09.08.2011  •  Art NEWS


ART CELEBS •  Essl Museum presents 'Behind the Gardens' by Neo Rauch & Rosa Loy. Very mysterious.

Rosa Loy and Neo Rauch are an internationally successful fine art couple and important representatives of the ‘New Leipziger Schule’. Married since 1985, both of them have individually built up their own independent bodies of work. The two artists will fulfil a wish that had been in the making for a long time and exhibit their works together for the first time as part of one big exhibition at Essl Museum in Autumn 2011.

Agnes and Karlheinz Essl have known and cherished Rosa Loy and Neo Rauch for many years. The Essl collection holds many of the two artists’ most important works. The collection pieces constitute the core of the ‘Hinter den Gärten’ (Behind the Gardens) show and are completed through works on loan and recent works that have never been displayed before which come directly from their studio. On top of their paintings, the exhibition features new drawings by the two artists.

‘Behind the Gardens’ looms the wild growth, just like the uncanny lurks behind the rational. Rosa Loy and Neo Rauch chose the exhibition title, as both tend to capture elements of the irrational and mysterious in their pictures. The paintings, which appear strange yet familiar at the same time, are distinguished by an inexhaustible richness of visuals, the meaning of which can never be completely deciphered.

Rosa Loy (*1958 in Zwickau) draws inspiration from mythological material for her figurative and multi-level painting and merges collective and individual memory. Her art is dedicated to the mystery of the female within a new idea of femininity. Her pictures feature doppelgangers, who tend to engage in direct eye contact with the viewer and challenge them to think about the female role in society, both in the past and now.

Neo Rauch (*1960 in Leipzig) is considered one of the most important painters of our time and does not attempt to reflect reality, but engages in an allegorical discussion with aspects of collective memory. Through the process of memory, motifs and symbols from various times and spatial frameworks are brought to the canvas in fragments. The dramatic compositions emit a dark and disturbing character.

: >Hinter den Gärten< by Neo Rauch & Rosa Loy
Curators: Rosa Loy und Neo Rauch in with Günther Oberhollenzer
02.09. – 16.11.2011
An der Donau-Au 1
3400 Klosterneuburg bei Wien
Private view: Thursday, 01.09.2011, 7.30pm with the artists present,
Private view talk: Bernhart Schwenk (Pinakothek)