14.01.2020  •  Agencies NEWS


film •  WE ARE CREATIVE : presents you the latest showreel by Director Dillon Buirski on GoSee



Join Dillon on this visual journey of what he has been up to during the past year - from fashion to lifestyle; the people, the places, the faces, and most importantly, the human connection, is something that he will strive to elevate in each of his films.

Director: Dillon BUIRSKI c/o we are creative

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Director Dillon BUIRSKI c/o WE ARE CREATIVE has more than 16 years experience in the fashion photo and film industry. Dillon Buirski, based in Cape Town and London, studied Art Direction at AAA School of Advertising, after which he pursued a career as fashion photographer – which eventually evolved into the dynamic role of fashion director over the years. His considered style, creativity and attention to detail are his trademark and make him a favorite among fashion retail houses all over the world.

His clients already include the likes of Marks & Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger, Jack Wills, Primark, George ASDA, F&F, Superbalist, or even Boden. We are delighted to present you his latest showreel on GoSee.