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Agencies • KLAUS STIEGEMEYER : Motion Editorial with Sean O'Pry for ISSUE MAN, HUGO BOSS x ESQUIRE Men's fashion story, styling for Levi's Made & Crafted S/S '19 Collection, GQ Style Mexico featuring Presley Gerber, THE GREATEST issue 15... & KLAUS STIEGEMEYER at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

17.07.2019 • For the new TIGER OF SWEDEN project 'Modern Movement', Jana GERBERDING c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER photographed various artists for the traditional Swedish company. ISSUE Man Motion Editorial featuring male model Sean O'Pry - photos and film by Ben LAMBERTY c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER, post production by RETOUCHED STUDIOS - and meet KLAUS STIEGEMEYER at UPDATE-19-BERLIN.

“For the hyper-mobile modern professional, traveling with pounds of luggage like a transatlantic 19th-century oil tycoon is not an ideal move. With a bit of strategy, it’s possible to pack light and maintain your sense of style without skimping on variety. With tips from world traveler, model, and self-professed “Van Man” Philippe Leblond (yes, he lives in a van), we've put together an easy guide on how to look good while on the go, using pieces from the BOSS Travel Collection. From casual to all the way spruced up, here are the four outfits you should pack for every trip.” we read on ESQUIRE. The HUGO BOSS looks were photographed by Ben LAMBERTY c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER with styling by Giorgio Ammirabile and grooming by...

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prod • Guy Lowndes photographs the s.OLIVER BLACK campaign in Cape Town – produced by PRINZ PRODUCTIONS

17.07.2019 • Native Australian and London resident Guy Lowndes photographed the s.OLIVER BLACK campaign in Cape Town, which was produced by PRINZ PRODUCTIONS.

The fashion label is part of the s.OLIVER Group which includes s.Oliver BLACK LABEL alongside s.Oliver, Q/S designed by, TRIANGLE, comma, comma casual identity, and LIEBESKIND BERLIN in its wonderful fashion portfolio. s.Oliver BLACK LABEL stands for a broad spectrum of formal and business wear. s.Oliver BLACK LABEL elegantly combines luxurious fabrics with classic cuts full of passion for the highly comfortable clothing typical of s.Oliver.

The company operates 289 of its own stores, 412 with partners, plus 3108 shops with 3876 sales areas within other stores such as department stores. s.Oliver products are offered in more than 20 countries, including Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Canada, and India. GoSee :

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prod • bigshrimp Hamburg : produces the MONTBLANC Timepieces brochure, the 'BELOTERO, the filler you'll love' campaign for MERZ and an exhibitor at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

16.07.2019 • For the agency Jung von Matt/Next Alster GmbH, Hamburg-based production company BIGSHRIMP produced the MONTBLANC Timepieces brochure presented on GoSee in Hamburg. Creatives from the agency included Florian Neuber and Mirjam Wagner, and SOLOMON WINTER was responsible for art buying. The motifs were photographed by Roman GOEBEL with styling by Niki PAULS, both artists c/o SHOTVIEW.

'BELOTERO. the filler you'll love' – BIGSHRIMP produced the MERZ 'Aesthetics' campaign for photographer Ina Schoof and the agency Select World... and meet bigshrimp at their booth at UPDATE-19-BERLIN.

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Agencies • SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT : MARTIN GRANT Resort S/S '20 Collection, Charlotte Gainsburg for the Summer issue of French MARIE CLAIRE, Deutsch VOGUE, and INTERVIEW magazine

16.07.2019 • As chic-as-it-gets with voluminous silhouettes, classy pantsuits & quite a touch of turmeric ... Designer to the stars Martin Grant leaves his comfort zone with his MARTIN GRANT Resort S/S '20 Collection - photos by Daniel ROCHÈ c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGMENT.

Camilla ARMBRUST c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographs Charlotte Gainsburg for the Summer issue of French MARIE CLAIRE June '19; we have two portraits for you on GoSee.

Edgy but simple... Daniel ROCHÉ c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographs for French A’ Part magazine.

Peter GEHRKE c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT directs for Teenage Engineering, capturing five seconds of true 80s glam.

Artist, model, actress BRITTA THIE and German rapper EUNIQUE for Deutsch VOGUE - portraits of the rising stars by Peter RIGAUD c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT.

Alexander NEUMANN c/o SAM shoots a gender-bending editorial in Lima featuring model and visual artist Bovo Stella from Sao Paulo, now living in Lima, for INTERVIEW magazine. Styling: Angel Macias, hair & make-up: Kevin Choi, production: Ricky...

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Agencies • Christa Klubert Photographers : KÄRCHER ad motifs, a portrait of PGA golf player Justin Rose in the Bahamas for MORGAN STANLEY, visiting Rimowa for LUFTHANSA EXCLUSIVE, MARC O´POLO denim campaign with influencer Julia Dalia, plus an art project

16.07.2019 • 'Kiss dirt goodbye...' – Joel Micah MILLER c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT PHOTOGRAPHERS shot the KÄRCHER ad motifs for the FC3 and WV6 presented on GoSee on commission for the agency Jung von Matt.

Justin Peter Rose, born on 30 July, 1980, in Johannesburg, South Africa, moved to England at the age of five and had a successful amateur career as a youth which he crowned in 1998 – even before his 18th birthday – taking a sensational fourth place at the Open Championship in Royal Birkdale. Sebastian ARTZ c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT PHOTOGRAPHERS lensed the MORGAN STANLEY ambassador on the golf course in the Bahamas. Background of it all is the 'Giving Books to Children in Need' campaign. For every eagle (a score of two under par for a given hole) during THE PLAYERS® Championship, Morgan Stanley donates $5000 through Book Trust – the equivalent of 1500 books given to students in need.

“My wife Kate and I are passionate about the impact books have had on our two young children, and we’re so excited to help Morgan Stanley give young readers a chance to own books they’ll cherish,” says Justin Rose....

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