, conveys and betrays so much about themselves, through their hair. I can tell everything about a woman, by her hair alone.”

Born in Salonika, in northern Greece, Thanos left his native country to study acting, art, and design in London when he was 17, but even as a child, he was always intrigued by hair. He found it fascinating that people can be someone else by the sheer use of different hair. "The actual material, the way it reflects light, the way it reacts to the elements: heat, moisture; the way it can transform a person by color, length."

Here on GoSee is a list of publications and in VOGUE Italy (hair by THANOS, celebrity Carmen Dell`Orefice, photography by Greg Lotus, Fashion Editor/Stylist: Danny Santiago), GERMAN Vogue (hair by THANOS, photos by Emma Summerton, models: Grace Mahary, Mijo Mihaljcic, Ophelie Guillermand, Sophia Ahrens, Sora Choi), VOGUE Italy (“Fly High”, hair by THANOS, photography by Greg Lotus), VOGUE Spain September 2016 (model: Malgosia Bela, hair by THANOS, photography by Miguel Reveriego, fashion: Belen Antolin), SCHÖN magazine (hair by THANOS, photography by Tiziano Magni, model: Aline Weber, Fashion Editor/Stylist: Seymour Glass), ANTIDOTE magazine (hair by THANOS, photography by Miguel Reveriego, model: Guinevere van Seenus, CD & Fashion Editor/Stylist : Yann Weber), VOGUE Turkey (hair by THANOS , photography by Miguel-Reveriego, model: Karolin Wolter).