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A dangerous celebration of colours and nations - Steve McCurry's colourful solo show at Flo Peters Galerie

The Photography Triennale is fast approaching and Hamburg’s gallery scene presents exciting locations and famous photographers from all over the world. The Flo Peters Gallery showcases Steve McCurry who exemplifies how colourful and lively culture can be if experienced together, rather than alone. This isn’t exactly always entirely safe, as the Magnum photographer is often out and about in conflict areas.

The 1st of March saw the opening of an elaborate solo show by the award-winning American photographer. The exhibition encompasses 50 works from his 30-year-long career as a photojournalist. Next to documentations from regions in crisis and the consequences of warfare on the individual, first and foremost in the Middle East and in Asia, Steve McCurry’s pictures capture cultural and religious identities in relation to a location.

Since the end of the 1970s, Steve McCurry has been travelling all over numerous conflict-ridden areas such as Afghanistan, Yemen or Iraq. Steve McCurry, born in 1950 in Philadelphia, graduated from the College of Arts in Architecture at the Pennsylvania State University and was employed at an American newspaper for two years and subsequently left the USA in order to work as a freelancer.

His first destination was India. The country enabled him to closely participate in local life. It is the biding and dormant approach, says McCurry, which ultimately exposes the soul of an image and makes us forget the camera lens.

He was awarded the Robert Capa gold medal for best photography report for his personal dedication in the Afghanistan region while it was controlled by rebels and shortly before the Russian invasion. Dressed in local clothing, he managed to smuggle the film rolls out of the country by sewing them into the material of his clothes and was the first ever to deliver picture material from the brooding civil war in the region.

Steve McCurry won numerous awards for his work, including the World Press Photo Award and the Olivier Rebbot Memorial Award. His works are published on a regular basis in GEO and National Geographic, for which McCurry produced the cover shoot of the most successful issue so far: The portrait photograph of Afghan refugee girl Sharbat Gula from 1985.

The photographer has published many books already, including The Unguarded Moment (2009), In the Shadows of Mountains (2007), Looking East (2006), Steve McCurry (2005), The Path to Buddha: A Tibetan Pilgrimage (2003), Sanctuary (2002), South Southeast (2000), Portraits (1999), Monsoon (1988), The Imperial Way (1985).

If you can’t make it to the exhibition – Phaidon Press will publish ‘Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs’ in spring. A limited edition will include a hand signed copy by McCurry.

Steve McCurry
02.03.2011 - 30.04.2011

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