11.07.2012  •  Art NEWS


GoSee loves ... Sacha Golberger - Mamika, Les Dark's! The Super Granny fights for equality again - with an offbeat sense of humour, her adventures continue...

Sacha Goldberger began photographing his grandmother to distract and cheer her up from a phase of depression. Mamika played along and quickly transformed into a super hero for our times. Super Granny was born (GoSee reported)! Today she is radiant with self-confidence and is a role model in her ‘fight for equality’ even for younger generations. And her adventures continue.

‘We live in a society where youth is valued above all things, where we hide our wrinkles and hide away the elderly the minute they become a hassle, where it’s easier to put them in old people’s homes rather than care for them ourselves, for lack of time and motivation. I wanted to show that old age could also be joyful, even if, in certain images, we’re unsure if what we see humour or senility. Sometimes the line between them is very fine,’ says Sacha Goldberger

Mamika hasn’t lost her spirit at the age of 93 and her adventures continue. She has been gifted with additional family members, including husband Super Papika, her lover Super Papouka and Dark Papouka.

The Parisian Sakura Gallery presents the new super heroes stories titled ‘Dark’ in an exhibition in Bercy Village, in their gallery space, as well as in the ‘Promenades Photographiques’ on show until September 16 2012 in Vendôme.

Super Mamika
June 15 – September 10, 2012
Passage St Vivant
Bercy Village
75012 Paris

Galerie Sakura
21, rue Curial
75019 Paris

Promenades photographiques
June 22 - September 16, 2012
Ecuries Nord de Vendôme
quartier Rochambeau
41100 Vendôme , France