30.03.2017  •  Art NEWS


GoSee loves ... Sonia Sieff 'Les Françaises' - a sensitive portrait series of young French women. An exhibition in A Galerie in Paris and as an illustrated book at Rizzoli

Oh la la! Sonia Sieff presents with 'Les Françaises' an oeuvre of 150 portraits of naked women - dancers, actresses, models or just girlfriends. The daughter of famous photographer Jeanloup Sieff photographed her protagonists at Paris landmarks such as Opera Garnier, but also in the countryside and secluded in the salon. Without poses and the use of filters, Sonia set out to capture the pure beauty of the women. "French women by heart or by birth, they offer me their beauty, their animal strength, their sweet madness," The photographer revealed in an interview with France.Fr. "I wanted to make portraits undressed because the nude is what ages best, otherwise the photos become dated. I wanted them to pass the test of time, to do the opposite of what I do for my fashion photos. These are not women who are used to posing, I did not want them to have automatisms. This reflects a strong desire for reverie, poetry, something out of time," Sonia Sieff tells LePoint.

The portraits of the women are on display thru 1 May in the Paris photo gallery A Galerie, and an illustrated book was recently published at Rizzoli featuring the works. We have a small selection for you on GoSee.

Les Françaises, A Galerie, 4 rue Léonce Reynaud, 75116 Paris