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Art • Bildhalle Zurich presents 'DOUGLAS MANDRY – EQUIVALENCES', master of historical analog and contemporary digital techniques

04.10.2018 • The Zurich BILDHALLE kicks off the autumn season with wonderfully atmospheric photos by Douglas Mandry. "We are delighted to present the second solo exhibition by successful Swiss artist Douglas Mandry. On display are works produced exclusively over the past two years, including his latest 'Monuments' series. Appearing at the same time as the exhibition 'EQUIVALENCES' is Douglas Mandry's illustrated book of the same name." says Mirjam Cavegn & the Bildhalle team.

Artist Douglas Mandry (*1989, CH) lives and works in Zurich. He graduated from Lausanne College of Art and Design, the ECAL, with a BA in Visual Communication and Photography. Since then, he has been nominated for awards several times, including the Paul Huf Award, the Swiss Federal Design Award and the shortlist of the Prix Voies-Off. His works have been exhibited internationally at Photo London and UNSEEN (solo presentation in 2017).

Mandry's artistic practice is a direct consequence of the digitization of photography and the technical acceleration accompanying it. Always starting with an analog photo, he edits...

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Art • GoSee loves... Christopher Anderson 'Approximate Joy' – his impressive portrait project as an exhibition at Danziger Gallery, New York and as an illustrated book at bei Stanley/Barker – we have a preview for you here on GoSee

20.09.2018 • “I have seen the future, and it is now – and it is China. There is no need for the past. It can be erased. A new happiness is being constructed, an approximation of joy, better than the real thing” says magnum photographer Christopher Anderson in the introduction of his project which he created in Shanghai and Shenzhe. 'Approximate Joy' is on display thru 20 October at Danziger Gallery New York, and an illustrated book appeared at Stanley/Barker. The cover was taken care of by Designer Eike König. We have a preview of the fascinating close-ups and moods for you here on GoSee.

The gallery on the exhibition : 'Anderson’s photographs of metropolitan men and women on the streets of Shanghai and Shenzhen, China, taken over the last two years picture a world that is largely unknown to most Westerners. Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, barely existed thirty years ago but today has some twenty million inhabitants. Shanghai, China’s biggest city, has a population of over 24 million. Between the smog and constant development, a grey/blue light hangs over both these cities providing an...

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Art • GoSee loves ... 'Soft Criminal' Fashion & Art Project by photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman and designers Ibrahim Kamara und Gareth Wrighton as an XL exhibition, fashion show and collection sale at Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn

04.09.2018 • 'Soft Criminal' is the joint project of South African photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman, designer and I-D Fashion Editor-at-large Ibrahim Kamara from Siera Leone and British Designer Gareth Wrighton. The opening of the exhibition including a fashion show takes place on 12 September at Red Hook Labs in Brooklyn. We present you several photos and looks which are available for purchase as prints and also as a collection here on GoSee.

Red Hook Labs : Combining a fantastical narrative of characters from the African diaspora inspired by personal histories as well as imagined storylines, Soft Criminal documents three rival crime families unable to coexist in a chaotic power struggle. A disgraced King faces execution as his centuries-old dynasty crumbles before his eyes. His humiliated queen watches as her lover-henchman is shamed in a public tar and feathering, but not before he has killed those responsible for the coup. The deposition is led by new money hacktivists and an anarchic war lord and his lawless disciples.

The collaboration gives birth to a fascinating and personal...

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Art • Art by Erwin Wurm c/o SHOTVIEW & photography by Juergen Teller - two contemporary artists swapping ideas visually

03.09.2018 • "Erwin Wurm c/o SHOTVIEW creates unusual & iconic art – with direct ironic references to his famous last name with photography and layout by legendary Juergen Teller," says Shotview. The two contemporary artists now have two ongoing exhibitions in Switzerland: Erwin Wurm in Kunstmuseum Lucerne and Jürgen Teller in Fotomuseum Winterthur. In Vevey, Teller and Wurm met up for a photo shoot – we have the wonderful result in POP magazine and here on GoSee.

SHOTVIEW presented their artists between high fashion, art, stills & portrait at UPDATE!8BERLIN.

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Art • 'Esther's World' – Gallery Abtart in Stuttgart presents more than 100 motifs – photo favorites of photographer Esther Haase – Opening on Friday, 7 September, 2018

28.08.2018 • The exhibition Esther's World on display at the Gallery Abtart in Stuttgart presents more than 100 motives – all of which photo favorites of the photographer – visualizing the breadth & depth of her rich photographic imagination. Esther Haase playfully hops the genres: from fashion to portrait & reportage – all marked by her photographic lightness and keen sense for movement and passion. The vernissage takes place on Friday 7 September 2018 at 7:30pm. The introductory speech will be held by Sebastian Lux / F. C. Gundlach Foundation.

