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Art • 'Double Take' plays with your levels of perception – works by Zurich-based artist duo Jojakim Cortis & Adrian Sonderegger are on display at Fotostiftung Schweiz thru 9 September 2018

12.06.2018 • For five years, the Zurich-based artist duo Jojakim Cortis & Adrian Sonderegger worked on a project that not only captivates with its concept, but also arouses the viewer’s curiosity. “Double Take” is a seductive game with iconic images of international photographic history: pictures imprinted in the collective memory are reproduced as three-dimensional models – a meticulous bricolage of cardboard, sand, wood, fabric, cotton wool, plaster and glue.

Jojakim Cortis & Adrian Sonderegger shoot their constructions in such a way that the result is an image that comes amazingly close to the original, real scene. The illusion is repeatedly broken humorously by the inclusion of the studio situation and all kind of remnants from reconstructing the scenes in the final picture. At a time when the term ‘post-factual’ has taken hold as a buzzword, “Double Take” challenges the audience to reexamine the truthfulness of photography. A copy of a copy of a copy of reality becomes a dizzying metaphysical experience: What is real? And can we trust our perception?

Jojakim Cortis & Adrian...

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Art • Museum für Fotografie Berlin presents the exhibition 'Between Art & Fashion – Photographs from the Collection of Carla Sozzani' – correspondent Rolf Scheider was at the press conference and vernissage for GoSee

05.06.2018 • Carla Sozzani, former Editor-in-Chief of Italian Elle and Vogue magazines, has collected photographs for many years. Since 1990, she has also exhibited these works in her Milan gallery in close cooperation with numerous internationally renowned photographers – including Helmut Newton four times, "Ritratti di donna" in 1993, "Impressions, Polaroids" in 1996, "Us and them" in 1999, together with his wife June, aka Alice Springs, and "Yellow Press" in 2003. The friendship between Carla Sozzani and Helmut Newton converges in 2018 in the presentation of the Sozzani Collection in der Helmut Newton Foundation under the title of 'Between Art & Fashion.'

Casting Director and GoSee correspondent Rolf Scheider captured several impressions for you from the press conference and vernissage where he met up with Carla Sozzani but also with star photographer Sarah Moon and Paolo Roversi in Berlin.

The press conference was impressive: with 71-year-old Carla Sozzani, photographers Paolo Roversi and Sarah Moon, plus Fabrice Herrgott, Director of Museum d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris all...

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Art • Hatje Cantz publishes Just Loomis 'BACKSTAGE' – behind the scenes of the catwalk, a world full of primordial, animal energy at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin

01.06.2018 • Just Loomis (born 1957 in Reno, Nevada), Helmut Newton’s longtime assistant and friend, worked as a fashion photographer for magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and The New York Times Magazine in the 1980s. His was interested in the the world of fashion behind the scenes. Which is why he documented the pulsating fashion scene of the 80s in Milan, Paris and Rome and explored the New York of the 1990s and the raw fashion world of Los Angeles in the early 2000s. The analogue photographs of 'Backstage' – edited by Hatje Cantz – bear witness to Loomis’ long years of work in the fashion capitals of the world.

Just Loomis’ career began in Milan, in 1983 when Carla Sozzani gave him his first fashion story for Vogue Sposa. It was while in Italy that Loomis discovered the backstage area. “It was like discovering a world of secret beauty. . .” I am absolutely convinced that there is a raw and sensual energy backstage. A feeling happens when the pounding of the music mixes with the physical movement of the models and the mysterious reflections of their faces in the mirrors. The girls are...

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Art • Flowers, Art, Lightness... 'Solid Air' flower bouquets made of balloons - in an art project by Sarah Illenberger c/o EMEIS DEUBEL and an exhibition at Marsano's flower shop in Berlin

29.05.2018 • Berlin-based Florist Marsano realizes dreams all about the topic of flowers for his clients. And visual artist Sarah Illenberger c/o EMEIS DEUBEL is equally skilled in inducing dreams with her delicate work. A prime example is Sarah's latest work in cooperation with Marsano entitled 'Solid Air' – flower bouquets made of balloons – at an exhibition in the shop in Berlin.

Sarah Illenberger is a Berlin-based artist, illustrator and designer. Her visual language is defined by giving common things a new meaning. She creates installations using various materials and techniques, which are then photographed or presented in public places. Her work appears in books, magazines, digital media and window displays. She also produces limited editions and design objects.

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Art • GoSee loves... the Huxley-Parlour Gallery presents Martin Parr: Early Work 1971–1986 - an homage to the UK, the consumer society and color photography

23.05.2018 • What would photography be without the little x-ray observations of Martin Parr, who always turns everyday moments into subtle masterpieces with the perfect pinch of dark humor. Still on display at London's Huxley-Parlour Gallery thru 9 June is the exhibition 'Martin Parr: Early Work 1971-1986', created in cooperation with Rocket Gallery. Exhibited are 30 prints from Martin Parr's early series entitled 'The Non-Conformists', 'Bad Weather', 'Beauty Spots', 'A Fair Day' as well as his first color series 'The Last Resort: Photographs of New Brighton' alongside several vintage.

The gallery on the exhibition: "In a career spanning over four decades, renowned photographer Martin Parr is best known for his striking use of highly saturated color in his work. His work often focuses on themes of class, consumer culture and leisure pursuits. This exhibition explores the roots of this artistic output, by displaying works from the first fifteen years of Parr’s career, predominantly lesser-known works produced in black and white.

The bodies of work featured in the exhibition were made by...

