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ORIGINAL STREET PHOTOGRAPHY •  The granddaddy of Street Photography. Camera Work Berlin presents Garry Winogrands 'Women Are Beautiful'

Today street photography has become an everyday term and more or less professional photographers publish their snapshots in countless blogs. Garry Winogrand is considered one of the co-founders of this approach. From 1960 to 1975, he photographed numerous women in New York. The result was ‘Women Are Beautiful’, a document spanning the liveliest era of the last century.

John Szarkowski, the legendary curator of the Museum of Modern Art, selected 85 pictures to a form series in 1975. Most of the photographs were shot on the street and show capture the lives of emancipated women from all walks of life.

The perception of women changed, the role of women in society, they were out and about on the streets, started discussions, demonstrated, went to parties, smoked, had fun. Through black & white photographs, the viewer experiences the development of fashion and pop culture and the lives of active and outspoken women, a movement that seems to have somewhat faded out in today’s society.

Garry Winogrand was born in 1928 in New York and studied fine art at first. By the early 1950s he devoted all his talents to photography and would never leave the house without a camera. He died in Tijuana, Mexico in March 1984.

Camera Work presents Garry Winogrand as part of the fourth European month of Photography in Berlin, taking place from the 6th to the 27th of November.

Garry Winogrand – Women Are Beautiful
Camera Work
Kantstr. 149, 10623 Berlin

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