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Agencies • AK/KRUSE Artist MGMT : Dallmer, beauty stills for an authentic beauty concept, still styling for WALLPAPER, fashion for ODEEH, PETAR PETROV, PHORM, INDIE MAG, ARCADES MAG, CAP74024, Rotholz x Mud jeans, bicycle brand MAY Ltd., plus the BASIS pH commercial

21.05.2019 • Christian STEMMLER c/o AK/KRUSE styles 'Goth Club' featured in INDIE magazine, photographed by Francois Pragnere. He also styles his artistic friends for CAP 74024 magazine, shot by Davit Giorgadze in Christian’s and Davit’s neighborhood in Berlin.

Clara Nebeling c/o AK/KRUSE photographed for young Chinese fashion label PHORM in Paris and shot “people of Berlin enjoying the cities surrounding lakes for ARCADES MAG issue three 'the suburbs of Berlin'”, says AK/KRUSE. 'Clara Nebeling c/o AK/KRUSE shoots Rotholz’s cooperation with MudJeans. Berlin-based label Rotholz creates fair eco fashion in a minimalistic look inspired by Japanese design aesthetics. Dutch Mud Jeans´ ultimate goal is 'a world without waste'.' Further information and photos are available via AKKRUSE.

Still life expert Stephan ABRY c/o AK/KRUSE and stylist Winnie Placzko c/o AK/KRUSE teamed up once again for the exclusive shower channel collection 'Cerafloor individual' by DALLMER. 'In the photographer's studio in Hamburg, Stephan and stylist Winnie Placzko shot image visuals for the new holistic premium...

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Agencies • Emeis Deubel : 'O-Moments' 02 campaign for BBDO, SANTANDER BANK Lifestyle campaign in Brazil, and personal work 'Pikin Slee'

20.05.2019 • Autumn SONNICHSEN c/o EMEIS DEUBEL was commissioned with a big lifestyle campaign for SANTANDER BANK in Brazil. We have the results here on GoSee.

From now on, everything at O2 is about "O-Moments". With the new brand campaign by new lead agency BBDO Berlin, the brand of Telefónica Deutschland goes for content marketing. The emotional approach is based on the natural understanding of smartphone users that the devices give them access to digital entertainment anytime and anywhere. 'After the big win of its new client O2, BBDO Berlin approached Cecil Arp to shoot its first major campaign. Produced by AprilMay in Berlin, Cecil created a series of 'O-Moments' full of expression and personality,' says EMEIS DEUBEL.

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hms • BIGOUDI presents you in #20/19 : HARPER'S BAZAAR Brazil, L'OFFICIEL Malaysia, actor Alexander Scheer in LUFTHANSA EXCLUSIVE magazine, CLOSED, PEOPLE Berlin, Mother's Day with EUCERIN, ZALANDO, VOGUE CS, VOGUE Portugal, ICON mag, ROLLACOASTER mag, and NEW entry Manuela Degelmann

20.05.2019 • 'Fantasia de Verao' in HARPER'S BAZAAR Brazil and Beauty for L'OFFICIEL Malaysia – hair & make-up by Michael SALMEN c/o BIGOUDI, photos: Andrea Klarin.

Actor Alexander Scheer in LUFTHANSA EXCLUSIVE magazine and CLOSED – styling: Paul Maximilian SCHLOSSER c/o BIGOUDI.

Jana Geberding c/o Klaus Stiegemeyer photographs for People Berlin – hair by Eva DIECKHOFF c/o BIGOUDI.

Julia Keltsch c/o Avenger Photographers shoots a Mother's Day campaign motif for EUCERIN and beauty for SOLSTICE magazine – hair & make-up by Evelyn INNERHOFER c/o BIGOUDI.

Marcin Kempski photographs fashion for ZALANDO – hair & make-up: Anja FICHTENMAYER c/o BIGOUDI.

Daniela and Linda Dostalkova photograph for VOGUE CS, and Branislaw Simoncik stages jewelry for VOGUE Portugal – both editorials with make-up by Thomas LORENZ c/o BIGOUDI.

Armin Zogbaum c/o Marlene Ohlsson photographs stills for the April issue of ICON magazine; at his side: stylist Anna NIZIO c/o BIGOUDI.

Greg Vaughan photographs for Rollacoaster – grooming: Andreas SCHÖNAGEL c/o BIGOUDI.

NEW at BIGOUDI: Manuela Degelmann,...

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Agencies • Claudia Bitzer : Christian Schmidt realized a new Formula E campaign including a film for technology firm ABB (ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.) on commission for Serviceplan Zurich in the UK and via CGI

20.05.2019 • Christian SCHMIDT c/o CLAUDIA BITZER realized the new Formula E campaign for ABB, the leading global technology company in the areas of power grids, electric products, industrial automation, drives, and robotics.

Produced for the introduction of the Swiss technology group as the main sponsor of the racing series were several print motifs and a film. Indoor shots were taken in Great Britain with the support of Caspar & Co, and outdoor shots were created fully in CGI together with The Scope. The film was produced by Christian in collaboration with DOP Julian Holzwarth.

The executive agency was Serviceplan Zurich with AD Hanning Beland, AB Nathalie Jakober and Account Director Nicoals Gspan.

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H&M • close up agency : SOGNARE SWIMWEAR campaign, GRAZIA ITALIA, Ariane Labed whisks you away to modern-day Athens for CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER, HARALAS SHOES Summer 2019 campaign, 'School of Athens' for HARPER'S BAZAAR Brazil Kids, plus a double dose of ELLE Greece

19.05.2019 • Greek designer Eva Varakis ventured into the fashion industry by introducing her very own brand, SOGNARE SWIMWEAR. Her reasoning behind launching her own line was simple: ever since she was a little girl, she knew the best swimsuits she would ever wear would be the ones she designed herself. She has developed a distinct design skill set and has acquired a unique sensibility for combining luxurious materials to create a simple, high-end swimwear line that's instantly eye-catching without being needlessly provocative.

With strategically placed cut-outs, metallic textures, neon touches and an unmistakable '90s vibe, Sognare Swimwear treads the fine line between sport and sexy, without ever losing its glamorous footing. With an arsenal of bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and monokinis designed to flatter, Sognare toys with geometry and proportion, upping the ante with a combination of minimalism and sensuality. The campaign was photographed by Kaplanidis, with styling by Maria Papadopoulou and hair & make-up by Athena SKOUVAKIS c/o CLOSEUP AGENCY. GoSee :

'Vestita di...

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