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Art • 'Gritty Eye' everyday observations captured with the cell phone by visual artist Lai Lon Hin – on display at Blindspot Gallery in Hong Kong and as a project on GoSee

23.05.2018 • Blindspot Gallery in Hong Kong presents with 'Gritty Eye' photos taken by visual artist Lai Lon Hin, which were created solely with his cell phone – observations and ephemeral encounters in his every day life, film stills from videos, which he often depicts enlarged and over-sharpened to dissolve the border between reality and fiction. The photos, which all tell their own little story, remind us a bit of digitized versions of Rinko Kawauchi.

At the beginning of the year, the first monograph by Lai Lon Hin entitled 'Teleportation' appeared: “I started photography in 2003, after nine years, I switched to the cell phone. Since then, I have been taking photos and publishing them on various social media channels every day. When I was taking the pictures in this series, I zoomed in very closely so that the frame can be widened as much as possible, as this is the only way to get closer to what I really want to photograph, without disturbing the people and the objects, otherwise I'd be in trouble.”

Founded in 2010, Blindspot Gallery in Hong Kong deals above all with contemporary...

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Art • SUSANNE STEMMER – now exhibiting in Paris, Vienna and Los Angeles

20.05.2018 • With her UNDER WATER series, artist Susanne Stemmer whisks us away to another world – a world immersed beneath the surface. Let us delve into her world and become freed from everything that binds us or weighs us down above the surface...

The characters illustrated in her works are free and boundless as soon as they immerse. A physical freedom with the imaginary loss of gravity as well as mental freedom, abandoning their image having the feeling nobody is watching them – finally being able to release themselves from all conventions and drop the mask they are wearing in society. This marks the beginning of an inner journey into a world of self-discovery and the rediscovery of long-forgotten freedom – photographed and still resembling an imaginary painting.

A selection from Susanne Stemmer's UNDER WATER series is on display since 26 April in the new CAP ROUGE GALLERY in Vienna, further exhibitions are ongoing at the new trending JACOPO in Paris (5 Rue Vernet, 75008 Paris … right next to the Champs-Elysées) and in the WIDE PAINTING Gallery in Los Angeles (520 N Kings Rd. West...

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Art • EVA & ADELE – L’AMOUR DU RISQUE a retrospective on the 25-year oeuvre of the artist couple in me Collector's Room Berlin, photos from the opening by Rolf Scheider for GoSee

15.05.2018 • EVA & ADELE – L’AMOUR DU RISQUE presents the artist couple’s oeuvre from over the past 25 years. For GoSee, Casting Director and society darling Rolf Scheider met up with the couple at the opening where he had a look around for us. The exhibition explores the concepts underlying the artwork and imagery of EVA & ADELE. On display for the first time at me Collector's Room from 27 April – 27 August, 2018, in Berlin is a comprehensive selection from their most important groups of works across media including drawing, painting, photography, video, and sculpture, as well as the costumes designed by them and their costume logbooks.

Together, they illustrate the finely nuanced and radically transgressive artistic existence of EVA & ADELE. Part of the concept are also objects crafted by them for the exhibition, such as a perfume from Grasse, France, a signed wristwatch from Swatch and hand bags by PB 0110, a label of Philipp Bree.

The title of the exhibition L’AMOUR DU RISQUE emphasizes not only the couple’s love for each other and the risk they collectively share, to this day, by...

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Art • 'Circadian Landscape' - everyday observations by people in the urban environment of Sub-Saharan Africa, photographed by Jessica Antola c/o GIANT ARTISTS, appearing at Damiani

12.05.2018 • In 'CIRCADIAN LANDSCAPE' photographer Jessica Antola c/o GIANT ARTISTS collected the impressions she brought back from her travels to Sub-Saharan Africa mitbrachte. We bring you the project here on GoSee.

Traveling mostly by car, she captures the distinctive style and beauty of everyday life in Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Ethiopia, Senegal, and Togo. Her striking portraits, landscapes, and vignettes offer an intimate view of life lived in rural villages, big cities, and along the remote roadways between the two. Men dressed head to toe in elaborate African wax textiles share a motorcycle, ancestral spirits bridge earthly and supernatural worlds in masked dances, the rich red soil dusts the lush tropical jungle, a girl in an oversized straw hat steers her boat with a boldly patterned patchwork sail, and a gold jewelry-clad Kumasi king performs a warrior dance.

Just as Antola is captivated by how people around the world express themselves in relation to their environments, so do these images reflect this: the astonishing variety of ways people create and...

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Art • PHOTOSZENE COLOGNE (21 – 30 September, 2018) presents projects for PHOTOKINA by Erik Kessels, Ola Kolehmainen, Fiona Tan... and has extended the registration deadline for exhibitions and events until 15 May, 2018

03.05.2018 • Taking place from 21 thru 30 September, 2018, is once again a multifaceted festival of photography in Cologne. Photoszene is looking forward to several high-profile photography exhibitions at venues including Museum Ludwig, in the Photographic Collection/SK Foundation Culture, in the Käthe Kollwitz Museum, in the Artothek, in the Forum for Photography, in Gallery Parrotta Contemporary Art, in the art spaces of the Michael Horbach Foundation, in selected inner city churches and in numerous other galleries and art spaces throughout the city. Registrations are still accepted thru 15 May!

The MAKK – Museum of Applied Arts Cologne is becoming the meeting place for fans of illustrated books: Among this year's guests are the Dummy Award and the Photobook Award from Kassel! And Hotel Maison Marsil is also pleased to be a cooperation partner. If you are still looking for an event location for an exhibition project, would like to organize a party for Photokina or is simply looking for a home away from home in Cologne, please contact

The Photoszene Residency Artist...

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