For international clients and renowned magazines, she photographs just as freely in her artistic projects. “My life is a dance through the world with the camera,” says Esther Haase (*1966). Her models are cheerful and lively, stylish and sexy, but above all, self-confident and strong. With an eagle eye for that decisive moment, she creates dream sequences, cinematic productions in elaborate settings and witty, seemingly random snapshots. In richly contrasted black & white as well as lyrically soft or colorfully loud hues, she celebrates the joy of...

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Art • GoSee ART : Anne Golaz - 'Corbeau', the book shows you the worn out face of rural life, appearing at MACK

08.08.2018 • In her new book, photographer Anne Golaz dedicates herself to everyday life in the country – and that on the farm of her family in Agiez where she grew up. But Anne Golaz has nothing to do with country nostalgia – the book shows the raw and often dirty reality where there is seldom time for sentimentality and (self-) pity due to the physical strain. Pragmatism, profitability, efficiency and all often at the subsistence level far from any kind of neo-organic romanticism.

MACK on the new publication "Part memoir, part tableau, Corbeau is a multi-layered narrative collage tracing life and death in the rural farm on which Swiss artist Anne Golaz grew up. Made over a twelve-year period and bridging three generations, the three-part book weaves together photographs, video stills and drawings, with texts by the author, screenwriter and playwright, Antoine Jaccoud, as well as the artist’s own writings. Jaccoud reconstructs transcripts of conversations between family members and memories recounted by the artist to build this intricate story of stories into a dramatalogical work. The...

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Art • GoSee Tip : Tom Hegen presents in his illustrated book 'Habitat' (Kerber Publishing) the impact of the human species on nature with breathtaking aerials and landscapes – we have a preview plus the crowdfunding campaign on GoSee

25.07.2018 • The book HABITAT explores the relationship between the human species and nature. It shows landscapes which have undergone extreme changes due to human influence. The project invites viewers to discover their environment from a new perspective, to comprehend the dimensions of human interventions on our Earth’s surface, and, ultimately, to assume responsibility. What started out as a crowdfunding campaign by Munich-based photographer and designer Tom Hegen soon inspired a large audience so that his long-term aerial photo project is being published in a book by Kerber in October 2018. The crowdfunding campaign is still running through the beginning of August.

Five chapters and 90 photographs show on over 180 pages the traces of human presence on Earth. Each chapter is supplemented by several representative facts and infographics that illustrate the extent of which we claim our environment in order to meet our needs. The photos look pleasing at first sight but reveal an irritation of man-made landscapes at second glance.

Tom Hegen on the project : "The book is preceded by...

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Art • GoSee loves 'Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art' at TATE MODERN including an accompanying catalog

19.07.2018 • TATE MODERN is now dedicating itself to photography and its relationship with abstract art in a large-scale exhibition entitled 'Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography And Abstract Art', which is still on thru 14 October, 2018. From its first experiments in 1910 to the digital innovations of the 21st century. On display are 350 works by 100 artists, making the history of abstract photography an experience with the help of paintings and sculptures. The exhibition including the illustrated book (Tate Publishers) was curated by Simon Baker, Senior Curator, International Art (Photography), Tate Modern and Emmanuelle de l'Ecotais, Curator for Photography, Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris with assistants Shoair Mavlian and Sarah Allen from Tate Modern.

TATE MODERN : 'Shape of Light places moments of radical innovation in photography, such as Alvin Langdon Coburn’s pioneering ‘vortographs’ from 1917, within the wider context of abstract art. This relationship between media is explored through the juxtaposition of works by painters and photographers, such as cubist works by...

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Art • GoSee loves... 'HOMMAGE À SPOON RIVER' a literary love poem as a visual interpretation and transformation by Italian photographer MARIO GIACOMELLI at Polka Gallery, Paris

05.07.2018 • Polka Gallery is proud to present “Tribute to Spoon River”, featuring the work of Mario Giacomelli. Realized between 1968 and 1973, “Caroline Branson da Spoon River” is a relatively unknown series. “Deceased in 2000, his photography has come to be known for the contrasting imagery of dancing students, for piercing portraits of farmers and aging silhouettes of the elderly in clinics as well as his iconic landscapes of the hilled countryside lined with ridges and furrows dug up by ploughs," says the Gallery about the Italian, who found his own graphic visual language early on, which gave new impetus to photography at the time.

Giacomelli’s inspiration for the exhibited series originates from Edgar Lee Masters’ poem Caroline Branson, of the Spoon River Anthology which was published in 1915 by American author Edgar Lee Masters. They were written as obituaries for around 200 people in the Midwestern fictional town of Spoon River – obituaries from the dead themselves. The photographer transcribes Masters’ poetry into images, capturing scenes between two young lovers, Leonardo and...

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