10.04.2017  •  Art NEWS


'Kind of blue' - poetic moments in nuances of blue, the art project by fashion photographer Frank Grimm

On his new website, Frank GRIMM displays not only his works as a fashion & lifestyle photographer. Meanwhile, the site also features a journal with personal photos as well as, along with his portfolio, the project ''Kind of blue''.  'Kind of blue' are negative/analog photographs based on a technique from the year 1840. These photos are created by Frank personally in sizes of up to 150 cm in small editions. The artisanry makes each and every photo a unique piece of art. For several years, his photos have been successfully on display at various galleries.

"Photographs do not require words. They reveal moments of truth that are waiting to be discovered. With the advent of digital processing, photography has lost some of its authenticity, personality and ability to move us/touch/affect us. In creating these pictures, I am purposely returning to an old technique in order to shift people's perspective back to the essence of photography. The use of this old process infuses my prints with more aliveness than any inkjet printer can.To develop these pictures, I make use of an old printing technique from the 1840s. Every photograph is a unique picture, and none of the prints will look the same because it is a symbiosis of photography and painting with light and iron. The old technique, along with the individuality of each image and the limited edition make the pictures so valuable."