30.03.2011  •  Art NEWS


WHO'S THAT GIRL? •  'Who's that girl?' Georges Dambier and the beauties of the 1950s - exhibition at Bonni Benrubi in NYC

Who’s that girl? Madonna sang about them, James Foley turned them into a film and now the Bonni Benrubi Gallery takes yet another look at the pictures of Georges Dambier.

The gallery goes on a journey back in time to the colourised world of the 1950s. When the photographer grabbed the photo models and dragged them out from studios into the outside world, freeing them of the constraints of emotionless poses and encouraged a smile, he subsequently changed the face of fashion photography.

The exhibition highlights Dambier’s influential career and shows a cross section of his formerly unpublished colour prints from the ‘50s. They describe the effortless glamour and feminine chic of both everyday life and special occasions.

He photographed all over the world, in Marrakech, Corsica and his beloved Paris. His camera flirted with Jean Cocteau, Josephine Baker, Charles Aznavour, Susy Parker, Dorian Leight and Brigitte Bardot.

Georges Dambier was born in 1925 in Paris and began his career as an assistant to artist Paul Colin. In 1964, he created Twenty magazine, bringing fashion and culture to young audiences. This marks his second exhibition at Bonni Benrubi Gallery.

Georges Dambier – Who’s that girl?
Until 14th of May 2011

Bonni Benrubi Gallery
41 East 57th Street 13th Floor,
New York