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GoSee loves ...'Life Adjustment Center' - new work by Ryan McGinley. Book and exhibition at Ratio 3 Gallery, San Francisco

Yet another exhibition by Ryan McGinley? Yes, but – we love it! Again and again and again. Happy kids, half-naked teenagers and the experience of nature, just as we would like to experience it for ourselves. How we long for the age of innocence.

Ryan McGinley has titled his new exhibition ‘Life Adjustment Center’. It is made up of two independent spheres of creation. One is a series of black & white portraits of nude models posing with animals. The other is a collection of his inexhaustible array of road trip pictures. But why Life Adjustment?

Set against sleek backdrops, nude models find themselves in front of McGinley's camera, with a fawn, a sparrow, a peacock and even an ostrich. A comparison with historic portrait photography springs to mind, only that the animals appear otherworldly and surreal within the context.

Sometimes, the artist composes his road trip motifs in a mysterious and gloomy fashion, unpredictable in any case. He combines unlikely narratives with natural and unbelievable colours, sticks to the human form and somehow manages to turn his pictures into an instinctive experience.

Once again, he captures the optimistic power of youth. This time he calls it ‘Life Adjustment’. Probably best to head to Ratio 3 Gallery, if you want to find out why.

Ryan McGinley was born in 1977 in Ramsey, New Jersey and his studies at the Parsons School of Design were followed by solo exhibitions in New York, Berlin and Milan. Institutions including the Salomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art collect his works. As reported by GoSee, he recently realised a shoot for KID’S WEAR MAGAZINE.

A book published by Dashwood Books accompanies the exhibition.

Ryan McGinley – Life Adjustment Center
1447 Stevenson Street
San Francisco

Until the 11th of December 2010
Wed – Sat, 11am – 6pm

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