20.07.2011  •  Art NEWS


2Agenten : family trees for MONTBLANC, portraits for ILLUSTRATION NOW. Vol. 3, THE HUB MAG, VOGUE BRESIL, COMMONS & SENSE, MADAME, UNIVERSAL MUSIC, folklore-inspired designs for ESTABLISHED & SONS

Olaf HAJEK created a whole series of illustrations on ‘Family Trees’ for the MONTBLANC CULTURAL FOUNDATION. The works are featured in a book that is released to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

In 1992, Montblanc established the foundation for the support of contemporary art patrons, enriching the cultural sphere through contributing time, energy and money. All panel members and winners from last year are featured in the book. Instead of illustrating 20 different family trees, Olaf relied on floral elements, branches and roots to visualise the respective connections.

He worked on a campaign for Swedish chocolate brand MARABOU and illustrated the home of cocoa itself in the form of the enchanting South Sea Islands.

Furthermore, he takes credit for designing the poster for the French ‘Festival de L’OH’, as well as the current cover of THE HUB magazine.

In the newest issue of its ILLUSTRATION NOW series; the TASCHEN publishing house discusses the art of the portrait. Vol. 3 presents 150 illustrators from 30 countries, discussing their backgrounds and includes lists of exhibitions. Olaf HAJEK and his portraits are included.

VOGUE BRESIL features new works by Jeanne DETALLANTE. COMMONS & SENSE also showcased one of her very good editorials.

Julia PFALLER realised collages for FRÄULEIN MAGAZIN, all of which are distinguished by her unique personal style.

The uncrowned queen of the fashion collage, Maren ESDAR, can also show off new work, created for UNIVERSAL MUSIC and magazines MADAME and BRIGITTE WOMAN.

Klaus HAAPANIEMI from Finland continues to succeed in transporting his illustrations, which are inspired by fairy tales and nature, from canvas into the real world through his designs for pillows and textiles. His list of clients includes Diesel, Levis, Marimekko, Dolce & Gabbana and Cacharel.

Furthermore, he teamed up with Mia Wallenius and designed a home accessories series for ESTABLISHED & SONGS that was launched at the Verace Theater in Milan in April. He combined Finnish folklore elements with 15th century tapestry patterns. Take a look.