05.02.2017  •  Art NEWS


'All The Pleasure And All The Pain' – welcome to the tragicomical cosmos of Paul Pretzer. An exhibition at FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph in Berlin, a book at Kerber Verlag and a preview on GoSee

Just like some photos stick with you, paintings can also burn themselves into the memory. Paul Pretzer's (born 1981 in Paide, Estonia, lives and works in Berlin) surreal worlds and dreamlike figures seduce in a very subtle way. Which makes taking a closer look at the exhibition “All The Pleasure And All The Pain” so worthwhile, with which FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph kicked off its art year 2017. “Paul Pretzer paints large-to-small-format scenes depicting fabulous creatures engrossed in absurd acts – all arranged like allegorical still lifes. With painting titles such as “Megadeath” or “The Swarm,” the artist uses language to add an additional layer to his pictorial symbolism, often introducing a ridiculous element to the seemingly heroic and tragic,” the gallery tells us about the exhibition, for which a monograph was published by Kerber Verlag that documents the last ten years of the artist’s work.

“They also reveal many stylistic connections to late medieval paintings such as those by Hieronymus Bosch and also to the comic-horror style exemplified by Tim Burton – last but not least because painter Paul Pretzer usually places his protagonists inside indeterminate spaces hemmed in by walls looking like stage sets and perforated by empty door frames. These elements evoke comparisons with the theater or with the endless dimensions found in digital animation worlds. For that reason, viewers usually can’t pinpoint the exact location of Paul Pretzer’s pictorial narratives. In exchange, the paintings give viewers the option to apply Pretzer’s imagery to the set of associative images peopling their own minds – thereby inciting them to give life to a whole universe made of individualized and fantastic projection or imagination.”

Paul Pretzer studied at the Muthesius Kunsthochschule in Kiel (2002-2005) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden (2005-2007) where he graduated as a Master student of Prof. Ralf Kerbach (2007-2009). Pretzer received prizes and scholarships such as the Robert Sterl Prize of the Dresden Foundation (2009), the Artist in Residence in Bemis - Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha (2009), and the encontrARTE BCN, Barcelona (2015). Pretzer's works are exhibited internationally.

Linienstrasse 155 , D- 10115 Berlin