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Agencies • BANRAP : Action on the Azores Islands for JOCHEN SCHWEIZER, HEAD SPORTS Winter 2019/20 campaign, pro surfer LEON GLATZER, plus a SONY Special with top swimmer CHAD LE CLOS, ...

02.04.2020 • Photographer Tim WENDRICH c/o BANRAP traveled to the Portuguese archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic to photographically document the adventures offered there for adventure travel agent JOCHEN SCHWEIZER. Ragged cliffs, volcanos and lush green landscapes make the Azores a true natural paradise. The first part of this assignment is about swimming with dolphins and coasteering, which required both a steady foot and a fancy for getting wet. We hope to again soon – and until then: #stayathome.

One thing TIM WENDRICH c/o BANRAP is a big fan of are lousy conditions in cool places. For sports outfitter HEAD, it was off to an altitude of 2,300 meters at temperatures below zero. The result: the latest campaign photos for the sport of skiing, appearing here on GoSee.

In January 2020, photographer Tim WENDRICH c/o BANRAP did things a bit differently than usual. Equipped with only one camera, he accompanied a large photo team and pro surfer Leon Glatzer, born in Hawaii and raised in Costa Rica, on a promotion tour all over Germany.

The goal of the project was to produce as much output as...

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Agencies • AK/KRUSE Artist Management : YOU ARE MY FAVORITE TREE Charity book project, ESQUIRE Italia, T Magazine China, MALAIKA RAISS Spring/Summer 2020, KASTNER&ÖHLER Vienna, WELEDA, STYLE mag, XENIA BOUS Jewelry

01.04.2020 • CLARA NEBELING created YOU ARE MY FAVORITE TREE together with her friends – the work of 41 photographers and illustrations from children help to finance planting trees in Brazil. The eco-considerate photo book brings together work from the likes of David Uzochukwu and Hollie Fernando – and, of course, Clara Nebeling.

Clara Nebeling : “Is there a better way to start this year than by gifting trees back to our earth? This project is so special to me because it has been created 100% by the essence of friendship. A few months ago, my good friend @valeriavbrito and I had an idea to plant trees in her hometown in Brazil. We met in highschool when I lived there as an exchange student. She is an agricultural specialist so she has all the skills and contacts for the actual work. And well, I have a lot of creative friends so I thought we could work on something to get this baby financed. Here it is now, our recycled, printed love child made by 41 photographer friends and their favorite tree images, interviews and drawings I did with kids from my former elementary and middle school, and you...

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01.04.2020 • ‘More spin by innovative technology’ – <b>Bernd WESTPHAL c/o STILLSTARS</b> photographs for the golf revolutionaries from TITAN GOLF, Hamburg.

TITAN GOLF stands for the latest innovations in Golf sport. The company’s promise: Its new golf wedges generate much more backspin than all other wedges. Because golfers always want more spin and more control from their wedges – and this is precisely what the young Hamburg-based company has to offer. The underlying idea: In a highly technical and complex process, the wedges are coated to achieve a rougher, more durable and stronger clubface.

Every golfer who wants more spin and performance on their wedge clubs can now send their clubs – new or old – to Titan-Golf in Hamburg, where they are blasted in a cleaning process. Then, the clubhead is transferred to an HVF burner that reaches a temperature of 5,000 degrees Celsius (10,000 °C is only required for ceramic) and fires the particles of the MS-16 coating, the invention of the TITAN GOLF makers led by expert Klaus Eisenmenger, onto the clubface with Mach 3.5. The MS-16 coating has a...

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hms • BASICS.BERLIN, HMS agency, Berlin : Singer Elif presents her new music video ‘Friends’ on GoSee, ‘Strange Fruit’ in SICKY mag, celebrity model Anna Cleveland for the STERN MODE cover editorial, DEUTSCHE POST ... and NEW entry Meilynn LINDLAR, with hair & make-up from Berlin

01.04.2020 • I pretend that we are just friends
That I didn’t care how you look at me
I pretend that this – us – is over
And it’s killin’ me how you’re tryin’ to play me…

The visagist and the singer Elif have known each other almost since the beginning of their careers and have grown closer particularly over the last years. Which is why the visagist was at her side again this time with her expertise. Elif’s new music video for the song “Friends” was recently released. GoSee!

Model Theresa is the ‘Strange Fruit’ in SICKY magazine – hair & make-up by Ana BUVINIC c/o BASICS.BERLIN, photos: Maiken Staak and set design: Semira Xonosetoca and (ask) Laia Puigdollers Lores.

Andreas BERNHARDT c/o BASICS.BERLIN was on set for hair & make-up support of celebrity model Anna Cleveland for the STERN Mode cover shoot. He not only conjured the make-up onto the face of the avant-garde beauty, he also slipped into the role of the bouncer/security guard in the video filmed by Jürgen Schabes during the shoot. Watch the video on Jürgen Schabes’ website. GoSee:


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prod • Eternal It Girl – JPPS CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS, Paris produces the InStyle cover and editorial with Chanel ambassador Caroline de Maigret

01.04.2020 • JPPS produced InStyle Russia’s March cover & Chanel editorial. Sonia Sieff c/o Julian Meijer Agency photographed Caroline de Maigret, the coolest and most Parisian of all Chanel ambassadors. The location was the private studio of the exceptional Mr Paolo Roversi.

About – Caroline de Maigret (born 18 February, 1975) is a French international model and music producer who is a member of the families of Maigret and Poniatowski. She is the granddaughter of former minister Michel Poniatowski, Caroline de Maigret is the daughter of Bertrand de Maigret (former Vice-President of the Council of Paris then Deputy of Sarthe) and swimming champion Isabelle Poniatowski. She was raised in Paris with her three brothers and sisters. In 1993, she passed her baccalauréat in economic and social studies and enrolled at the Sorbonne in Modern Literature. The same year, she was spotted by a modeling agency. In 2006, alongside modeling, she created her music label – Bonus Tracks Records – with Yarol Poupaud: “We do music production, soundtracks, live events & all kind of stuff. Please note that we are...

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