22.05.2012  •  Art NEWS


ANA MORPHOSE •  Anamorphosen – Figure Libre by Bernard Pras at Photo Edition Berlin

Photo Edition Berlin is celebrating the arrival of spring by hosting the 'Anamorphosen – Figure Libre' exhibition, photographs by Bernard Pras from France. This marks the artist's first exhibition in the Berlin gallery.

Based on drawings and photographic templates, Bernard incorporates the 'normal' into his works of art. When taking a close look, the objects seem to adhere to a whimsical order, but when viewed from afar and from certain perspectives, they develop their very own momentum and dynamic.

Bernard Pras was born in 1952 and studied visual arts in Toulouse. Since 1997, having spent the previous 20 years dabbling in fine arts, he has been developing his angle of photographic expression, surely one of the most unique approaches in the history of photography. He already enjoys his fair share of fame in France. He uses the so-called anormorphose-technique, which lends its name to the exhibition.

In medieval times, one would describe an anomorphosis as an image that is discernible from a specific perspective or viewpoint only. It was a way of encrypting messages and many churches in Italy were home to prime examples of this particular craft.

Since the renaissance, anomorphosis is used in illusionist ceiling-art, to make up for irregularities and ceiling curvature from the perspective of someone entering the space, looking up from below.

His large, seemingly chaotic installations, which inhabit his atelier and other places offer a breath of very contemporary fresh air thanks to Pras' mastery of the technique.

Bernard Pras
until 2nd of June 2012
Galerie und Verlag für Fotografie
Ystaderstr.14a, D - 10437 Berlin