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What is your motivation? "Tres Hermanas – Una Pasion" – Tobias Bosch Fotomanagement presents you the film with the three sisters of Director Cem Guenes on GoSee


Cem Guenes New Film "Tres Hermanas - Una Pasion"

Cem Guenes directed his movie "Tres Hermanas - Una Pasion", Julian Robinet was his camera man. They filmed the story about the three Mina sisters in Ecuador. Their father started with motocross when he was 40 years old but became so passionate about it that he founded a racetrack. His three daughters all became motorcyclists. They do their work outs together, they coach each other and they are proud of each other no matter who wins. Cem Guenes and Julian Robinet captured the story in powerful poetic pictures.

Director: CEM GUENES c/o Tobias Bosch Fotomanagement
DOP: Julian Robinet
Producer: Oscar Paredes, Pablo Negro Aranjo
Post Production: Schnittfilm Berlin
Sound Design: Marco Rivera

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GoSee presents you the film "Tres Hermanas – Una Pasion" by Director Cem GUENES c/o TOBIAS BOSCH FMGMT, which tells the story of the three Mina sisters from Ecuador whose dad took up motocross when he was already 40 years old. He was such a fan of the sport that he even built his own racetrack. The rest is history: All three of his daughters became enthusiastic motocross drivers. They practice together, they help each other where they can – and celebrate their victories together, no matter which of them wins.

Success in a male-dominated sport, however, does not spark only enthusiasm. The three sisters know what it means to deal with prejudice, but there is an ironic flip side: People who are fans of the girls' achievements, their passion, talent, and above all, their success. "And it's just the beginning of a family tradition." Cem Guenes tells us. He and DOP Julian Robinet captured the girls & bikes story in poetic photos. TV producers: Oscar Paredes and Pablo Negro Aranjo, post production: Cut Film Berlin and sound design: Marco Rivera.