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Art • Isabelle Huppert, Dita Von Teese, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Bernard Buffet and other friends – Galerie Templon presents Pierre et Gilles 'Le temps imaginaire'

22.02.2018 • Pierre et Gilles is the name of the famous French homosexual artist couple made up of photographer Pierre Commoy and painter Gilles Blanchard. Pierre et Gilles make their portraits almost exclusively in the studio. The subject portrayed is artfully costumed and staged against a lovingly designed, voluptuously plastic backdrop. Afterwards photos are shot, and finally the print is painted by Gilles to perfection. On display at the moment in Paris' Galerie TEMPLON is an exhibition with the two artists who made the word kitsch socially acceptable and painted Botox far before it was injected.

The exhibition is entitled 'Le temps imaginaire' and is intended to be a praise of tolerance and freedom. It is a journey into the universe of the Paris-based artists. Particularly worth mentioning is their simply gorgeous car portrait entitled 'Nationale 7' which shows the duo as football fans wearing a burka with a Little Tree air freshener. It was created some time ago, but due to recent events, it has not been on display in an exhibition until now. Just as striking and touching: their...

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Art • Pierre Keller. My Colorful Life the opulent XL illustrated book by photographer and former Director of the ECAL shows Polaroids with lots of bare skin, milky meat & sassy statements, created in New York of the 1970s

15.02.2018 • Pierre Keller (*1945 in Switzerland) is a graphic designer and photographer, he was Director of the ECAL from 1995-2011 and still promotes art and culture today as a founding member of the Montreux Jazz Festivals and President of Vins Vaudois. In the 70s, he photographed men where he had followed them or where they had followed him. He describes photography as a sexual act. Sometimes they both went hand in hand. Self-censorship was always out of the question, and pleasure always came first — in the form of good-looking men amid a veritable banquet of earthly delights. In the words of Jean Tinguely, an artist Keller admires to this day, his snapshots might be described as culinary “anti-porn”: images for the inner cinema. And yet this tumescent horn of visual plenty did not go over big at the time: photography wasn’t considered gallery art yet.

In the large-format book 'My Colorful Life' the Polaroids of Pierre Keller finally gain their well-deserved fame.

For ten or fifteen years, Pierre Keller kept a photographic journal of his life in the form of some four thousand...

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Art • 'Yeah, Magic' Alexander Coggin’s Solo Show in Ninasagt Gallery as part of the Düsseldorf Photo photography festival – 'An ongoing photographic exploration of the world around us'

12.02.2018 • On Friday, 16 February, London-based artist Alexander Coggin c/o MAKING PICTURES oopened pening his solo show "Yeah, Magic" at Ninasagt Gallery. The theme of the exhibition is an ongoing photographic exploration of visual curiosities from over the past eight years. As a professional actor, his theatrical education influences his choice of motif – he is interested in body language and plays with perception and reality.

Last year, he published his illustrated book OH OKAY FUN (GoSee reported. The exhibition 'Yeah, Magic' is part of the photography festival ''Düsseldorf Photo''.

“The works are a really good overview from the past eight years of shooting. I tried to focus on images that have a really magic feel to them. I’m always interested in augmenting my reality through flash mediation, and a lot of these images were shot that way. I think you can see a lot of me in the work, the use of flash mediation allows for the omnipresence of the photographer to come through the images, so in a way the work is also autobiographical... I’ll be showing works in a variety of sizes,...

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Art • GoSee loves... Silja Yvette 'SEASON OF ADMIN' (artist book, Kerber Publishing) – deals with the concepts of nature, society, subject, and object as well as the hybrid forms of actions between the human and non-human

07.02.2018 • SEASON OF ADMIN is the first book by Frankfurt-based artist Silja Yvette (* 1986) and was recently published by Kerber Verlag. Not only the name made us curious but also the captivating cover. The lovingly designed book, elaborately produced with different paper qualities, contains exciting photographic tableaus. The subjects of Silja Yvette emanate an air of tranquility, inviting the beholder to continue looking and to linger.

"At the origin of Season of Admin is an unease regarding any socially organized and administered relationship to nature and things. The images deal with issues related to the self-description of a subject that considers itself autonomous and on the other hand with the agency of things," is how the publisher describes the work.

We were curious and wanted to find out more about the artist and her work, so we asked Silja what she is working on. "Right now, I am working on two photography projects: The first one is called COLLECTIVE CREATURES – A DIALOGUE OF DICHOTOMOUS HYBRIDS and continues with much of the subject matter from SEASON OF ADMIN's about...

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Art • Portrait painter Simone Bingemer presents alongside portraits also stills and personal work under FINE ART at MARGARETHE HUBAUER ONLINE

21.01.2018 • In the FINE ART section of illustrator agent MARGARTEHE HUBAUER's new website, artist SIMONE BINGEMER shows exciting personal work in XL format. She was born in the third generation of a well-known artist family in Cologne. Already as a child, her life was determined by the urge to express herself with pencils and colors. Thanks to her exceptional talent, she was accepted at the Cologne Art Academy at the age of 16, as the youngest of all students. After finishing her studies in 1975, she worked Europe-wide as an advertisement illustrator for international agencies until 1995.

Her psychological intuition for the portrayed combined with the plentitude of original ideas and professional skills make her paintings appear in a unique and seldom-found liveliness. „The similarity lies in the eye of the beholder. There is no such thing as a perfect resemblance of painting and model. Therefore, portraits are always interpretations.” Alongside several nominations and awards, she also won the 1st prize in a worldwide pastel artist competition in the Portrait category in 2001.

