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Art • Eugenio Recuenco, the Spanish master of mise en scène, presents the highlights of 50 years of human history with stage-like tableaus in his '365º' project – an exhibition in Madrid through the end of March 2019

20.02.2019 • Eugenio Recuenco is a director and fashion photographer who realizes global campaigns and commercials for Loewe, Freixenet, Mango, Codorniu, Chivas Regal, Vanderbilt or Motorola. The native Madrid artist originally wanted to become a painter, but in Paris, he discovered the fashion and advertising world and followed his calling. In 2007, he brought his theatrical style into the Lavazza Calendar, and together with Art Director Eric Dover, he contributed to the stage design of the opera "The Huguenots" in New York. His works contain several references to art history such as the Renaissance, Picasso or Tamara de Lempicka.

Since fashion photography became too realistic for him and he loves to create fantastic, often absurd worlds, he needed a new goal. This is how his biggest project to date, '365º', was born. Over a period of eight years with the help of over 120 models, stylists, make-up artists and stage builders, he staged dreamlike sceneries, historical events or personalities of the last 50 years. Topics like Trump, Facebook or the Mona Lisa can be found just as much as the...

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Art • Fran Drescher, Brad Pitt, Sylvester Stallone... and plenty of art all united on set – GOSEE and GLAMPR were at the premiere of FRIEZE LA for you at Hollywood's legendary Paramount Studios

18.02.2019 • Frieze LA – and art lovers were in for a big surprise. Big names in the entertainment and art worlds came together to mingle and explore the ever-expanding art scene of Los Angeles. More than 70 invited galleries took part in the first-ever Frieze Los Angeles – including a special selection of emerging galleries from the city – presenting a global cross-section of some of today’s most significant and exciting artists and thus creating an exceptional opportunity for collecting and discovering.

The curated program celebrated the unique creative spirit of Los Angeles. Artist projects, talks, films, restaurants, and experiments in patronage and activism transformed the movie set backlot of Paramount Pictures Studios into a symbolic cityscape where art is at the center of civic life.

Frieze Los Angeles joins Frieze New York, Frieze London and Frieze Masters at the forefront of the international art fair calendar, celebrating Los Angeles’ position as a global arts center and destination. Global lead partner Deutsche Bank supported the inaugural edition of Frieze Los Angeles,...

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Art • 'Falling Waters' – unusual fine art landscape work by WE! shoot it, Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon in cooperation with Sarah Willmeroth Postproduktion

18.02.2019 • Already a year ago, transportation photographers Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon began conceptual work on a new fine art landscape spread, for which the duo wanted to venture on previously unseen, artistically dreamy terrain, completely detached from all purported principles of good landscape photography...

After the first round of location scouting, they went into the forests of the Bavarian Prealps at night with all kinds of equipment. "Particularly challenging was finding locations that could be reached in the dark of the night carrying heavy medium-format equipment but that still offered extraordinary spectacles of nature," the duo tells GoSee.

The photos were taken on site with several exposures in absolute darkness. In some cases, individual elements were brought out more clearly with targeted lighting; at times illuminated with simple spotlights, at others with a drone. In some places, the water that plays a role in all of their motifs, began to blur through the long exposure times; A few sharp drops and splashes appear in it caused by the quick targeted...

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Art • Unveiling the basic social, conceptual and technical conditions of the genre of photography – GoSee presents the book Showcaller by Talia Chetrit, appearing at MACK BOOKS

06.02.2019 • Showcaller* is the first book exploring the work of emerging artist Talia Chetrit. It brings together a broad range of her work created between 1994 and 2018 and is linked to a retrospective museum exhibition at Kölnischer Kunstverein in early 2018. The title Showcaller is a theatrical term which references the performative aspects of Chetrit’s work, the power dynamics between subject and photographer, and, ultimately, between the photographer and her audience.

The earliest works included were created when Chetrit was a teenager, and she adroitly collapses and shuffles images from across 24 years and neutralizes the space between family portraits, teenage friends, intimate sex pictures, self-portraits, staged murder pictures, still lifes, and street photographs, to name just a few of the subjects and genres her work adopts. Regardless of the subject matter or the technique with which the image is made, her focus lies on researching and unveiling the basic social, conceptual and technical conditions of the genre of photography. Her work is imbued with a desire to control the...

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Art • GoSee loves... Felicia Honkasalo tells in 'Grey Cobalt' the photographic biography of the grandfather she has never met – as an exhibition in London and an artist book at Loose Joints

30.01.2019 • When her grandfather passed ten years ago, Finnish photographer Felicia Honkasalo took boxes of stones and minerals stored between notes and photographs from his estate. She did not meet the man during his lifetime who worked as a mineralogist in Finland during the Cold War. Ten years later, Felicia is now presenting the project 'Gray Cobalt' in the form of a publication at Loose Joints and as an exhibition in the Webber Gallery (10 Jan – 15 Feb 2019). We present the beautiful project on GoSee.

"It all started with the objects, documents and photographs I inherited from my late grandfather, a man unknown to me when he was alive. Through these objects, I rebuilt different images of him, and reconstructed imagined memories of him at work, of his everyday life, and of the wet lunches held at the mine headquarters during cold-war Finland. In the process of making this body of work, these unusual heirlooms have become, in my eyes, animate characters with independent bodies and powers. They cast a flickering light on the complex relationship between the frailty of my own memories in...

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