12.07.2017  •  Art NEWS


GoSee loves ... 'Exploring Desires' - the collage-like, surreal portraits with a touch of drama by Matthieu Bourel as an exhibition at PAVLOV'S DOG in Berlin

The gallery for contemporary photo art presents works by artist Matthieu Bourel, who cuts, combines and puts together, what doesn't belong together in the first place - following the tradition of the Dadaists. “His visually powerful collages catapult us into a world, of which we don't know if it's a reminiscence of a bygone or the prophecy of a forthcoming one – it's solely the artist's world. The artist takes refined twists and turns beyond any straight visual narrative and cleverly evades an interpretation. Among others the analogue process, physical contact with the raw material is important for the artist when creating his own visual worlds.” the gallery tells us about his works.

“The most important thing for me is to appropriate things, to make them somehow special. So that the power doesn't come from the source, but from what I did with it. That's the most important thing in everything I'm doing.” says Matthieu Bourel, who describes his work as "data-ism", a term which references to the permanent data flow we are constantly exposed to. Artists deal with that in their own way: Bourel reorganizes and reformats his image sources, creates something new out of the existing and evokes nostalgia for a period in time, that never truly existed.

We bring you a selection of works and photos from the opening here on GoSee, and see the artist in action at the book release of 'The Age of Collage' at DIE GESTALTEN.

Matthieu Bourel / EK dojo , *1976, in Rennes ( France), lives and works in Berlin. Exhibitions in Berlin, Hamburg and New York. Among others, his work was included in the books The Age of Collage and The Age of Collage Vol. II. Since 2014 illustrations for publications such as the New Yorker, ZEIT magazine and The New York Times. Since 2016 interdisciplinary collaboration with the fashion designer Jun Takahashi/Undercover and the music pioneer Carl Craig.

'Exploring Desires' exhibition from 13 July – 5 August, 2017. (pavlov’s dog, Bergstrasse 19, 10115 Berlin, www.pavlovsdog.org).