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Art • GoSee Tip : 'Photography should be about loving life' - JUERGEN TELLER 'Leg, snails and peaches' exhibition thru March in SUZANNE TARASIEVE GALLERY, PARIS

17.01.2018 • Since the beginning of January, power duo Juergen Teller and gallery owner Suzanne Tarasieve have presented the exhibition 'Legs, snails and peaches' with wonderful works by the artist full of imagination. What might sound profane at first glance proves to be a great insight into the work of the style-defining photographer when looking at the multifaceted and varied works. Unframed frog studies captivate visitors of the exhibition just like his colorful arrangements of snails and colorful socks, nude self-portraits and observations of nature. In one room, the master presents a video of himself in his version of a yoga position 'Happy Teller' lying on his back on a piano in his birthday suit... And outside the gallery hangs a portrait of the gallery owner with the statement 'Refugees Welcome'. Artist and proprietor once again in perfect symbiosis. This is art at its funnest – while stimulating thought.

In 2014, shortly after Juergen Teller took on his tenure at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nuremberg, he gave his students a bit of advise: 'From the beginning, I told them...

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Art • GoSee loves... Eckart Hahn – Black Dog in Bright Colors - Exhibition from 19 January – 8 April, 2018 in Berlin and book release at Distanz Publishing

16.01.2018 • Eckart Hahn (b. Freiburg, 1971; lives and works in Stuttgart), represented by Galerie Wagner & Partner Berlin, creates paintings that combine technical perfection worthy of the Old Masters with a Surrealist flair. He likes to listen to literature as he works, and what he hears often inspires his work. In “Zwei Herren am Strand,” a novel by the Austrian writer Michael Köhlmeier, Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin chat about their struggles with depression, for which they sometimes use the phrase “the black dog.” So Eckart Hahn’s dog in colorful attire is in a sense wearing camouflage, but in the artist’s self-conception, the animal also figures as an emblem of variety, complexity, and subtle ambiguity.

The Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin presents the first institutional solo exhibition by painter Eckart Hahn (*1971) in Berlin. His works radiate a mysterious tranquility and serenity in spite of their difficult to decipher abyssal and subtle nature. Nothing appears random or arbitrary in them. It is thoroughly composed imagery dominated by the artist in all its facets.

For the...

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Art • 'Between me and myself there is only me' Susanne Junker presents 'Portrait-Parole' at WhyWhyArt in Nanjing – her exclusive travel report in search of feminist zeitgeist in 2017 in China and the art city Shanghai

18.12.2017 • At the beginning of December, Susanne Junker flew to Shanghai. She was invited to participate in an exhibition on "Comparative Feminism" which was initiated and organized by the WhyWhyArt Art Center in Nanjing. How do you get a job like that? Does feminism exist in China? What is WhyWhyArt all about? And where is Nanjing located? Quite intriguing questions for GoSee – and here is the exclusive travelogue by the photographer/curator, and last but not least, GoSee friend for you on GoSee.

"At least as far as Shanghai is concerned, I am an old hand. I lived there from 2004 for more than 10 years and witnessed a rapid change. The aughts in Shanghai were wild and free. Everything was new, and there was room for everything and everyone in a society that started to reshuffle, invent and establish itself. In 2007, I founded a non-profit art space in Shanghai, the "stage候台BACK"
In best Brooklyn underground fashion, this all happened in a shabby warehouse, sprayed with graffiti and squatted by Chinese artists and newcomers, just like me. There was a lively exchange among one...

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Art • From Studio 54 to the high society in LA – the speed, energy and absurdity of the 70s and 80s - Swiss Bildhalle presents WILLY SPILLER – STREET LIFE NY/LA 1977-1985

12.12.2017 • BILDHALLE presents photographs by the Swiss Willy Spiller (* 1947, Zurich), who lived in New York and Los Angeles between 1977 and 1985. Fascinated by the speed, the energy and the absurdity of the 1970s and '80s, he roamed the streets far and wide with his camera. Whether on rides with the subway, dancers at the legendary Studio 54, hip hop culture in the streets of New York or the poolside life of L.A.'s high society, Spiller captured all the many facets of a bygone world in images as varied, as fascinating and as absurd as that world itself had been.

His curiosity is sparked by change, whether through social transitions or those in aesthetics. In the process, he combines his curiosity for his fellow human beings with a profound understanding of the beauty of the banal and mundane in the world around him. It is this that ensures his place in the annals of great Swiss photography.Like many of the resonating names before him, he managed to translate empathy into form through strength of will.

"Willy Spiller is one of Switzerland's greatest living photographers. A man of...

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Art • GoSee Tip : 'You an Orchestra You a Bomb' by Cig Harvey, a book released at Schilt Publishing and an exhibition in the Robert Mann Gallery, New York

29.11.2017 • Cig Harvey and her new project 'You an Orchestra You a Bomb' deal with life itself. The congenial photographer is an observer of everyday life and captures little situations and things which in their entirety paint a poetic picture – in a meld of magic and disaster. Robert Mann Gallery presents the series 'You An Orchestra You A Bomb' as the second exhibition of Cig Harvey in their halls. Appearing at the same time is a monograph at Schilt Publishing, which was recently presented at Paris Photo. And the publication in available both in Europe and the US. For an insight into her life and several more works, visit her website.

"This new series continues on themes of family in Harvey's whimsical and otherworldly style, while thinking deeper about what lays ahead in a formative sensory response to how fragile the present can be. Harvey has always experienced the world viscerally, but after a traumatic event, a raw heightened awareness of the temporary nature of life permeates this new work. Through breathless moments of beauty, her images propel us to fathom the sacred in the...

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